Newly Discovered Asteroids Passing Close

November 3, 2000
Asteroid Toutatis, which passed within 29 lunar orbits of the moon on October 31, has been followed by two newly discovered objects which are passing earth on much closer orbits. While neither asteroid is going to come near an impact... continued

Unusual Weather Formation Appears

November 3, 2000
A massive weather formation has developed that is nearly nine thousand miles long, stretching from the equatorial Pacific into the northern part of the northern hemisphere, driving moist tropical air from the Pacific deep into the United States. The formation... continued

Crop Circle Makers Arrested

November 2, 2000
According to Whitleysworld sources two crop circle makers were arrested at noon today UK time and taken into custody by British police at Salisbury. Crop circle making equipment and computer records were seized. Few details are as yet available, but... continued

Crop Circle Hoaxer Arrest Update

November 2, 2000
Self-professed crop circle hoaxer Matthew Williams was arrested today in Salisbury, England and charged with criminal damage in connection with creating crop circles in farmer's fields without the permission of owners. The arrest is being used in the British media... continued

Furor Over Intelligence Bill Sweeps Washington

October 31, 2000
Opposition is mounting against the new legislation that would make it a felony to disclose classified information, even if you had never signed a secrecy agreement. According to Secrecy News, pressure is building on the White House to veto the... continued

Midwest Meteor – It’s A Russian Rocket Again

October 30, 2000
The meteor that crossed the Midwest on the night of October 13 was almost certainly the re-entering remains of a Russian Proton Rocket, as originally claimed by NASA a few days after the incident. A La Crosse, Kansas farmer has... continued

Powerful Storms Sweep Northern Europe

October 30, 2000
Another "storm of the decade" similar in intensity to storms that struck Europe last December has swept across northern Europe, killing at least thee people and doing billions of dollars worth of damage. The worst weather hit Great Britain, with... continued

Midwest Meteor Reportedly Trailed by Fighters

October 28, 2000
The strange object that moved across midwestern skies in the early evening of Friday, October 13, has become even stranger. Oklahoma UFO investigator Jim Hickman reports that he "was monitoring local law enforcement radio channels, and at 7:31 PM local... continued

Cellphone Radiation Found to Change Brain Function

October 26, 2000
The case against the cellphone continues to grow more and more serious. Swiss researchers in a sleep laboratory at the University of Zurich have found that exposure to digital mobile phone radiation while awake causes changes in brain function even... continued

Asia Weather Changes May Be Due to Climate Shift

October 26, 2000
Extreme weather in Asia over the past six months may be a sign of a more extreme climate change, according to U.N. weather expert Michael Coughlan. Since June, hundreds of people have been killed and millions left homeless by floods... continued