Mystery booms are being heard in Ft. Wayne, Indiana,Richmond, Virginia and in England. As reported in September, Ft. Wayne has experiencedthe sounds before.

The sounds have the “snap and roll” characteristics of sonicbooms made by high speed jets when they fly at supersonicspeeds, but so far there has been no evidence of thepresence of such planes in any of the three areas.

The boom that was heard across north-east Norfolk in the UKtoday was not caused by a British aircraft, according to aBritish Ministry of Defense spokesman. Lt. Col. Stuart Greenof the Ministry said that the sound, which rocked the wholeregion at noon on November 7 was not made by “one of ours.”

He thought that it could have been made by an American orother supersonic plane, but had no information about anysuch overflights. Military regulations prohibit thegeneration of sonic booms over Britain except in unusualcircumstances, and it would not be normal for the aircraftof any country to do this without informing British authorities.

In the US, the sounds have been more frequent. In Richmond,they have been so intense that, according to anUnknowncountry reader, a video taken during one episodeshows that the camera shakes from the power of the sound.The sounds generally take place late at night in theRichmond area, and local authorities are at a loss toexplain them.

Over the night of November 9-10, at least ten of the soundsstruck Ft. Wayne, and local residents are furious about thedisturbances which, once again, the authorities cannot explain.

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