The Edinburgh, Scotland Newsletter, Scotland UFO Sightings Database – Scotland may be replacing Mexico as the hottest new center for UFOs. Edinburgh has become one of the UFO capitals of the world. Interestingly, UFO activity in Scotland started a long time ago. In 1787, a bright light was seen moving deliberately in the night sky. In 1816, there were multiple sightings of a boomerang-shaped object above Edinburgh.

In 1955, a disk with a double row of blue lights around the edge of it flew above a car on a deserted road. That same year, an Air Force base detected several UFOs on radar, all moving at high speed against the wind. In 1957, two people reported that a disk-shaped object followed their truck, before heading out towards the ocean, leaving a double vapor trail behind it.

In 1965, Patrick Nash and his family were waiting for a ferry when a bright, red-orange saucer-shaped object rose from the ground, flew low over their car, landed on the other side of it, then flew away.

In 1979, a forestry worker named Bob Taylor encountered a craft that had landed in the woods. He described it as a dark gray rounded object 20 feet across, from which emerged two small spheres with “legs.” The two small spheres attached themselves to his legs and tried to force him into the large ship. An investigation of his injuries of his injuries left the police baffled. A year later, in 1980, three Ministry of Defense officers saw an orange orb that flew out to sea.

In 1994, two people saw a metal-like object fall from the sky, which was later examined by the National Museum of Scotland and pronounced to be made of “no known metal.”

In 1997, people living along Scotland?s eastern shore reported seeing “bright objects of various sizes, emitting light.” According to Richard Gall, Scotland?s Director of Skywatch International, “Lights were observed shooting across each other, and then witnesses heard several loud explosions followed by light flashes and a crackling sound.”

One woman reported seeing “what appeared to be a comet with a red tail” that approached her. The Rescue Service send out a rescue boat to search for possible survivors of a mid-air collision, but found no evidence of a plane crash. The local Air Force said they were “checking the area” and began “an investigation into these reports.”

Earlier this year, an American businessman at a golf course followed some lighted orbs and discovered some strange, leather-like material. At the same time, two Japanese tourists witnessed a large lighted orb nearby. After they returned home, Japanese television heard about their experience and sent camera men to the area to search the skies for the next six months. We don?t know if they?ve filmed any sightings yet.

Sources: The Edinburgh, Scotland Newsletter, Scotland UFO Sightings Database

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