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The death of the greatest prophet in the Old Testament is shrouded in mystery. Why, and what does this mean to us today? Listen as researcher Rand Flem-Ath, famed for his discoveries about Earth’s crustal shift, uncovers the truth about one of history’s strangest and most important assassinations. A concealed story of betrayal, revenge and murder has been buried within the Bible for centuries. Using time-honored detection techniques to crack the case, Rand Flem-Ath uncovers the stunning reason for this ancient homicide–which is directly relevant to our understanding of our world, and our lives today.

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  1. Can someone please tell me
    Can someone please tell me how to listen to the entire show? I am a new subscriber and I have tried to follow the directions to listen without downloading and it doesn’t work, what a drag.

  2. Press listen now Download MP3
    Press listen now Download MP3 (written in blue) press open, not save. My MP3 will pop up then.
    Hope this helps.

  3. When you get onto the website
    When you get onto the website you must sign in by clicking on “sign in” near the top right of the webpage, then you can download the program. Then, once you get to the “for subscribers” section, click download MP3. Then you will have 2 options. If you click “save file” you will have to find the file you saved on your computer. If you pick “open with” the program will start playing almost immediately, but will not be saved to your computer. Good luck!

  4. Check out the book: The Cycle
    Check out the book: The Cycle of Cosmic Catastropes which talks about galactic event impacting the earth circa 12000 years ago, ending the last ice age… fascinating and would go with this.

  5. Once you have logged in,
    Once you have logged in, there are two ways to listen to both Dreamland and its continuation, the Special Interview which is below Dreamland on the main site and under the Special Interview tab on the mobile site. On the main site, you can either listen on the streaming player that appears above the program description, or you can download the content from either the normal or low bandwidth download. (Don’t try to download on a mobile device. This is no longer possible, as rights management issues have done away with the downloading software that used to be around. Nothing to do with us.) On a mobile device, you can listen to the stream. If you don’t see the Special Interview stream and hear ads in Dreamland, it’s because you haven’t logged in. Log in and you will change automatically to the ad-free Dreamland stream and the Special Interview streamer will become visible. Hope this helps!

  6. The Cycle of Cosmic
    The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes is a really fascinating book. It even theorizes that a supernova must have taken place around 70,000 years ago–and just this month, it has been announced that a star passed us at a distance of under a light year at about that time, which could easily have caused the effects they noted from that period. I dearly wish that they would have interviewed on Dreamland. No dice, unfortunately.

  7. Moses being impersonated by
    Moses being impersonated by another entity leads me to immediately think of the Archons. It would be interesting to hear what John Lash might have to say about the possibility.

  8. I have been a subscriber for
    I have been a subscriber for months, and I have logged in, but for some reason I can’t get to the subscriber only part of the show this time. I have never had a problem with this before. Maybe tomorrow it will work again, but it is NOT working today.

  9. Same here. What happened to
    Same here. What happened to the Subscriber section? It just says, “go to the Subscriber Home Page”, but of course nothing’s there either.

  10. When I logged in to the
    When I logged in to the Subscriber Home Page, I found the continued interview on the right hand side of the page (as facing the screen) under the heading “February 18, Special Interview, Is Earth’s Crust About to Shift?” Under that is the download options and I just clicked the first one and chose the option “open”. It immediately downloaded and began to play. This is a bit different from previous times when the download was on the original Dreamland page. Hope this helps.

  11. I’m still completely unable
    I’m still completely unable to get to the subscriber only interviews. I’ve tried to follow all the directions posted here, but I just keep getting the first, public interview. I know how it used to work ,but it doesn’t work that way any more.

  12. Campoften,
    Your computer

    Your computer screen may be entirely different from mine but thought I would share with you what is appearing on my screen in hopes that maybe one tiny little “something” may have been overlooked. First, I have no mobile device. I use just my laptop, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with what appears on my screen or if the screen appears as such according to the type of browser, but previously, when I finished listening to the 1st Dreamland show, I could scroll down to the special interview and right there on the same page, download that one (I use Media Player). Now in place of the download, there is the heading saying “For Subscribers, go to the Subscribers Home Page which is in blue. When I clicked on the blue “link”, the subscriber home page popped up. In the center of this page are instructions for various subscriber tasks. At the right hand margins are the following lists:
    1) Need Help,
    2) Latest Dreamland Show,
    3) Latest in the Experience,
    4) Latest Special Interview (which is the one that continues) dated Feb. 18, 2015, Is Earth’s Crust About to Shift?
    5) Latest Revelations Show
    6) Latest in Whitley’s Room
    7) Latest Videos
    8) Latest Vintage Dreamland
    If these lists appear on your screen, you would need to scroll to the 4th one. A download should be right below the heading OR click on the heading itself which should take you to another page that has a download on it but I just clicked the download that’s right under it. Hopefully, this will work for you because I know how frustrating it can be when this “computer stuff” doesn’t work the way we need for it to. Judy

  13. Judy, thanks for trying to
    Judy, thanks for trying to help, but the special interview no longer appears under the free one for me, even though I am logged in. Hasn’t all week even though I log in and try every day. I did try yesterday to follow your directions to do it the other way, but couldn’t find any choice for Feb. 18. I love this site but I’m about to give up on it. I wish it would appear the way it used to.

  14. Judy, I decided to give it
    Judy, I decided to give it one more try on the second method , and today the Feb 18 link is there, so thanks. Now I will see if it actually plays the right interview.

  15. Campoften,
    I sure hope the

    I sure hope the link is the right one, too! I know the regular Dreamland/free show is dated February 20th with the title “Killing Moses”, so the date of February 18th titled “Is Earth’s Crust About to Shift?” threw me off, too, at first, but when I listened to it, I realized it was the continuation with the guests Rand and Rose Flem-Ath. Both good interviews! I, too love this site so I’m hoping that neither of us will ever have “to give up” on all the wonderful information Whitley brings us! Judy

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