To the astonishment of the world intelligence community,Israel failed to intercept a Hizbollah drone that flew overthe northern Israeli town of Nahariya on November 8.

The reason was that a Patriot Missile battery that couldhave shot the drone down had been removed from the westernGalilee area had been removed on that day. Hezbollah leaderHassan Nasrallah showed images taken by the drone on Arab TV.

The question is, who ordered the removal of the PatriotMissile battery and why, and how did Hezbolla get theinformation that the battery was going to be moved?

Serious implications about the condition of Israelisecurity, and whether or not it has been penetrated bypersons friendly to Hezbollah, are raised by this event.

As Iran and possibly others get closer to possessing nuclearweapons, the danger that Israeli intelligence may not besecure contributes immeasurably to the instability of theworld, especially as the problem has emerged at the sametime that the CIA is in turmoil and concentrating on its owninternal problems.

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