John Hogue is back with his usual scary, controversial and often right predictions. Listen close under the opening roll music and you're going to hear a strange voice say "retropy" "entropy" or "retrograde." Then you hear Whitley say, "Hey, wait a minute" and he starts talking about it. Oddly enough, Mercury was retrograde at the time, but Whitley (Mr. Electronic Interference himself) didn't need to be told that!

A speedup in earth changes on the West Coast that has to do with something that hasn't been like it is now since 1776.

Why 2024 is an important date and what is going to make the 2020s such an intense period.

Why what's happening politically now is connected to what happened in the 1930s.

What does Nostradamus say about the next 30 years of our period?

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This is another classic John Hogue show that you are going to love, maybe hate but for sure find totally fascinating!


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