UPI, London Telegraph, Xinhua, Drudge – Mount Everest, the world?s highest mountain peak, is shrinking as a result of global warming. Researchers at China?s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping discovered that the thickness of snow of Everest?s peak has decreased during the last 30 years. Meanwhile, a U.S. meteorologist who is tied to big oil companies has announced at the World Conference on Climate Change that the world has not gotten any warmer since 1940.

“The hottest years in American were around 1940. We don?t know the cause of the warming, but we don?t think it was human activity,” Professor Fred Singer of the University of Virginia said. This contradicts historical evidence that the hottest years on record were 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Singer relies on ice cores, ocean sediments and tree rings, and says that thermometers may not be correct. He also cites the fact that the upper atmosphere three miles up, according to satellite records, do not show a warming. But this can be explained by the fact, as report in “The Coming Global Super Storm” by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber, that greenhouse gasses trap heat close to the earth, in the troposphere, making the upper atmosphere colder.

“?My hypothesis is that the surface appears to be warming, but really isn?t warming at all,” Singer said. Richard Coutney, from Britain?s Institute of Economic Affairs, suggested his conclusions had been manipulated by politicians.

Sources: United Press International, London Telegraph, Xinhua wire service (China), Matt Drudge

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