You may have noticed that the masthead has changed–from a figure on a cliff peering over the abyss to the face of a beautiful young girl. This is the face of Melody, the lonely young singer you’ll meet in Whitley Strieber’s new novel, "Melody Burning," which will be in your local bookstore on Monday, December 5th.

When Anne and Whitley moved to Los Angeles, they found an apartment in a building that had been through an earthquake, so it has a residue of groans and squeaks. This may be why Anne woke up suddenly one night SURE she heard someone walking around in the living room (but when she got out of bed to check, there was no one there). This gave her the idea for "Melody Burning," in which a young singer with a pushy "stage" mother moves from the Midwest to a high-rise building in Los Angeles and becomes a singing sensation. She hears mysterious noises too, and discovers that a boy her own age is secretly living in the building.

They become friends, then lovers, then discover a devastating truth that could cost them not only their love but their lives.

You can pre-order it here. You can watch the extraordinary "Melody" video about it that stars the young "miracle daughter" that Anne Strieber got a psychic message about, after she woke up from a coma 7 years ago. To see the video, click here.

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