Paul Schafer, a former Nazi Luftwaffe medic who founded theChilean compound known as Colonia Dignidad (now renamedVilla Baviera) has been arrested and put in jail in Chile.On May 7, we had a specialsubscriberinterview with Peter Levenda, one of the few people ever toventure into the mysterious compound and come out alive. Onnearby roads there are posters of people who have never beenseen again, after visiting the colony run by ex-Nazis.One of these is Boris Weisfeiler, a U.S. math professor whovanished in 1985 while hiking in the area. The rumor is thatWeisfeiler, who was Jewish, was executed on orders fromSchafer.

Like Jonestown in Guyana and the Branch Davidians in Waco,Texas, this was also a paramilitary and religious sect thatwas accused of sexually abusing children. There is ahospital on the grounds where Schafer is said to havedrugged and tortured his victims, many of whom were cultmembers. There are underground prison cells where the groupkept political prisoners at the behest of the cruel 1970sdictator General Augusto Pinochet.

Schafer is now 84 and was on the run for 2 years before hewas captured. Many of the residents of what is now calledVilla Baviera still speak only German, rather than Spanish,despite having lived in Chile for many years. The Chileangovernment said it didn’t arrest Schafer earlier because itfeared this would set off mass suicides within the sect. Thenew leaders of Villa Baviera, who are now middle aged men,were all sexually molested as boys by Schafer. They say theywant to purge the sect of all associations with religion,politics and sexual deviancy.

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How to tell evil sects from real religions? One way may beto study theirtreasures.

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