Sev Tok is a lifelong experiencer and spiritual counselor. In this exciting and inspirational show, she tells Mia Feroleto of her lifetime of contact and the methods of communication she has evolved. You can learn more about her on her website, To get her book, click more

Judy Carroll describes herself as an ambassador for benevolent aliens who seek to help the people of Earth. Listen to her story as she tells it to Whitley, who listens with interest and a open mind. Judy’s message is about where mankind has been in history and where we are going. She is fearless in staking her claim to her role, and delivering a controversial message that she deeply believes to be true.
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10 fast radio bursts have been detected in the past 15 years that all have the same unusual characteristic of an arrival delay close to a multiple of 187.5. There is no known natural process to explain this. Initially the bursts appeared to be coming from billions of light years away, far outside of our own galaxy. But recent analysis suggests that they may be coming from a group of objects in the Milky Way. Michael Hippke of the Institute for Data Analysis in Germany and John Learned at the University of Hawaii say that if the pattern is real, it is very hard to explain. There is a 5 in 10,000 probability that the line up is a coincidence. If it is a natural process, perhaps in some way involving pulsars, it is the result of a physics that we don’t yet more

A reflecting nebula in the constellation Orion NGC 1999 shows a black cloud near its center. SETI’s chief scientist, Seth Shostak, thinks suggests these should be studied in the search for extraterrestrial life.

This is called a "Bok globule," named after late astronomer Bart Bok. It’s a cold cloud of gas, molecules and cosmic dust, so dense it blocks all of the light behind it.
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