Another potential sighting of the legendary Loch Ness Monster has been made, the fourteenth such sighting of the elusive ‘Nessie’ made this year alone. This new sighting is somewhat more unusual than earlier claims, in that it was made from nearly 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) away, by an amateur monster hunter in Hong Kong.

From his home in Hong Kong, Michael Yuen was watching a livestream video of Urquhart Bay on the Scottish loch when he spotted a dark object moving steadily across the face of the water. The unidentified floating object took about three minutes to make its way halfway across the bay, where it appears to separate into two objects. Hong Kong is separated from Loch Ness by a distance of 9,487 kilometers, or 5,895 miles, as the crow flies.

“I watched the channel as a relief to the stress accumulated from watching recent large scale political protests in Hong Kong,” Yeun said, referring to the long-standing public protest against new extradition measures being imposed on the former British colony by the Chinese government in Beijing. “I have a strong feeling that at the same location, the creature will be captured again by someone else in the next few weeks again.”

In light of the large number of possible Nessie sightings made this year, veteran Loch Ness researcher Mikko Takala also predicts that there may be an increase in Nessie sightings over the next few weeks, due to an increase in local temperatures, a factor that he believes brings the elusive creature to the surface.

And in the wake of the viral Storm Area 51 Facebook event, a similar event has been scheduled for September 21 to “storm” Loch Ness. In the same vein as its Nevada counterpart, the event organizers assert that “Nessie can’t hide from us all,” although with 18,000 confirmed attendees and 38,000 marked as ‘interested’, a crowd that size might very well spook Nessie into retreating back into the peat-darkened waters of the loch.

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