Mark Macy of is oneof the world’s leading exponents of spiritualtranscommunication using technological devices such as taperecorders, televsion and radios.

His interview for our subscribers has been extremelypopular, and we are presenting the text of the live chat hedid on Saturday in the subscriber section for everybody whouses this website.

As Mark Macy has said, “there are two obstacles to ITC: mostpeople have never heard of the research, and those who havedon’t believe it.” But the researchers have used rigorousprotocols to prevent errors, and ITC is well worth carefulinvestigation.

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On Saturday, Nov 20, Mark Macy of participated in a live chat with subscribers.

Mark is the first of what will be many personalities who will be chatting live with our subscribers regularly–as will Whitley Strieber.

We will normally be posting transcripts of these chats only in the subscriber section, so if you want to participate, subscribe!

admin> Okay folks, thanks for joining us. We’re ready to begin. Our guest today is Mark Macy of World ITC. Please submit your questions for him. StarMaiden: Hi mark, I am currently relistenting to you interview with Whitley…it is facinating mark_macy> Thanks Starmaiden, it’s a pleasure talking to Whitley Paul: Mark, thanks for joining us, it’s a fascinating field of research you are in, my first question is Do you believe there is a danger of any kind in trying this mark_macy> Hi Paul, There’s potential danger in any sort of spirit communication, whether channeling, ouija, itc, etc. . . . (More) Paul: Mark, thanks for joining us, it’s a fascinating field of research you are in, my first question is Do you believe there is a danger of any kind in trying this

mark_macy> Hi Paul, there’s some danger in spirit communication, but the way to avoid the danger is to keep in a positive frame of mind. The main rule for the work is that like attitude attracts like attitude.

StarMaiden: HI Mark…it is so nice to meet you here. A couple of years ago a friend of my went out to a place that has a great deal of paranormal things going on…we had a tape recorder running…we got what sounded to me like a low growl…and my friend though it was saying ‘get out’…I am not sure which it is…my question is…is it more likely to happen in a place where there is a lot of paranormal activitly…or could it happen anywhere

mark_macy> Starmaiden, contact can be made anywhere. Our thoughts and attitudes, and also the “energies” impinged on an area from past activities, attract certain spiritual types. Cemeteries often have confused beings. Cathedrals have more elevated or positive beings. Etc. Hope that makes sense.

Paul: are there methods you would recommend for protection mark_macy> Paul, I recommend meditation, especially heart meditation as described on our website, Anything that puts you in a warm, blissful mood.

Kim: Hi Mark. What was the most amazing communication you have recieved from a spirit In your opinion. mark_macy> Hi Kim.

Kim: Hi Mark. What was the most amazing communication you have recieved from a spirit In your opinion.

mark_macy> Hi Kim, the cream of the crop contact was an ethereal being who spoke for several minutes with very profound information in an ethereal voice. Beautiful. It was received in Europe. My own best contact was a 15 minute phone conversation with departed researcher Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist.

StarMaiden: Paul’s question brings up something…do you do any kind of ‘shielding or protection’ before starting to ‘work’

mark_macy> Starmaiden, I never experiment unless I’m in a positive mood so that I can sense my positive spirit guides around me. I also have a tape of very nice music that puts my mind into a good state, a sort of ethereal pavlov’s dog response on my part.

Paul: Mark, I believe that if I am in THIS reality attempting something like this then I am the one who is in control 100%, is this true or naive

mark_macy> Not quite true, unfortunately. People in spirit have a lot of influence on our moods, and in ITC research it is an accomplished spirit team who calls most of the shots when making contact through phone, computer, etc. We on Earth just don’t have enough knowledge of their subtle energies and fine world to know what to do.

Kim: Can you tell us more about what the ethereal being said

mark_macy> Yes, one moment, please.

Kim: Can you tell us more about what the ethereal being said

mark_macy> In the course of bygone decades, of thousands of earthly years, beings interested in the human species meet to decide on the continuation of the project. You must not imagine that only The Seven implicated in the actual development of INIT are there. No, it is a coming together of all entities interested in mankind. The interests are various.We, The Seven of the Rainbow People, have decided to help and support the way chosen by you, in INIT. It is the way of morals, which means to understand, to acknowledge, to devise, and to act. It is not to be mixed up with religion, which means to believe. However, the two can be complementary. But they are independent one from the other. You already know. StarMaiden: You mention poloroid picture to capture spirits etc. I use a digital camera…and get alot of orbs…and unusual lights. both white lights and colors, such at gold and a deep blue. I have gotten digital pics in the cemetary of my ancestors…they are white lights that appear to be moving upward.

mark_macy> Yes, I’ve seen pictures like that. Light streaks, orbs, etc. My process involves the Luminator which emits a subtle energy field that allows spirits to show their physical-like astral bodies on Polaroid film.

Kim: Could you describe the Luminator in more detail

mark_macy> Hi Kim, the luminator’s described on my website,, and also on the inventor’s site, (PS – I notice the chat window cut off most of the ethereal being’s message, due to size limits. If you’re interested, email me for a complete transcript.

StarMaiden: is the Luminator a part of the Polaroid film Could you please explain. Thank you

mark_macy> The luminator is a tower-shaped device about four feet high which emits the subtle energy. The Polaroid process involves a simple Polaroid 600 camera and a pack of film made for that camera.

Paul: Mark, are these people/spirits etc ready and waiting for anyone who wants to chat, wishing we all would try or are they selective in who they make contact with

mark_macy> Paul, many people who cross over lose interest in the EArth completely. Others actually don’t believe in life on Earth. They believe it is just something they dreamed. Some people are stuck near the Earth, and they often show up on EVP recordings. Short, faint voices. My work involves working with a dedicated spirit team who really wants to open up good communication channels with myself and my colleagues. True ITC is a collaborative effort of teams on both sides working together.

Kim: What does humanity have to gain by communicating with spirits

mark_macy> Good question, Kim. It depends on the spirits. Those who are troubled and lost have lottle ot offer humanity. The best we can do is to ignore them, or if we are able, to help move them to the paradise world where they belong. But . . . those beings in higher or subtler realms of vast love and wisdom, they can provide all kinds of insights and encouragement for our world as we struggle to find peace and prosperity. There are many practical applications for ITC knowledge — musical compositions sent to our world, images of their world, facts about people and things here in our world that are hidden from us . . . .

Kim: Were all spirits human at one point How do you define “human” Are there beings who live their whole life cycle on the other side

mark_macy> We were told in one communicaiton that how quickly a person from EArth gets settled in on the other side after dying, depends largely how quickly he or she can get accustomed to the many unusual (non-human) beings who share their spirit worlds – – gnomes, giants, and much more. So, humans make up a very small part of the overall, multidimensional reality. Most beings have never been incarnate.

admin> Hi everyone. We’re in a moderated chat with Mark Macy of WorldITC, talking about spirit communication. We’re almost out of time, so be sure to bring up anything you’d like Mark to talk about.

Paul: You mentioned that some people are ‘stuck’ near the Earth, it made me wonder if this technology/communication method is applicable to coma patients, unborn children etc

mark_macy> We were given the name a person who had chosen to be frozen before dying. His spirit is in a troubled space between his physical existence and spiritual existence, unable to move on to the astral world where almost everyone is meant to go after death. I believe that coma patients are in a similar situation, and that, yes, we should be able to contact them in spirit as the technology and techniques of ITC become more stable and effective. Same with unborn children. I’ve never thought of those two situations before, but this makes sense to me, based on other ITC knowledge.

Kim: Do these spirits, the ones expressing wisdom and love, ever make allusions to a high being or a god Is there religion among the dead

mark_macy> Kim, the ethereal beings have referred to God as “the principle.” God has also been referred to as the Source of everything. There’s a model of the spiritual realm, from God to Earth, on our website. (Go the Theories and browse from there.) We are told that some people in the astral world do follow religions, which are interpretations of spiritual reality.

StarMaiden: Why or what I am not sure how to ask this…..would be the reason or criteria for incarnating

mark_macy> I believe that God’s creation spreads as far into the vibrations as it can, and our physical universe is about as far as it can spread so far. The Light from the Source grows dim this far-removed in vibration, so things become chaotic. We choose a lifetime on Earth to help spread God’s light to the dark reaches. My opinion.

Gregory: Mark, do you have any ongoing relationships with the other side–spirits who return and leave you messages repeatedly

mark_macy> H Gregory, At present the ITC bridge is not open to the point where anyone is receiving a steady flow of information. I maintain a rapport with my spirit team, and I get impressions from them during dreams and meditations and times of reflection, but sustaining a stable ITC bridge is extremely difficult under conditions on EArth that are too complex to encapsulate here. You can find more on our site under Theories, then Resonance.

Kim: Can you talk a little about the methods used by spirits to communicate with us Do they differ from the methods we use to contact them

mark_macy> Kim, they have told me that they have actual equipment they employ on their side. Their world is superimposed over ours, so they can make their equipment work directly with ours from their invisible world in ways that we don’t fully understand. That is a partial explanation. I hope it makes sense.

Paul: its just fascinating Mark, thanks for spending some time with us, my last question is what do you think would bring about the quickest response, standard EVP efforts, the radio ‘off station’ method you describe or TV, that is which one do you feel is most effective

mark_macy> Paul, for most people it is the radio and tape recorder message. But it REALLY depends on the person. The spirit group working with you can customize a system based on your psychospiritual qualities.

admin> We’re coming up on the end of the hour everyone, so now’s the time to ask any remaining questions you have for Mr. Macy.

Gregory: Okay. I thought :we choose a lifetime on Earth to help spread God’s light” was a very thoughtful statement. What about people who go wrong, though Have you ever received messages from Hell If there is such a place

mark_macy> Spreading God’s light involves getting the conscious mind in touch with the higher self, especially the soul. Then we are in a position to bring light into this world. Many people never make that connection during their lifetime, so their efforts can produce darkness and chaos.

Gregory: Okay. I thought :we choose a lifetime on Earth to help spread God’s light” was a very thoughtful statement. What about people who go wrong, though Have you ever received messages from Hell If there is such a place

mark_macy> Yes, I’ve received messages from troubled entities who have broken into the bridge. Again, you can read about those encounters on our site.

admin> At the end of the hour (about 2 min from now), the chat room will resume open conversations.

Limey: Hi mark, What is your opinion on the The Monroe Institute and Robert Monroe’s work. Do you think his findings are consistent with your own contact experience

mark_macy> Yes, I’ve used the Monroe tapes from time to time to change my consciousness. Laurie Monroe and Skip Atwater (both at the Institute) have been interested in the possibilities of employing their technologies for ITC contacts. Many fascinating possibilities there. Also the techniques of the Institute of Hearth Math in CA. I’m going to answer a few more questions, if any are in the queue, then say farewell and thanks for being here today.

StarMaiden: I just want to thank Mark for being here…this is all so fascinating…I am so happy that I was here for the whole thing.

mark_macy> Starmaiden, my pleasure. Very good and thoughtful questions. You’re welcome, and thanks.

Paul: Thankyou, one more if there’s time, is the ITC bridge effected by Moon phases, Solar flares, lightening, etc, that is, the physics and magnetics of the solar system mark_macy> Some researchers have been monitoring their results in conjunction to such things, and our spirit friends have told us there is some influence in astrological patterns, but I’ve not seen such things in my own work .

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