‘Sticky stuff’ that police say they found covering a family?s home, car and yard in Fruit Cove, Florida on November 13 has health experts baffled.

Police officials say they don?t know what to make of the incident and neither does the homeowner, Margaret Anderson. The only possible connection was a helicopter that flew near the home a few days earlier.

“We don?t know it was spray for sure, but it covered the back yard and front yard,” she said. “Whether the two things are connected, we don?t know?This was a pretty heavy coverage of some kind of substance. It was really strange. It was total coverage on the cars, grass, shrubs and back deck.”

A glossy, sticky substance with no smell was all over the home?s plants, cars and back porch. The Fire Department wasn?t able to determine if the substance was hazardous. The Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection said their tests proved negative for petroleum and acid. “It has me baffled,” official Don Mozick said. “It has not killed anything that I could see.”

“It had no smell, and the coverage was very consistent, all over everything. It would have taken a concerted effort,” Anderson said. “I spent the last few days washing it off.”

We asked Chemtrails expert Will Thomas to comment on this story. He said, “The eyewitness account of sticky materials dumped from an aircraft over Fruit Cove, Florida appears to match similar aerial incidents over Salt Lake City, Michigan, Ontario and Utah in which low-lying aircraft sprayed a gel-like material over suburban homes on at least 34 occasions over the past two years.”

Will questions the type of aircraft involved and doubts that a helicopter would be capable of dropping such a large amount of material. “More likely, as in 28 separate Utah sprayings, a less obvious aircraft sprayed the substance the night before it was found.”

He would also like to know more about the substance. In cases he has reviewed in his Chemtrails book and video, the material dropped on houses was a brown or clear gel-like substance that was very difficult to remove, even with bleach and pressure washing. “The sticky Florida spray was described as ?glossy,?” he says, “which seems to indicate a gel-like sheen. But from this short description, we do not know if its color and consistency matches other incidents.

“In all of the spraying incidents recorded outside of Florida, affected homeowners and/or their neighbors became ill with upper-respiratory ailments or even phenomena within 48 hours. The lack of illness so far in Florida suggests that the mystery material may not be pathogenic.”

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