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William Henry reports on his recent quest for the secrets of the Essenes in Egypt. The presence of this secretive Jewish sect in Egypt is little known, but, in fact, a group of them went to Heliopolis in Egypt in 180BC where–incredibly–they built a copy of Solomon’s Temple, complete with all the hidden materials within it, including the Ark of the Covenant.

Listen to William tell the enthralling story of this visit, and the secrets that were revealed to him, and the power that he found. Learn how he opens his heart to the energies that are available in sacred places in Egypt, which are still very much alive.

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  1. (sigh)… just wonderful to
    (sigh)… just wonderful to hear William again. Great shows with the two of you. Thanks, Whitley. Let Anne know she is missed and am continuing to surround her with Light and Love. Thanks, Whitley for your good work. And Laurel too.

  2. One thing that will and is
    One thing that will and is slowing the merger of silicon and carbon is the ever growing ever changing, ever increasing growth of malware (virus, worms, bots, etc etc etc) what this has done is destroy the integrity and the confidentiality of “cyberspace” I see that lack of integrity as being the stopping point. You can not “trust” “cyberspace” content any more than you can trust all humans. The threat is increasing exponentially and as rapidly as the merger of carbon and silicon. It is frankly, out of control. It is a multi billion – billion dollar worldwide criminal enterprise – it is like a worm in an apple, eating away at it from the inside out. Google? They are in the money business, they are blinded by the “can do it”, and do not think about “should we do it”. Money money money (and MONEY is = to POWER (the ultimate aphrodisiac to those without souls) – It is – insane corporate evil greed, vs insane criminal evil greed = GREED. People (carbon) MUST think about what happens when they “jack in”.

  3. It’s great to hear William
    It’s great to hear William again!

  4. William, how wonderful it is
    William, how wonderful it is to hear your voice and to hopefully have you back for another interview in the near future; all of your work is sooo inspiring. (Especially Egypt). I too feel as YOU and WHITLEY do in that the Shroud of Turin is the real deal, I have felt this way since I first viewed it in photos. Here is a website showing the image and thought it might be nice to hold that image in the mind’s eye for anyone wanting to meditate with it…..

  5. I think cyber-man is on a
    I think cyber-man is on a different evolutionary path from mankind. This is, one might say, where it begins. I believe mankind/humanity will continue on its own timeline with the earth — and cyborg?man will move into an alternate parallel world. The world of men will intersect again in the future w/the machine/technology enhanced man — and those who do not already know the answer/outcome will learn which creation (God or man’s?) is superior to the other.

  6. Agree with above posts.
    Agree with above posts. Great to hear William again and looking forward to updates. I am very intrigued by the Arc of the Covenant and Throne of God metaphor. Throne of God is also a metaphor for Shekinah, or the Feminine aspect of Diety/Divinity. I also loved Whitley’s comment about experiencing more compassion for all/much of what he encounters as we wind on down the road towards realization/acceptance of the love that binds us all together.

  7. While there would likely be
    While there would likely be legitimate uses for the technology involved, I think the goal is to make humans more obedient and predictable, more controllable, like a machine. I’m pretty suspicious of it, but unsure of just how viable that goal really is anyway, ultimately.

  8. re: cyborman technology. I
    re: cyborman technology. I think it is a way/goal of the archons to gain? a living body. Archons, when trapped in our world (for lack of a better way of putting it) feed on our soul energy. They also seek “the human eperience”. Thus they need? the human body/soul, but with a computer controlled body, they can gain control of the body in a way they seem not to be able to do thus far (with certainty) any other way (because humanity seems to keep finding a way around their control). Of course, humans will need to “consent”. Without consent, the/a “human” soul will no longer choose (as will likely be the case for the most part) to incarnate into such bodies — and the “superiority” of such a creation will be largely diminished at that point. Their creations wld be little more than a dead body animated by technology. It is a problem for them to solve in order to be successful. They will also require continual new human original soul containing bodies (think Star Trek and The Borg episodes) . . . because they cannot keep a human soul entrapped within their “enhanced” (sic) bodies permanently — and they will still be “addicted” to our soul energy. (Hope this makes some sense.)

    1. Makes a lot of sense to me,
      Makes a lot of sense to me, also.

  9. I was fascinated when William
    I was fascinated when William mentioned that he felt a blowing into his crown chakra. A similar practice occurs in Reiki. In Reiki, this is called Violet Breath. This occurs when a Reiki master blows a certain Tibetan symbol into the crown chakra of the initiate during attunement (the process by which the initiate’s chakras are conditioned to connect to higher levels of conciousness including Reiki). The Japanese term “Koki-ho” also describes the technique of blowing Reiki into or upon a living thing as a method of healing.

  10. Thank you for an interesting
    Thank you for an interesting show As a Buddhist I can tell you that the”rainbow body” is not something that can be artificially created. It only happens after achieving enlightenment, and that only happens after overcoming self absorption & the birth of wisdom & compassion (among other things) . I feel sorry for anyone who thinks they can download their brain into “the cloud” & have some kind of authentic life.I also wonder how Google is testing eye implants… more helpless animals suffering due to our ignorance? Reminds me more of the Matrix movie than a breakthrough for humanity.Hopefully there will be enough “Mr. Andersons” among us to help humanity through this.

  11. I am going to try and keep
    I am going to try and keep this short. The meditation and dream experience was centered around this crop circle (if I remember the correct order of circles). Even imagined there was a face at the bottom of the corridor.

    (The Pinocchio effect) formed from the understanding of a dream I had in 2007 when Whitley was doing his CROP CIRCLE MEDITATIONS. The dream experience was based on creation and never knowing the full potential that Geppetto, the wood carver, had intended/wished for Pinocchio. This fairy tale when seen through the eyes of an adult is one of the most mystical books/movies I have ever read/seen. The blue fairy tells Pinocchio that if he is brave, unselfish, and able to tell right from wrong then he would become a real boy. With a wave of her GOLD WAND, she transformed the puppet into a wooden boy. For me the Pinocchio effect is to be FULLY alive bringing the male/female selves back into harmony within itself/soul. It is ultimately up to Pinocchio (us) to make himself (ourselves) worthy of yet another higher elevated state of consciousness. Like humankind it is an ongoing process. We are being watched and studied perhaps in more ways then we can possibly imagine.

    Has both innocence AND ignorance seduced us into this world? The world of cause and effect. Are we the puppets and if so who are the puppeteers? As mentioned in the above post, is it the Archons? Will humankind somehow be rescued? HOW?

    When the puppets are no longer needed, Stromboli throws them into a pile to be burned as firewood…..

    For those who want to watch the movie you might have to scroll down a little on the page to find it and might also have to click on the play arrow button a few times. DO view it as a mystical movie, be aware of each word and action.

  12. Interesting post, Carollee!
    Interesting post, Carollee! Beautifully described analogy (The Pinnocchio Effect) for humankind and the point it seems to be at this stage in its/our evolution. Fantastic insight/connection w/the [fairytale] and its connection to our times. Kudos!

    I am a great fan of the crop circle to which you post a link. I can relate to how it is capable of precipitating such a worthy dream, though my own revelations regarding it don’t quite go the way of your Pinnochio Effect (as far as I can tell). I see this crop circle as a metaphor for the kind of time tunnel we find ourselves in.

    Only one quibble — I think there is no rescue if one is going to move on to the next stage in mankind’s evolution. At least, not in my view of the word “rescue”. Our greatest spiritual teachers have given us the tools to rescue ourselves (love, tolerance, respect, cooperation, responsibility, etc). These are the traits that create the “rainbow body” and the means of ascending along with earth or face life on the shattered hull earth leaves behind with what remains of those who created/contributed to its destruction and those who (sadly) went along with it — like cattle to the slaughter. Those who wait to be “rescued” are more likely to find themselves enslaved.

  13. I have an intimate connection
    I have an intimate connection to that formation, as Whitley will attest…Suffice to say that on a metaphysical level, it may be one of the most important formations of all time, and regardless of who or what laid down the formation. ‘The Open Doors’ cracked open the egg and may have hatched a new way of looking at reality for many people. This formation itself is a tool. This was the first formation chosen by Whitley for his crop formation series of meditations. There were some highly unusual synchronicities surrounding this formation for me, and within days of being laid down, I discovered it, for ‘real’, at a popular tourist attraction located on sacred ground.

  14. I have to say that if christ
    I have to say that if christ actually exist, that you William Henry might actually be one of his incarnarnations, maybe many!

  15. Just had a crazy
    Just had a crazy thought..those on the web who for the past 10 years have been following Morgellans Disease and under a high powered microscope the “things” that appear to be growing out from the human skin look like microscopic transmitters…anyone else have information on this…loads of pics on the web….things don’t happen quite as fast as the hype is having us consider…we are still using plastic to access our finances..all-be-it in some cases we don’t key in a pin number but tap…I imagine the next progression from a tap could be a thumb print…but the data base required to house all that info could be fraught with dangers…just my thoughts and not cost effective to simply id a financial transaction…anyone?

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