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From the escalating threat of terrorism to environmental change and dramatic shifts in climate, 2015 is likely to be a year of great drama. What’s the worst and best we can expect? John Hogue predicts. He gives us insight into his new book, 10 Predictions for 2015 and offers specific predictions regarding what will happen in the middle east this year.

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    Thank you.

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  3. Is that BitCoin when John
    Is that BitCoin when John mentions a de-centralized crypto- (cyber?) economy?

    That’s something I’ve never understood.

  4. Why am I listening to ads to
    Why am I listening to ads to subscribe while on the subscriber feed?

    1. Wondering about that
      Wondering about that myself…

    2. This has been corrected. It
      This has been corrected. It was a mistake on our end.

    3. I had the same issue. But,
      I had the same issue. But, at least Whitley’s commercials are interesting 🙂

  5. outstanding, as usual. one of
    outstanding, as usual. one of my favorite Dreamlands & Special Interviews– annually. John Hogue’s predictions are so ‘duh,’ which means he articulates common sense solutions that are currently evolving and b/c they’re evolutionary events, like genetic expression, it’s neither obvious nor immediate. Regarding Western Imperialism, he ‘gets’ it. Sadly, it’s a racist policy that has fomented Islamic extremism toward Western policies. One on one, we must continue to see the humanity in each other and be willing to leave our comfort zones to start conversations to gain knowledge and to begin dispelling our prejudices. John Hogue confirms what many of us are doing or earnestly desire to do. His expertise, historical perspective and prophecy inspires many of us to be part of the transformation. I appreciate UC for these interviews–and miss William Henry’s contributions.

  6. Just bought Ten Predictions,
    Just bought Ten Predictions, thanks for a great show Whitley. You don’t have any thoughts on being a presenter at Contact in the Desert this year do you? Would love to see you there:-)

  7. It is for the exact reasons
    It is for the exact reasons discussed, that the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists recently pushed the “doomsday clock” up to 3 minutes to midnight. As I look around at people today trapped as they are in the matrix, happily consuming and playing with their next “in” thing……..I wonder – does anyone really care any more? (besides the few of us who at some point were awakened) – Many of us who have experienced the “visitors” (whoever they are – have told us that we will have a specific job to do…… I feel the time for those jobs is coming closer. I think that as people are slammed awake, at lest part our job is to prevent “soul shock” . Thank you Whitley and John……

  8. I doubt I’d be invited to
    I doubt I’d be invited to Contact in the Desert. Greer is the main draw and he dislikes me. I have annoying tendencies. I am too demanding with regard to evidence. I want the truth and I don’t care how the chips fall. I am not a believer, either, but a questioner. You do not get big audiences by asking questions. People want to hear cool stories and exciting promises, and they don’t mind being lied to. I’m not an entertainer, basically.

  9. if it’s nuts and bolts, ok ,
    if it’s nuts and bolts, ok , we’re totally ok with that If it’s more (much more) we are totally ok with that to!Let’s stop worrying about the “gods” – Jesus , alha, and such and focus on ourselves, who are the angels that everyone talks about… who do you think they are?….. they are us! maybe not in this form but ….

  10. Thank you Whitley for the
    Thank you Whitley for the wonderful interview with John Hogue. I always enjoy them.

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