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Trish and Rob MacGregor are frequent and eagerly anticipated guests on Dreamland and they’re back with Sensing the Future: How to Tap into Your Intuition and Read Signs from the Universe to Predict What’s to Come.

In the first half of the show they offer some new explanations about precognition and how to see the future in ways that actually work, but the second half is where it really gets eerie when Whitley brings out his personal dream book and begins discussing his recurrent dreams of a mind-boggling inundation.

But what do the dreams mean, really? Rob suggests that maybe a profound spiritual change is coming. Or could it be an actual flood somewhere of unparalleled proportions?

This is an interview, but it’s also a journey into the unknown with some very knowledgeable people.

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  1. hey Whitley,
    Yep, in my

    hey Whitley,
    Yep, in my opinion… rob’s look is right. (disclaimer: i can only share my view-that doesnt mean its true)
    Trish is rowing a boat to an island. That would tell me that using the boat(physical form) will transport her inner self to a better spot(island paradise?) on the flow of the upper spiritual increase as it spreads.
    I would also say that a flood of water is more of what you were talking about Awakening increasing. The hat would tell me that the inundation goes above and beyond the head(logical thought/physical). Im still listening at the point subscriber started.
    Good stuff!

  2. this is the first program I
    this is the first program I have listen to as a full subscriber. Very easy and very convenient. Love the show and I specially love the convenience of being a member. Great service provided here!

  3. Thank you, Whitley, for
    Thank you, Whitley, for another insightful and enjoyable show. Your inundation dreams remind me of the waking visions Carl Jung experienced in 1913, in which he saw Europe devastated by floods. He came to understand this as a premonition of World War I. But the experience also precipitated a personal spiritual journey, on Jung’s part, that was often very dark. The journey is recounted and illustrated in detail in The Red Book, and it informed the body of Jung’s work; I think it is fair to say that work had a transformative effect on Western culture. So perhaps it is possible to interpret the dreams as both precognitive of physical, political or cultural events and, as Rob suggests, indicative of profound spiritual change for you personally. In fact, the two may be, in ways we have yet to understand, innately (holographically?) interconnected.

  4. ‘Sensing the Future’, or as I
    ‘Sensing the Future’, or as I call it, ‘remembering the future’, may not be all it’s cracked up to be if you are not prepared for it. I have done this in various modes, through dreams, symbols, and via the ‘Big Picture’ (following timelines, as I experience it.) Sometimes it comes about through simple ‘knowing’ as well. Clues can be enigmatic and frustrating too, especially when you feel something negative expressing itself in your mind and body, you put it out there, then everyone tells you that it can’t be possible; then when it comes to pass, suppressing the urge to say, “I told you so.” You won’t have to…The people that were at least paying attention to you, while being in denial, will come back after the fact and say “You were right.” Trust me, that is not a victory. What it sometimes feel like is being stuck on a railroad track while you watch a train in slow motion head your way, especially if is an unpleasant ‘memory.’

    Beware the double whammy too, like a dream that could be referring to more than one event. An example of this happened to me and I logged the dream on the morning of August 27th, 2005. I saw myself in the middle of ruins of a city. It was a dark, gloomy, damp, and devastated (DEAD) landscape. As I explored, I asked out loud, “Where is this place?”. Someone (and I don’t remember who, but it was some grade B celebrity) appeared and whispered in my ear that this was Honshu and that it had been hit by a tsunami. He also told me that I had to keep it a secret, “for now”! Of course, the Island of Honshu, Japan was hit by a 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011, and a horrific tsunami, and as soon as it happened, I remembered my dream from 2005. That disaster is still unfolding with ongoing radiation and pollution from Fukushima Power Plant. In addition, it took me a while to realize that the dream may also have been a foreshadowing of Hurricane Katrina as well, which hit New Orleans and other areas along the Gulf Coast with a powerful storm surge just a couple days later on August 29th! (In hindsight, that was no coincidence.)

  5. Whitley, have you asked Anne
    Whitley, have you asked Anne about the Master of the Key since she has crossed to the other side? I would be curious to know her thoughts.

  6. That’s an excellent idea. I
    That’s an excellent idea. I had not asked. I am now and if there is a response, I’ll post it.

    1. What a fantastic idea!!
      What a fantastic idea!!

    2. MOTK – great idea!
      MOTK – great idea!

  7. Spooky– I have dreams about
    Spooky– I have dreams about enormous tidal waves and inundations periodically too. Weirdly, I just had one last night. I and others were in an upper floor of a skyscraper and I could see a wave of water so high that it was coming directly us, at the level of our windows. I have always thought these particular dreams are precognitive– though maybe only symbolically.
    I have had many instances of precognition, often via dreams, since I was about 13. Frequently it will be about an event that seem to have little importance (a scene on television the next day for example), but sometimes about big events (like 9/11).
    I feel that precognition can allow the opportunity to change something– maybe just with thought. Reality is likely not as it appears to be…

  8. I have just come back from a
    I have just come back from a remote part of India (for family and business reasons) up near Burma (where 99.99% of foreign tourists don’t go) – passing through a village, we saw a wonderful stone building which served tea, so we stepped in there and I noticed on the back of the menu they had re-printed an article from the TIMES OF INDIA from 1967, saying that a UFO had landed about 150 meters from that very building, rested in a creek and staid there for half an hour! Witnessed by the whole village! The UFO then hovered over that very building and then zoomed off. I was told that some of the witnesses are still living there – and they are happy to discuss it. The village was in the Indian state of Meghalaya, the village is called Dympep in the Mawkdok area

  9. I did not see the wave on
    I did not see the wave on their website as going toward the distant city. It looks more like the view through the curl of the wave such as surfers see. I saw in this painting the beauty of light through water. I found it uplifting rather than cautionary.

  10. Interesting show….just
    Interesting show….just wanted to add that I have had tidal wave dreams my whole life- very intensively. Recently, I have had flood dreams again. I wonder how many experiencers are having water related dreams. It would be an interesting question to explore….

  11. AuntieMable asked: “Whitley,
    AuntieMable asked: “Whitley, have you asked Anne about the Master of the Key since she has crossed to the other side? I would be curious to know her thoughts.”

    Read the original source:

    Agreed! I would love to hear more on this topic. I read that book twice, and bought copies of it for those close to me; I love it.

  12. My experience in precognition
    My experience in precognition has been through dreams and they have always been very straight forward. While I am not always able to anticipate which dreams will be precognitive (I do have them during a certain part of the lunar cycle, though, which is for me an important hint to an environmental effect that may help us in seeing these events more clearly), they have always been devoid of symbolic meaning for me. I have been having these dreams my whole life and have gone from family events and local community happenings to world events. It does help to confirm for me that time is not linear and that consciousness,which has no mass, is indeed free to move about!

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