A lot of the technology that can have a dramatic effect on global warming is right at our fingertips, if we would only screw it in.

Switching to low-energy light bulbs would prevent a total of 16 million tons of carbon dioxide from being added to our atmosphere in the next 25 years. Andy McSmith & Emily Dugan write in the Independent that the International Energy Agency says that the light bulbs used in homes and offices are a major cause of the current climate change. Low-energy bulbs also use less electricity, although they do cost more to buy. However, they last 12 times longer than ordinary light bulbs, and have a life span of around six years. Low energy light bulbs are also known as compact fluorescent bulbs.

Artificial light uses up almost one-fifth of the world’s electricity consumption and generates around 1.9 billion tons of carbon dioxide a year, which is almost three quarters of the carbon coming from the exhaust of all the cars in the world.

And within the next 25 years, the demand for artificial light will probably be twice what it is today, as third-world countries move into the modern age. The authors say, “The average American family uses 10 times more artificial light than a Chinese home and more than 30 times as much as an Indian home. And there are 1.6 billion people in the world with no access to electricity at all.” But that is changing rapidly.

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