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Now that the New York Times has reported that there are unknown objects being tracked in our skies, it’s time to take a fresh look at what is happening to people who come close to them, or even enter them. The established media is not yet ready to talk about this, but that day is coming soon. Here at UC, we’re ready right now.

Famed UK UFO researcher Philip Mantle makes his first visit to Dreamland during this Year of the UFO presentation. Philip looks back at some of the UFO incidents of the past, including in particular the forgotten Pascagoula Incident, one of the first abduction accounts ever recorded. He provides detailed insight into exactly what did happen, and he and Whitley speculate expertly about the mysterious why of it.

He then goes on to apply his years of experience as a researcher to offer some really fascinating informed speculation about what might be going on. He has followed up with many close encounter witnesses and discusses how their experiences changed their lives over time.

This practiced researcher offers a highly informed perspective, well worth a careful listen!

You can explore more of Philip’s work and reach him at Flying Disk Press  Get his new revision of UFO Contact at Pascagoula here.

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  1. Great show, thank you. What
    Great show, thank you. What caught my attention the most was the bright blue light. Also I found the description of the beings provocative on a deep level.

    And ok, I can’t wait any longer, I’ll buy the book. But I’m still waiting for the audio version too.

  2. Great show, as usual.
    Great show, as usual.

  3. Whitley the new book is a
    Whitley the new book is a revelation…sublime. Many thanks to both you and Anne! Regarding your book “The KEY”. George Knapp interviewed Tom Delong on Jan. 26. Listening carefully I was reminded of what the Master of the key related to you about the aliens….it was kind of shocking to hear it confirmed.

  4. Just realized the interview
    Just realized the interview is actually from Feb. 2017 BUT observation still applies.

  5. Great show Whitley.
    Great show Whitley.

  6. I just did this interview.
    I just did this interview. It’s not an old one.

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