Valentine’s Day is always a big one in my life. I’ve got a lot of people to love. Anne felt the same, and many times we traded Valentine’s messages between Whitley’s Journal and Anne’s Diary.

Last week, I was in a card shop in my neighborhood looking for Valentine cards for my kids and grandkids. As I walked in, I felt Anne say, “there’s a card here for us.” I thought to myself, what could she possibly mean? There are no Valentine cards that work across the veil between the lives.

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the card pictured here. I realized at once that there WAS a perfect card for us, and also that it fit Anne’s sense of humor to a “T!”

Happy Valentine’s day from the two of us, and thank you, my love!

The card is a creation of BlackandWhiteandRedAllOver.

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  1. I love how Anne so frequently emphasizes the value of humor and laughter in the human experience. Through her, I’ve come to appreciate the sacred nature to this aspect of our being. I doubt I would have otherwise. Thank you, Anne.

  2. Author

    She used to say, “no laughter, no search.” It’s the best way we have of opening to ourselves. If you can laugh at yourself, you’re on the way.

  3. Sorry if I reposted this I’m not sure if my internet is working well.
    Whitley do you believe you will live more lives after this one and have lived many more before this life? I am starting to believe this. However, I am also so in love with my family cannot imagine living a life without them. Which brings me to my real question I get the feeling we have soul families and reincarnate with the same loved one in different roles based on our karma and relationships. Do you believe this is possible from all your great research? For example you have and will live other lives with you beloved departed wife Anne and other family / friends ? Thank you Whitley for your books and podcast. I have recently lost some close family members and find it as a source of comfort.

    1. As I wrote this I ended up getting my answer today the universe answered !

  4. That was so joyous to hear Whitley. The soul does carry on and Anne is there for you, God Bless.

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