This week’s Dreamland show talks about the sinister forces that are all around us?specifically Nazis, who, despite what most people think, HAVE NEVER REALLY GONE AWAY.

But at least some of them have finally been defeated: Phil Davison writes in the Independent that Paul Schaefer, an 84-year-old Nazi who ran the Nazi compound in Chile known as Colonia Dignidad for 45 years, since 1961, (that Peter Levenda personally investigated) has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the abuse of 25 children. This enclave was supported by the secret Nazi community in Chile, and most of the outsiders who strayed inside?or were kidnapped?were never seen again. Chilean investigators are now searching nearby areas for their remains.
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After forty years, the Chilean authorities have broken up the Colonia Dignidad commune, which was founded by escaped Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. It aided the cruel military dictatorship of that has been accused of aiding the former military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet.

BBC News reports that former Nazi Paul Schaefer, aged 83, is being accused of aiding secret police under Chile’s 1973-1990 military rule and also of sexually abusing 26 children. He was arrested in March after hiding out for eighteen years. Along with other Colonia Dignidad leaders, he was suspected of keeping the 300 remaining residents in the camp against their will. An American reporter who investigated the colony was never seen again.
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Paul Schafer, a former Nazi Luftwaffe medic who founded theChilean compound known as Colonia Dignidad (now renamedVilla Baviera) has been arrested and put in jail in Chile.On May 7, we had a specialsubscriberinterview with Peter Levenda, one of the few people ever toventure into the mysterious compound and come out alive. Onnearby roads there are posters of people who have never beenseen again, after visiting the colony run by ex-Nazis.One of these is Boris Weisfeiler, a U.S. math professor whovanished in 1985 while hiking in the area. The rumor is thatWeisfeiler, who was Jewish, was executed on orders fromSchafer.
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