The Google Maps satellite map of Magnolia Park, Floridashows a clear view of an unusual object floating above 39thStreet in the town.

The shadow on the object is similar to the shadows on theground, meaning that it is in the atmosphere relativelyclose to the surface, probably no higher than 20,000 feet.

There are no towers or unusual objects in the area thatcould account for the formation, which appears to be inrapid vibrational movement. Because of the unusual motionvisible on its surface, it is not likely that this is aballoon.

Without knowing its distance from the ground, it isimpossible to determine the size of the object, but it wouldseem to be quite large, even huge.

Calls to individuals living in the area and a search of newssources for 2005 revealed no reports of UFOs over Palm Beachor Magnolia Park this year. The last National UFO ReportingCenter report for Palm Beach was in 1999.

This is a confirmed unknown object in the air above apopulated area in the United States, recorded sometime in 2005.

To go to the Google map,-80.074550&spn=0.005622,0.007875&t=k&hl=en,clickhere. NOTE: As of June, 2007, this map has been updated byGoogle in their normal process and no longer shows the object.

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