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We all know that consciousness has something to do with reality. Quantum physical experiments show that waves become particles only when they are observed. But what does this mean about what consciousness DOES in the universe, and what it IS?

Physicist Tom Campbell has run many experiments in this area of physics and has come to believe that our reality is virtual and consciousness is what is creating it.

But then he goes further: how do we live in such a way that the reality we are creating is worthwhile. Tom explains that we are here to lower our entropy, that is to say, to find our soul’s purpose in this life and live in a more energetically rich way.

Tom Campbell is one of the great voices raised on behalf of the relationship between the physics of reality and the journey toward a richly conscious soul. Listen as Marla Frees asks him the crucial questions in this vibrant interview.

When your avatar (body) dies, you don’t die. You come back, hopefully as a more energetic being. Tom brings great clarity to the question of how to do this in one’s life, and in his presentation, he shows how to explore larger consciousness and how to make use of what you encounter.

In the second half of the show, Whitley joins Marla with questions about his work with Anne and how to increase its effectiveness, and Tom offers powerful, practical responses.

Tom’s website is

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  1. I very much enjoyed and
    I very much enjoyed and appreciated Whitley’s “Stories from a Life Part 6: Working with Anne.” Regarding Tom Campbell’s talk, I am not so sure. Indeed, there may be much to say regarding the “possibility” that we live in a virtual reality – this would be an hypothesis or at best a theory. And, as Jacques Vallee has said in one of his Tedx talks,, the physics of the next 50 years will be more an information physics (about information) and not so much about energy – that idea is not inconsistent with the idea that we live in some kind of virtual reality. However, I think Tom Campbell is rehashing well known spiritual ideas and I am not sure his speculations about physics and virtual reality are tied to his ideas of spiritual reality in the way he speculates. In other words, he could just talk about his spiritual ideas without tying them into unproven physical ideas. Of course, that might make his workshops in New Zealand as attractive as they seem to be now.

    Read the origina

  2. In my comment above, I
    In my comment above, I said”as attractive as” and I should have said “less attractive than.”

  3. Bravo! Excellent talk! Yes, I
    Bravo! Excellent talk! Yes, I noticed those beeps during the interview and wondered what was up with that?

    I have discussed some of these concepts with others for the last few years now, and it rings true. I also collect stories from others, and i am amazed at how many people, often strangers, open up when they feel they have a compassionate, objective, non-judgmental listener. So many people want to share, and while it’s great to share our own stories, sharing should always go both ways. Tell your story, listen to his or her story, and understand that it is OUR story.

    Marla, this is by far my favorite interview that you have done on ‘Dreamland’. Thank you!

  4. Cosmic Librarian, Thank you!
    Cosmic Librarian, Thank you! I search to find voices that help us move forward in understanding the many questions we have, and educate us in ways whether we like it or not. I am glad you are interested in the beeps. Since coming on Dreamland in 2007, I have moved four times and changed phones numerous times and recorded shows from different locations.This opens up the conversation to the what, where, why and whens these phenomena show up. We both know that all kinds of frequencies of various sources, be it the sun, spirit or even thoughts, can have on humans and electronic equipment.I am having the show analyzed for possible EVP and will bring other experts on to extrapolate on the phenomenon. Thank you for your undying support of Dreamland.

  5. Regarding Part 6 of Stories
    Regarding Part 6 of Stories from Life: The Celts also believed that when they died, they were born into another world, and when they died in that world, they would be born back into this one. They were fearless warriors and legends say that the only thing that they feared was ‘the end of the world’. They knew that the rebirths between the worlds would cease. So…

    This takes me back to one of Anne’s old diary entries, titled appropriately, ‘Ogham’.

    It’s deja vu all over again…:-)

    1. @Cosmic Librarian – Thanks
      @Cosmic Librarian – Thanks for posting the link to Anne’s diary about the ogham. I had forgotten about it. Since then, I have been learning a tree alphabet called Ogham.
      Strange world we’re in. Love it! Cheers. I have never heard it referred to in the way Anne described it.

  6. I have the privilege of
    I have the privilege of joining Marla in the Auckland evening mentioned in this wonderful Dreamland edition. Our joint presentation is titled “Does Consciousness Survive Death?” But one follower, steeped in Maori tradition, has asked the question “Does consciousness precede conception?” This -the necessary counterpart to our question as it relates specifically to reincarnation- is perhaps even more pertinent. Maybe an understanding of this will help fix our purpose here on Earth. Thank you all at Dreamland for dedicating this year to the Soul.

  7. I have Tom Campbell’s Trilogy
    I have Tom Campbell’s Trilogy of Books. They are a good read once you get past the terminology like NPR, MBT etc. A nice merger of science and spirituality. Please have Marla Frees back as she has a great radio voice and a concise interview style.

    “We live in a virtual reality much like a video game and we make choices which either advance our souls or not by increasing or decreasing our entropy. The goal is ascension and leave the wheel of life.”

    I wonder if we could boil the entire thing into a mathematical expression? That would make a great T-shirt!
    Heres an attempt:

    VR: ~Soul+ E<> to =O and ^
    “”[Virtual Reality is the infinite soul increases or decreases Entropy in order the leave the wheel of life and ascend]””

    Another great interview and I must consider going to the Event in April. TY TOM & MARLA!

    Its really that simple.

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