Addiction and impulsivity are genetically linked together in men. This gene has already been linked to smoking, alcoholism and obesity. One gene, called NRXN3, is causing men A LOT of problems!

In, Stephanie Pappas quotes psychologist Scott Stoltenberg as saying, "The other studies basically showed the NRXN3 seems to be associated with some addictions and with obesity, but our study is really the first to flesh out the mechanism by looking at behavioral control, looking at impulsivity."

But despite the male predilection for addiction behavior, another study shows that young men with higher testosterone levels are MORE likely to practice safe sex (and no, men DON’T think about sex all the time).

Neuroendocrinologist Sari van Anders thinks that the "social risk" of insisting on using a condom might require more boldness and confidence than having unprotected sex. In, Pappas quotes her as saying, "One of the things that is interesting about (her test results) is that they’re one of the first to demonstrate a link between higher testosterone and LESS risk-taking."

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