Unknown Country would like to wish everybody the joy of the season and offer the hope that 2023 will be one of the most uninteresting years on record, EXCEPT for UFO information. The Defense Authorization Act just passed opens the door to more information flow, but at the same time, Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security Ron Moultrie, who on June 1, 2021 commented that “I enjoy the challenge of what is out there,” further stated on December 17, 2022 that “We have not seen anything, and we’re still very early on, that would lead us to believe that any of the objects that we have seen are of alien origin.”

Additionally, both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have published debunking articles. The Times article stated that “Government officials believe that surveillance operations by foreign powers and weather balloons or other airborne clutter explain most recent incidents of unidentified aerial phenomena — government-speak for U.F.O.s — as well as many episodes in past years.” Unusually for the Times, the article did not offer any specific attributions, but rather stated only that “government officials” and pentagon officials” had been sources for the story.

The Wall Street Journal has published debunking articles and also a sarcastic opinion piece(Nov 1, 2022, “A Pilot Explains UFO Sightings for the Last Time.” that attributes UFO sightings to cataracts and marijuana use. The author states, “After 45 years as an aviation professional, with thousands of hours piloting various aircraft, I am bothered that everyone else seems to know they exist except me. And after associating all these years with countless numbers of fellow pilots, I’ve found that they’ve never seen any either. When pilots gather, we just don’t talk about them. What’s the point? If you can’t see them, there’s not much to say, is there?” He concludes that, as no pilots see UFOs, they don’t exist and there’s no point in discussing them further. (He ignores or is unaware of the vast record of pilot testimony, which begins with the 1947 Kenneth Arnold sighting. Mr. Arnold was a pilot actually flying his plane when he saw a formation of UFOs near Mt. Rainier on June 24, 1947.

NASA has also gotten into the UFO field by appointing a group of scientists who will study the matter. The team expects to submit its report to the public in June of 2023. Hopefully, this will not be another version of the infamous 1969 Condon Report. But as NASA noted that “there is no evidence that UAPs are related to aliens,” prior to even beginning the study, the same sort of preconceptions that influenced that study will influence NASA’s new effort.

In Whitley Strieber’s forthcoming book “Them,” he points out that extreme classification, including thousands of unrecorded meetings over 70 years, have caused the Department of Defense to lose track of its own discoveries in the field. He cites as an example the fact that the Twining Memo of 1947 describes UFO functionality similar to what was observed in the Tic-Tac and Gimbal imagery, but that neither the media nor the DoD seem even to be aware of General Twining’s comments.

Hopefully, there will be some sort of rational and truthful official release of information regarding the UFO mystery in 2023, but it would seem that the DoD, supported by powerful elements in the media, has little or no intention of doing that, and perhaps lacks the capability to do so due to its own lack of adequate record-keeping.

“Them” is planned for publication in March, 2023.

The image associated with this article depicts side-by-side images of UFO, the colored one taken by a member of the public in British Columbia in 2003 and the other by a police helicopter in Wales in 2016. The object also reappeared over British Columbia in 2019. For more, read Unknowncountry.com’s Out There story.

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  1. The title of “them” for Whitley’s new book is a great title. It has a relatively new meaning in our society for non binary gender people. Of course it also traditionally refers to plural third party. Either way it makes us confront the presence of another. Like the non binary it will challenge parts of our society and make us grow. Not sure if Whitley named it for that reason but it works for me.

    1. That’s an interesting take on things Stan . I think those of humanity who are accepting non binary people as valid and equal members of our society should be open to accepting the idea that we already have entities with us who don’t fit into our perceived view of humans .
      People fear what they don’t understand , people need to look at what’s possible.

  2. Why do we keep taking steps back? As I have stated, it is not for informed transparency. It is not scientific either. There is no falsification, only anecdotal mockery. Is it fear, control, aliens running government, or something else? I am tired of debating skeptics ignoring physical and eyewitness evidence on Earth as they cling to size of the universe arguments, but it looks like that will continue.

    Have a great 2023.

  3. As frustrating as this is, I think we need to look at exactly what “there is no evidence that UAPs are related to aliens” means. They aren’t saying that UAPs are definitely not related to aliens, only that they have no evidence to state definitely that they are.

    Of course folks here could easily dispute the “no evidence” claim, but to me this could just mean a typical level of scientific caution (at least in part). Scientists often make similar claims about newly-developed drug treatments, for example. That is, there is no evidence until research finds evidence.

    I may be overly generous with NASA etc. here, but I’d like to be cautiously optimistic. At least there is now wide agreement that a lot of UAPs are truly unknown and can’t be dismissed out of hand.

  4. Author

    Depends on your definition of evidence. I have never found any clear, physical relationship between UAPs and the visitors. But on a personal standpoint, of course, I think they’re related. I was in one of their devices with them. But testimony is not the same thing as, say, a video of aliens carrying somebody into a spaceship would be. Unless it’s hidden behind the wall of classification, I’m not aware that such evidence exists.

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