Chinese archeologists say that they have discovered that 12,000 years ago, an alien race used some regions of their country as a massive headquarters here on Earth. They base this conclusion on the Xianyang pyramid near the top of Mount Baigong in the western province of Qinghai. While it must be realized that much of the news coming out of China is bogus, we are willing to consider that something strange went on there in the past.

UFOs are nothing new: On his website, Colin Andrews reports on the discovery of a UFO sighting in the UK in 1733. It was "a report of a silver disc darting across the sky as fast as a falling star."

The pyramid in China rises almost 200 feet above the countryside, and the surrounding area contains mysterious underground pipes that run into the mountainside beneath the towering pyramid. The pyramid has long been the focus of legends, myths and stories about alien visitations. In the Before it’s News website, Terrence Aym quotes Chinese researcher Yang Ji as saying that this theory is "understandable and worth looking into, (but) scientific means must be employed to prove whether or not it is true."

China’s state-run Xinhua agency has sent a scientific team to the pyramid to investigate and report back on their findings.

What WE want to know is, have any Visitors from there come our way? We’re not sure that the Visitors are from another planet, but we know they’re HERE because Anne Strieber has interviewed a large group of "contactees" (in a totally unique repository of information) about their experiences told IN THEIR OWN WORDS. If you subscribe today, you can listen to all of these fascinating conversations!

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