Many Biblical stories have turned out to be myths, but on this week’s Dreamland, Linda Howe reports on new information about Noah’s Ark: remains of an ancient ship found in an area of Iran known as Ararat.

Leonard David writes in about some mysterious ruins of what look like a ship, high up on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, that have been seen by the QuickBird satellite. The ruins are frozen inside a huge block of ice.

Legal scholar Porcher Taylor, who has worked for 30 years at a government security agency, has made the search for Noah’s Ark a lifetime project. He’s using his influence to try to get the QuickBird aimed over the area where the ruins have been spotted, for a closer look. Taylor says, “I’m using all my clout, rapport and lobbying to, hopefully, have them at least fly calibration runs over Mt. Ararat.”

Farouk El-Baz, Director of the Boston University Center for Remote Sensing, says, “Image interpretation is an art. One has to be familiar with Sun lighting effects on the shape of observed features.”

But maybe they’re looking in the wrong place?

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If you’re not coming to regularly, then YOU?RE looking in the wrong place! And if you want an alternative to the usual religious dogma, discover William Henry, who sees the old myths through new eyes.

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