Newswise – Medical researchers say a medicine called Revlimid, which isnot yet on the market, may be a cure for somecancers, and may lead to cures for more, especially if themechanism by which it works can be understood. Doctors whoused it to treat a common form of leukemia discovered thatthe substance actually cured the cancer.

Revlimid is similar to thalidomide, a drug that caused birthdefects when it was given to pregnant women as atranquilizer years ago. However, in recent years,thalidomide has been an effective treatment against sometypes of leukemia. Researchers don’t know how it works,except that it boosts the immune system.

Cancer specialist Dr. David Johnson tested the new drug on100 leukemia patients. About 6 months after taking it, halfof the patients showed no signs of the disease.

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