For many years, Whitley and Anne Strieber traded Valentine’s between Whitley’s Journal and Anne’s Diary on this website. Last week, as Whitley walked into a card shop to buy cards for his children and grandchildren, he reports that he sensed a message from Anne that there was a perfect card in the shop for the two of them! But how could there be a card that was appropriate to a couple separated by the barrier between this world and the next? To find out, click here. And happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Author

    The wild sense of humor and the truth in it make me feel sure it really is from Anne. She was very loving but not very sentimental. She also loved to laugh out loud. Anne had a great guffaw!

  2. Whitley, you and Anne are proof-positive the veil drops when you use “common” sense(s). Pun intended. 😊 That card is a hoot and thank you for sharing the precious, personal picture.
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