On August 17, 2021, there was an improbable press conference held on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Anjali Schultz, a retired intelligence officer with a distinguished career, announced that she had met aliens in a cave in the Mojave Desert and was going to lead a group of scientists into the cave on December 21 in order for them to experience a face-to-face meeting with aliens.

There was an immediate explosion of interest–and skepticism. While some lobbied to be in that group, others scoffed. Talk show hosts lined up for interviews. People tried to find the cave. But then December 21 came and went, and it didn’t happen.

Anjali was dismissed as just another contactee with a wild story, one of a long line that starts with George Adamski and goes right up through Betty Hill and Betty Andreasson Luca and Whitley Strieber and all the rest. 

How did Anjali end up in that cave–and was there even a cave? What really happened? Was she drugged? Crazy? Part of some esoteric intelligence operation? Was this a mistake or even a hoax that contained an element of truth? Or was there something deeper going on, and if so, how should we take it?

The UFO and close encounter phenomenon is notoriously ambiguous, and in this interview, Whitley concentrates on hidden meanings that nobody else has discussed, without ignoring the deep contradictions in the story.

Listen as Whitey gently and persistently explores the depths of the mystery with Anjali. This is, and will remain, the only interview of its kind with this enigmatic individual. Nobody in the world but Whitley can ask the questions he asks.

Just as there is more to many contact stories, there is more to the Anjali Schultz story. This show is about that “more.”

Anjali’s primary outlet is on Twitter. Her handle is @anjaliongaia

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  1. So…I watched the live press conference in August last year. Like Whitley, I did not believe for a minute that something extraordinary would happen on December 21, 2021. Yet, I knew that what happened to Anjali was authentic and ‘real’, whatever that means. I did research on her background…and followed my intuition about her too. I also began following her on Twitter.

    I, too, had a physical change in myself in 2019, via a massive stroke. I have had to work through who I am in this ‘new’ body that no longer cooperates, and live and grow into an identity that includes raising consciousness and bringing as many along as possible within these new parameters of being. ( Oddly, I was born on December 26, 1952…)

    I currently work closely with a group on Twitter, many of us with infirmities who also see reality a bit differently than many, with unusual experiences, and are doing our best to raise our consciousness and bring as many as possible along for the ride. The Zoom meeting this week where I was the ‘guest’ centered on ‘Time’, and the people that attended were extraordinary, including a well-known neuroscientist. I would love to have Anjali think about being a part of it (You too, Whitley!). (Anthony Peake has us joined on ‘Twitter Space’ and Zoom as well.) More to come…

    Great interview, and not an easy one for Anjali, but well worth it!

    Community is where it’s at!

    1. I appreciate your insight. I remember Stephen Hawking said “We can’t remember the future because of the way we define time.” So, we all carry around our lack of knowing in every situation. It seems that your group strives to be open to those quirks.

    2. Goddess Bless You CL!! I love librarians…and of course you have a group/community!! will check…..

  2. Thank you for your generosity in this interview. Whitley, you are a kind and thoughtful host at all times. A truly strange story. What I would like to know is what happened after that proclamation in Washington. I understand that it was potentially a “set up” to test reaction, but did she gather scientists? ( I remember hearing that she legitimately was) Did they try to go to the tunnel? Was it empty? Did they never go? Was it unfindable? How did this actually play out? I am unclear how she sees herself in the context of saying contact was about to happen. Also, how is a person expected to play a significant and trustworthy role once they have proclaimed something would happen that did not? Wouldn’t the visitors understand that discrediting her would make her less able to support the shift in consciousness that she suggests is her role here? Perhaps they don’t care….that is a disconcerting idea if true.

    1. Yes! Good questions! I wish the interview had been at least 2 hours! I wonder if the earth changes in (maybe) 2027 will be through poleshift induced global flooding (of most land masses under a mile high) as mentioned in Mary Summer Rain’s PHOENIX DAYS etc books and J Edwin Carter’s downloaded/channelled novel LIVING IS FOREVER? Both by Hampton Roads Publ.

  3. I experience the mystery of being in someone’s presence in a non-physical way and communicating in a way that I think of as prayer.

  4. It was an excellent interview.

    The points Weberdance has made above are good ones – what about the scientists and the expedition to the cave? What happened to Wayne and the others when she was undergoing her experience in the cave? Did they all leave at the same time?

    The description of the in-between state (for want of a better term or which Whitley referred to as perception shift and undescribable) can be brought on by tech by the looks of things, and the significance of that shift produces mesmer. The question is: can the resulting state produced be more easily manipulated because we are not as in control of it as we are with the physical? Is this what Anjali experienced?

  5. There is a quote I seem to remember from Stephen Hawking, along the lines of… If you know you’re going to be hanged in the morning, it tends to focus ones mind.

    And so, I wonder whether these regular protestations of impending doom are intended as a mechanism to help us re-evaluate our lives, reinvigorate our efforts, and refocus our intentions… to rekindle some sense of urgency. To say now, what we know should have been said…to try again, to climb back onto the path we fell off a while ago.

    But there’s always tomorrow…right?

    Maybe it is an allegory for an increased entropy of the soul, if the work never gets done.

  6. If you are playing chess and knowingly sacrifice a pawn, it’s not cruel, is it? After all, it’s only a game.

    But if you are the pawn and your only world is that chess board… not so much.

    I just hope some good comes out of this for Añjali, as she doesn’t seem to me to have deserved what has transpired so far. Personally, I never thought it would happen… But regardless, for now… I’m going with ‘cruel’.

    1. Whitley, I’m curious what you’ve experienced as a “pawn”. Are you serving a specific purpose or being used as a distraction or impediment…is there a strategy?

      1. Author

        I don’t think you understood my response. I’m not a pawn of the visitors. I have been a pawn of the media. They made me into “alien abductee Whitley Strieber.” I have always been a questioner. I have no sense of being a pawn in any other game except the game of media lies.

        1. …ahhh…thanks for the clarification. The media collective do seem to be wily critters.

        2. Yes, She is a tender person with courage and seems to understand her part. So interesting- her dream with the other children of her Mother.

    2. I see our physical bodies as avatars/pawns of our oversouls.

  7. It’s interesting how many different ET races there are giving us predictions for future changes. All very different changes. I also am not hearing about New Earth in this conversation, or the fact that we are all living in our own constructs of reality; or own illusions as well as the illusion that we share. We will not experience identical events in our personal timelines. It troubles me when generalizations are made as if they may be real for everyone. But I understand the need to blow perceptions wide open so we can integrate things that seem strange and new, and hear the stories that are so valuable. I appreciate this conversation with Anjali because she has humility and uncertainty, which reminds me of beginner’s mind. This is how we should all approach this subject.

  8. When i was a child i woke up in the night with the feeling like my own personal time had slowed way down and the rest of the world was going way faster… is this a similar feeling to what was being described here? Or perhaps i was just feverish… also was the face she was seeing of a Grey or a Blond or what?

    1. Author

      Initially, she seems to have perceived greys. I am not sure what else, from her descriptions.

    2. You are the first person I have encountered that describes exactly what I’ve experienced many times throughout my life. The last time was in 2001 while alone working on a small detailed painting.

  9. I enjoyed this show and will listen again several times next week.

    Anjali’s journey sounds all too familiar, does it not? Going back a few years, in the initial stages of what has become a valuable and wholesome presence in my life, I was, let’s say, ‘encouraged’ to go a knock on a neighbour’s door to ‘finally meet us’.

    Now, I am perfectly well aware of how that sounds and it sounds the same to me too. Of course, my neighbour was clueless and he just tilted his head and looked puzzled. Realising I’d been played or tested, I made my excuses and strolled away. However, I continued to pay attention. This wasn’t hard to do, waking in the middle of the night and hearing several people talking to me. I could also ‘see’ them, in my mind, standing in a line in my garden.

    There was always the impression that they were mapping my mind to find better ways to engage or connect with me. They’d use different identities, different accents and strategies to move closer. This included mild lies and deception but it never felt negative. On several occasions they admitted that they were mapping my mind.

    In time, they transformed into much lighter and more straightforward presences that regularly provide insights and information ahead of time that often (but not always) proves correct. In particular, they seem to have enhanced what Dr Castaneda called the ‘voice of seeing’, though this is often a burden.

    When I see carvings in monasteries and abbeys, I interpret a tangible indication that there are pathways to higher consciousness available for us that are as old as the ages. Angels with trumpets, cherubim (both playful and wise) and the wisdom & presence of nature around us are literally carved into stone to reveal higher doors of perception opening and allowing us to walk through into the chirping aviary. Terror, confusion and bliss, ahh how could it be anything less? A baby being born goes through the same.

    It seemed to me (and still does) that paying attention and focussing consciousness may be the reason for the manner in which people can be directed, or marshalled, by an inapparent presence.

    In retrospect, I can’t help but wonder if there is a conscious automated system in place to help raise species higher. It’s just a thought and I remain open minded. I believe Phillip K Dick had similar ideas along these lines.

    We go through rough times, then there’s a dent to the ego. We then progress forward after finding our new balance and proceed to contribute small efforts as part of a growing community. Again, all this sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    I think Anjali could take people to meet these presences but I can’t help but wonder if it could only happen if they were all out of body. Has Anjali considered visiting the Monroe Institute or a sweat lodge experience if invited?

    Just thoughts.


  10. I’m always suspicious when someone puts a date on some future cataclysmic event.
    2027 is 5 years from now. Remote viewing and psychics cannot put a “date” in the ethers of future timeline.

    Also please edit out guests clearing their throat
    Every 3 minutes. It’s rough on headphones.

    Still a Fan…

    1. In general I agree. Most would agree with you.

      However, there can be the odd exceptions.

      Might I highlight a video from French band AIR that emerged way back in 1998. The video is Sexy Boy from their pivotal MOON SAFARI album.

      The album cover is dotted with Masonic imagery (as is the album content) for those with a keen eye (and ear) but that’s not unusual in the music industry.

      What is unusual about this video is its blatant prophetic foresight.

      Twin towers, jets, islamic (Moon) imagery.. all in there but no actual historic dates mentioned. For actual dates you’d best look to another video from their same album for the song KELLY WATCH THE STARS. To my mind, they interspersed their dreaming foresight across their videos and didn’t compress it into one offering. Air described themselves as ‘Dreamers’ in interviews at the time.

      In the KELLY WATCH THE STARS video you’ll see the date 2019 appear. That was the last ‘normal’ year before the great reset and, whilst all this can be interpreted differently, I encourage others to take a look and offer their take on what they see and pipe up.

      To see these vids:

      SEXY BOY:


      Years ago when, perhaps, I tended to express myself less directly, pointing out the video Sexy Boy met with some uncomfortable slapback that I know I didn’t deserve. However, we move on and pacing one’s words outside of the day to day whirlwind of pointless hysteria that has governed societies for so long isn’t hard to do, thus, here we are again, pointing out old news that is, indeed, worth a gander.

      Besides, MOON SAFARI is a beautiful album that dropped just at the right time.

      Full album:

      Buy the album!!


        1. I so fell in love with that album. I’d moved to a strange town, split up with my girlfriend, had few friends, knew no-one, worked a tough, disheartening job, yet, along came that album.. out of the blue.

          Like a dream entering day, it ambled up to me, stroked my cheek and drifted off, leaving the air around me full of heart ambition. Just thinking about that time fills my eyes with tears of gratitude.

          We just don’t know who’s looking out for us sometimes


      1. Von, I listened to both videos. The first is a girl beaned with a Ping pong ball and has an OBE. The score is 2019.

        The Sexy Boy is a chimp toy and a NY skyline. Are the towers in there? Yes?

        Art is so subjective that’s why gallery competitions and battle of the bands are so silly. Its about interpretation. I have pictures of me sailing by the twin towers in a Hobie race wearing a wizard ball cap ( moon – stars etc) So what? The randomness is just not a prediction of the future. This seems like purposely obtuse MTV era videos. Airy synth jams….. and I am open minded.. but I see nothing here that predicts some future event. Great tunes though… and maybe I’m to clinical. But I am also a creative here is our project ( I admit a lot more rootsy) http://www.jamesdayfishfry.com

        1. Twin towers, jet flying into them, Islamic (moon) symbolism? Still think it’s not worth a quick double take? Hehe, just saying..

          Loved your music BTW, if I lived nearer then I’d come & see you guys.


          1. wow I must have missed that! what second on the reel is that? AGREE that is way freaky….. I wonder what their story is? maybe teh songwriters had ideas from dreams- very cool

    2. Author

      We do not have the resources to edit so many rough spots, unfortunately. I am the editor, as well as producer and host. I have a sound expert who consults–and who, incidentally, has helped me get set up with an entirely new sound system. (Next week’s show is the last one on the old system.) I am sorry that I cannot do all the editing that would be necessary to clean up her vocal. I wish I could.

      As to dates for cataclysmic events, they are churned out so regularly by so many people that someone is bound to be right sometime, just on the odds. Let’s hope it’s not 2027!

      1. HA! Yes even a clock is right twice a day.

        I also do a podcast. We use squidcast but yes it is hard. I have the engineer take out all my ah’a and aw’s and coughs and throat clearing. You do great work wasn’t ragging just trying to alert and make it better! ❤️

      2. I’m grateful you haven’t edited out the throat-clearing. Not that I like the sound, but that it’s part of her genuine situation at present. Her presence and conversation command full attention.

        I thank you so deeply for this interview.

      3. I agree. It’s part of the overall picture. I’m not looking for “polished” reality. There’s quite enough of that in the internet world to deal with already. Anyone who knows the body’s energy system’s correlation with the psyche and mind knows that the throat clearing is information, too.

    3. Respectfully, I would like to mention background noises that sound like people moving furniture or sloshing water. The barking dog 🐶 is not so bothersome, but sounds that make me ‘wonder what that was’ are very distracting. I keep listening, because I’m interested, and only mention it because someone else introduced the subject. I’ve been pondering what UFOs might mean for us since childhood. I’m 78 and still wondering how creation works ☺️

  11. I recently listened to an interview with John Lear that he gave during the most recent Contact in the Desert conference. He said there will never be disclosure. When I heard about this press conference in DC and the trip to the tunnel, I knew in my heart nothing would happen. Disclosure and enlightenment comes one person at a time through their own efforts and determination.

    We are currently participating in the cataclysmic event here and now. This is the time when we still have time to chart a better course for ourselves but, frankly, I don’t see it happening. People need to decide if they want to be enlightened or at least more aware or be a zombie.

    Interestingly enough, I logged in to listen to this interview with my password. Then I refreshed my browser and my password was gone even though it was saved. I had forgotten it so needed to set a new one for myself.

    We are in a spiritual battle.

    My first job out of graduate school was at NYU Medical Center. I was the administrator for the first year behavior science course for medical students and the third year clerkship in psychiatry. My office was in the old Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital. I was right down the hall from the forensic ward when Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. I began to take my premed courses to go to medical school to become a psychiatrist. I interned in one of the NYC hospitals emergency rooms. I got my psychiatric training at Bellevue.

    There is lots of instability in the UFO community and discernment is crucial.

    1. Chasing after disclosure does seem a fruitless quest.

      People are just ‘batteries’ to lower vibration ‘rulers’ to help them manifest their intent without evolving. That is my opinion, I may be wrong and I couldn’t be less concerned with the status quo, whatever that actually is.

      Just imagine if the atmosphere of this planet was a conscious membrane capable of interacting with lifeforms/transports beneath it. When we expire, people often report seeing a cloudy gaseous substance rise from the body.

      They’d be breathing it in and seeing it in the form of clouds. It’s present in the form of water in almost everything we eat. We wonder how we interact with our ancestors? Maybe we’re breathing them in, or at least the hive mind they contributed to?

      I look up at those clouds and I ponder the most basic, Kindergarten level, understanding of the Goddess around us and I think about the UFO folding disc that I and my colleague both saw at work, just at the right time, that was the same colour as cloud.

      The whole sky could be filled with them and we’d generally ignore them.


      1. Author

        I agree. To me, it seems most likely that any disclosure process is being controlled by the visitors. Unless something I have not guessed at is preventing them, there would seem to be many ways for them to reveal themselves. But that doesn’t happen. So they must agree with government secrecy. In fact, they must be behind it. Of course, it’s possible that this entire business simply isn’t what it seems, in the sense that, if they are coming here from some other form of reality, they might be constrained in ways that we don’t yet understand.

        1. “Disclosure and enlightenment comes one person at a time through their own efforts and determination.”

          Seems that way to me, too.

  12. Mia, I’m glad for your observation. As I listened to this show, I couldn’t help but to like Anjali and believe she’s been on some kind of rollercoaster ride. However, there was a part of me that heard a brokenness in her that I really responded to. It occurred to me that she might be actually the recipient of our own black ops using one of their own to begin to discredit the UAP revelations of late. Or, maybe contain them so the people with personal experiences continue to be disenfranchised and unable to claim a relevant stake in the experience. She’s in a vulnerable place, she’s been indoctrinated to serve the better cause by her military background and they would know where to find her to initiate this drama. we are told that the black ops know how to appear alien. It may actually be humans who perpetrated this. Another thought I have is, when humans are given a useless scenario such as, it’s all going to end on such and such a date, I think people tend to get the f-its and give up. Why bother trying to fix it if there’s no hope? so, what purpose would setting up that scenario serve and who’s agenda does that fit in? I really don’t know where to go with that.

    1. When stripped of hope, some may indeed give up…but since when have prophecies constituted certainty, regardless of their origin? Maybe they are given to help focus the mind, even fleetingly, towards how best to use our time.

      I mentioned a quote I heard, attributed to Stephen Hawking, in my post above…that is how being told his time was limited affected him. What kind of urgency do you think there would be to do anything, if we lived forever? Maybe that is what the Human condition is all about…to instill old souls with an impetus for change.

    2. THIS!!! Miastella I think you are spot on!! They prob set about shutting her down with illness first, but she kept on. On the collective front, Think about it! this lil waterdrip of information/acquiesence from the Govt we’ve gotten the last couple of years….was basically a forced de minimis acknowledgement probably because of the FBI guy Luis E., the German on the Gaia Cosmic Disclosure show says “they” are “waiting” for the collective to hold a generally raised conciousness before they announce themselves,,,That seems to align best to me in the overall big picture/but that it would also align, timing wise, with a complete new Govt/System structure for it to really actualize. I think there is truth of all these aspects/issues, beads of it, everywhere, all aligning to the differing prisms of concious perception all the individuals hold at differing points in time, all along the gradient of their ever churning cycles of incarnation….That cloud analogy, the water (“it’s giving me the Vapors”) really resonates,,,,as well as the idea of the hive mind…..we seem to have some greater degree of autonomy -movement of thought to effect, that our ancestors of the Hive Mind….Time to Move Our inner Sparks effortly towards a Brighter LIght. Hopefully while intending Peace for ourselves and others, that NOW, while we can, we somehow incorporate for moving forward, an active awareness of these subtle, external and eternal draining attempts to suck our Nectar, that Hive Mind Waits to collect us,,,,we shouldn’t

    3. Very astute observation and definitely a possibility. Sad though. I like her, too. I don’t wantvto see myself as a follower but yet I feel like I want to “believe,” but believe what exactly? That’s religious indoctrination as one way to put it OR it’s reality of our spiritual capacity. I’m personally struggling to figure that distinction out. Turns out I, too, am indoctrinated, or mind controlled is another way of looking at it to believe prophecy. Growing up Southern Baptist I guess but I thought I had left all that behind. But now I wonder. I’ve been reading the gospel of Mary Magdalena and feeling “the Jesus”vibe again after years of being more Pagan and taoist/ buddhist and new age whatever or agnostic. Now I’m questioning everything again. Starting over. Again. I’m also reading Girard’s work on mimetics and sacrifice/scapegoating if that means anything to anyone. If you want to get at a major taproot of human civilization and understand something pernicious and easily manipulated in our egoic operating system, check out Girard.

  13. Whoa! We’ll never move the needle on the phenomena if we start believing people because “it feels right.” This approach also alienates credible scientists and engineers needed to help unravel what’s happening within the phenomena. I’m a huge Whitley fan and supporter, but I’m disappointed in this interview. The seemingly troubled woman hasn’t produced a single piece of evidence or data that can be verified or replicated. One of the reasons I stopped working with Greer is because he presents pure speculation as fact and seems to not be able to tell the difference between the two. Such an approach will not move us forward and, it degrades one’s credibility and pushes away needed and credible scientists, academics, and technologists. Carl Sagan’s “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” still stands as it should if we expect to be taken seriously and, focus on the data most credible and likely to actually yield forward momentum.

    1. Author

      My aim on Dreamland is to encourage guests to say their piece, not to debate them. I did not suggest that I believed this guest, no more than I do any other.

  14. Late 2027 is when the oligarchs complete their global genocide program, wiping out the vast majority of this species. This is the event that Elon Musk was referencing in his bizarre tweets dated August 23rd of last year. It is also why the billionaire class, the oligarchy, who want the earth and her resources for themselves, are currently constructing a series of retreats or redoubts around (and off) this planet. The most famous example is Musk’s mission to Mars, slated for 2026. Another is the Blue Estate Island project, spearheaded by Eric Schmidt of Google fame, to be completed by 2025. (If you want your jaw to drop, look up the Blue Estate Island website and see the sheer scope of what they are building.) Or check out the various superyachts currently under construction around the world, such as the Somnio yacht that is basically the size of a World War Two aircraft carrier. The oligarchy knows what’s going down (since they’re behind it, especially Gates and Musk), and are leaving like proverbial rats leaving a sinking ship….only this time the rats are also the ones who are sinking it. They are withdrawing from human society so that they can sit back and sip Dom Perignon and laugh hysterically at us untermenschen while the world burns. And they are the ones burning it down. Or will, unless they are stopped.

    1. Author

      I wish I could say that this was total paranoia and nonsense. I cannot say that unfortunately. I have been watching this process of buying and building retreats in isolated places for years. I hope you are not completely right, but I don’t think that you are completely wrong.

      1. That’s a great topic for a dreamland podcast! The rich and their bug out places. I have never heard of many of these if they are just paranoia

        1. That would indeed be a great topic for a Dreamland podcast, along with the larger topic of just why the ultra-rich are not only building these things, but want to have them operational within the narrow timeframe of 2025-2027. All of the retreats/redoubts that I mentioned above are easily verifiable via Google. One that I neglected to mention is the Voyager space station, a Von Braun-style ring station that is to be ready for use by 2027. Again, easily verifiable. 2027 appears to be the year everything is converging on, and the elites know it, because they are the ones engineering it all.

          1. I also recall from way way back :George Bush & family buying land in Uruguay as a mountain bug out retreat…This subject is worthy of a book or podcast .. we just need to collect all the situations.

            Additionally, I read Ted Koppel’s “Lights Out” book about EMF bombs over the USA. The rich in NYC have yachts in NY marinas with provisions ready to zip them away from the 2-3 day beginning of hell in population dense NYC.

      2. Hello Whitley. The notion that the billionaire class, the oligarchy, might want to simply snuff us all out and seize direct control of this world had never occurred me until just over a year ago, when I watched a YouTube interview with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff. He was interviewed by Canadian journalist Paul Jay on the latter’s podcast, initially regarding the 1/6/21 Capitol riots but the two of them veered off to other topics, and this was one of them. The relevant portion of the interview starts at about the 10:45 mark in the video linked below and only lasts for about a minute and a half, but it is truly eye-opening in a disturbing way:


        Again, the possibility of a global genocide at the hands of the tech oligarchs had never crossed my mind until I saw Col. Wilkerson’s interview. A few days later a light bulb went off in my head and I realized that Wilkerson’s insight was the real explanation for some of Elon Musk’s bizarre statements over the years (e.g. his preposterous claim about colonizing Mars, which he never had any intention of doing, though that would take a whole essay in itself to demonstrate). So over the next several months I began studying the oligarchy and what they are up to. It was the realization regarding their imminent disappearance from human society to their various elaborate redoubts, and the timing of this general exheunt, that led me to nail down the specific event slated to happen near the end of 2027, an event that is in the public record, that kicks off the end of this species, and again it involves Elon Musk. It was what he was elliptically referencing with his tweets of 8/23/21. As I mentioned in my reply to James Day below, everything converges on 2027. So when Ms. Schultz mentioned that the Visitors had told her that 2027 is basically the end of, well, us, my heart damn near stopped. Unfortunately, documenting my full train of reasoning would take pages, so there’s not space for it here, though I would be happy (well, not exactly *happy*, but you know what I mean) to elaborate some time if you wish.

        1. Mark- but wait! If the super rich rub us out , who is going to work their warehouses & trucking and who is going to buy their wares in order for them to remain Rich?

          1. Once their “global population reduction” as they often put it — i.e. global genocide — is a fait accompli, the oligarchy won’t be needing warehouses and trucking. Warehouses and trucking for what? For who? In any case they are also building out all sorts of tech infrastructure that can be run by a skeleton crew, e.g. Bill Gates’ automated nuclear power plants that he is working on. Besides, when the planet has been emptied of 99+ percent of its current population, wealth in its traditional sense will be meaningless. This is the true import of Klaus Schwab’s catchphrase “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” First, Schwab isn’t directing that statement at you and me….it’s directed at the oligarchy. What it really means is that after the planet has been mostly emptied of people, the concept of ownership will no longer have any meaning.

          2. robots

      3. I’ve been tweeting for weeks about Elon…how the H did he get permission to throw all that up there? And who has the liability if any of it falls down on us/EMF’s us? Why are we not enacting a CLASS ACTION across the board on this? One thing I am enjoying seeing is the Courts being absorbed into the international LAW jurisdictions; THIS is the future along with the United Nations Human Rights Charter, again, it all goes back to our Systems being gutted and reworked; I’m a musician and part time, currently unlicensed CPA. In my home, in a old cottage on a creek down the street from Oprah’s current M=Cito hangout where Schmidt lives, I was an original accountant/Intell Prop developer support person of a company, one of the first “B2B” companies of the internet, 26 years ago. Small % holder. Tied to the hip of Apple Computer, our IP used in support of the I Phone, I was ambushed the day the I Phone was announced by 5 corporate big law attorneys in a law firm trying to pick up stock certificates. Turned out to be a targeted whistleblower, I’m now in my 12th year, in the 9th circuit, having unraveled a $165M fraud. Big powerful people tied to govt/agencies and the legal system, shutting me down repeatedly. Yet the truth keeps pouring herself out. My prior comment was written before I saw the stuff above about the “billionaire” class. These are the freaks trying to destroy me, they took my partners and our families who created the IP, took our shares in a scam vote over 17 days when the Iphone was announced to the world the day I was ambushed; Curiously, the Hedge Fund pinnacle head, marveled by Wall Street as a “Wiz Kid” (think Martin Shkreli “Pharma Bro” vibe/schmirk), HIT a Volcano the DAY the last “FORCED” “purchase” checks were sent out stealing our securiites. All we received was our own corporate cash, the 13 years of after tax profits. Turns out whiz kid and his daugher and the pilot died, leaving one young girl alive, hanging upside down on the volcano/plane. A couple of years later, the CEO, who with his management “team” (all of us founders were off site and had trusted the managers-giving them some of our own stocks to gift them), the CEO who famously had twice the % I had, was fabulously bribed and ended up with about 12-15 M, he, just like the Shkreli clone, ended up dead with Cancer, just as my co founders were about to depose him. Both these guys, dead and under 40, leaving children behind. Instead, Big Law, ever behind the scene, the courts, the judges, the legislators, are manipulating, apparently they had a cut of the equity from Shkreli Clone as well. Last July, I stood in front of a Esteemed Federal Judge as a 25 yearold “Big Law” female neophyte lie thru her teeth about attorney fabricated evidence used for 12 years to keep me from having one day in court about my contracts.. 20 TIMES she lied to a federal judge. After the horrific ruling,t he CA STATE BAR finally stepped in, and I got all of them on a email circle and challenged them, and they FINALLY admitted their wrongdoing, i.e. that their use of the fabricated item was a ruse and they WITHDREW their 12 years of representation of the freaks by pulling out of the NINTH CIRCUIT,leaving 5 DEf’s without counsel!! (they have local counsel now, but NOT the worlds largest firm anymore); meanwhile those 16 Panamanian islands the freak and their circle own, the hedge fund, which was rated NUMBER ONE rate of return in the U.S. the hedge fund disbanded, the attorneys are running, the 16 panamanian islands are now “transferred” curiously, with 25% owned as a non profit “Eco” “foundation” while another east coast hedge funder, who says hes’ returning all the hedge fund money accounts to the owners, a new hedgie took the 16 islands over and non profited it up,,,you can stay in one of their “Casa’s ” for a price…just remember that’s my retirement money that furnished it!!hahah……NEVER FORGET things can CHANGE….what will happen to me is unknown,,,but hopefully the Volcano that was hit whilst the cat was shopping to buy his 17th island, exhaled back whilst it swallowed him. Hopefully our own inner flames, our Volcanos, can Block, Blow or Enlighten to Move collective Mountains somehow, for better, for others. Big “Law” for its Masters, owns’ our “system”, the Courts. Five groups of us, Founder/Owners/myself as whistleblowerr/Big Law/Hedgies/Management “team”, all the factions were expertly quad-triangulated against each other, Machiavelli NDA style; no one ever had a “Day in Court” or was heard, they threw some pennies at my co founders who couldn’t keep going and the governemnt refused to publicly investigate or police them, whilst their bestie State Senator/Judges passed new laws overturning 125 year old fraud laws. All while the esteemed Federal judge lectured me, standing alone trying to be heard and then having to “defend” myself as if I was being criminally tried against the 125 year old neophyte, the Judge lectures that, he wasn’t saying I wasnt’ “right” but that I “seem to have a victim complex, “you’re always the victim” and that I should “think about that”…well when I told him they admitted their wrong…he just ruled to “follow the remedy”; the Ninth; see page 10 of the PDF https://fraudbynumbers.tripod.com/NINTH%20CIRCUIT%20LAP/BRIEFED.pdf

        they were supposed to answer a month ago…one pulled away from the pack…then the rest…they got another month…now they’ve got 4 days

        NEVER IGNORE what they are DOING OUT THERE and hold them accountable!!!!



        1. I think that they’re worried like the rest of us and they’re trying to save themselves, and they have the money to make that effort. I doubt that they’ll succeed, and I also don’t think that they’re trying to destroy the rest of us. Why bother? We’re doing that to ourselves. Every time we vote for a climate change denier, buy a gas guzzler, any of a thousand things, we drive the coffin nails a little deeper.

          1. good point!!!

          2. So true.

        2. The FAA needs to refuse to issue licenses for any further launches of Elon’s Starlink satellite network. And also refuse to issue a license for his trip to Mars (I do believe he plans on visiting Mars, just not colonizing it). That would at a minimum deliver a body blow to the oligarchy’s plans.

          1. EXACTLY and why the F didn’t they hold hearings/question him putting all that up there in the first place?

            HOW did Elon get such POWER to do what he has done to ALL OF US??

    2. Mark, please watch the whole video I linked to you on Twitter. Why’d you block me?

    1. Author

      Terrific post, Dante, thanks! She may well be living in a state of liminality right now. Initiation can be a long process. Mine lasted, for example, for 30 years.

      1. yes, it’s not like experiences are either physical or dreams or hallucinations. There are more possibilities that are in-between or something else altogether that we don’t even have names for.

  15. In the interview, Anjali mentions she is a writer. I don’t recall if she mentioned the book she wrote. It’s called “The Nameless: Book 1”, written by Angelica Schultz.

  16. Anjali Schultz, thinking of you today when I saw the Cayce thought for the day. BLESSINGS TO YOU!

    Sunday, January 23
    “We meet few people by chance, but all are opportunities in one experience or another.” 

    Edgar Cayce reading 3246-1

  17. Ms Schultz seems a bit emotionally troubled. Perhaps her experiences are real, I don’t know. Personally, I didn’t find much of value in her information, such as it was. I appreciate the interview though, if for nothing other than to give someone who’s gotten on the wrong side of the UFO ‘community’ an outlet to speak.

  18. she probably has PTSD, I know I would if I went through such experiences. She is very articulate and highly intelligent, and does not give the impression of craving attention. Rather, at the beginning of several interviews I’ve watched she takes a deep breath like she is saying to herself “OK I can get through this.” So I would say she genuinely feels like she needs to share her experiences and messages, as difficult as it may be for her.

  19. From the moment I heard Anjali at the press conference, I had no doubt she was speaking her truth. I have been waiting to hear some sort of update after the expected announcement there’d be no cave expedition. Whitley did a respectful interview and it was all quite fascinating. I believe she had the experience/s she talks about and I understand what she means when she says they are ‘here, but not HERE’.

  20. It is a very strange story – though for me it came across as very disjointed. I know that experiencers don’ or can’t tell or describe their stories in a “linear” fashion that makes much sense, yet I had a very difficult time trying to follow along. I’m looking forward to her forthcoming website in hopes that it will clear, as much as possible, things up for me.

    Always a great show Whitley!! Thank you.

  21. (((Within the Mojave Desert))), in southeastern California, those interested in ancient rock art are in for a treat. (((Hidden on a military base))) is an area with thousands of documented Native American petroglyphs within the Coso Mountains. Formerly known as the Big and Little Petroglyph Canyons, according to Tehachapi News these mountains contain “the largest concentration of unaltered prehistoric petroglyphs in all of North America”

    (((This hypothesis was later contradicted by other academics who posited that the rock art was created far earlier. More recent dating technology has concluded that in fact the rock art could have been created as far back as 10,000 to 19,000 years ago, making the original artists either Paleo-Indians or Proto-Shoshoneans.

    The idea of sheep depictions being a form of “hunting magic” has also been contradicted. According to DesertUSA, Dr. David Whitley has proposed that “the Coso petroglyphs were made by shamans; the sites themselves were shamans’ vision quest locales; and the petroglyph motifs depicted the hallucinatory images seen by shamans when in the supernatural realm.”

    To Whitley, who has written several books about the motivations for rock art, these Native American shamans believed that the killing of a sheep would bring the rain, and that “the image on stone must have been the embodiment of magic itself.”)))



    1. I think that we have great difficulty understanding rock art with the human brains and cultural conditioning that we have today. Our neural pathways are completely different. In fact our egoic operating system is always working against us as it is programmed to mirror and be mirrored. Stepping out of that requires the kind of shamanic experience Anjali had which is not scientifically verifiable.

  22. One last thing I’d like to say to Anjali please.

    Stay the course. I’ve been there myself and it settles down and gets better. Don’t expect most people to understand (how can they?) or even have time to listen properly. Things will calm down, your peace will return and your inner & outer voice/expression will change.

    I thought ‘the Gvmt’ were doing things to me when I ‘went through’. Big glass building, huge escalator up from the lobby. How did I get here? Speaking to someone in an ‘office’ less than four feet in front of me but I couldn’t see his face.. What?

    Just give it time. You are among friends here.


    1. yes she did seem puzzled and with some version of PTSD.. it does take a while for the journey to unfold.

  23. As an experiencer it is not easy to step out with our personal truth. One has to be able to handle the criticism. Anjali has handled it with grace. I truly appreciated this conversation. It’s authentic and deeply personal. I also understand the “illness” journey that is associated with being in this density. It’s somewhat like morphing through gravel and earth until that lung burst moment happens.

  24. Wow. Your interview with Anjali is one of the most fascinating and interesting ones that I have heard on Dreamland in a long time. She comes across as honest and credibly unsure about exactly what is happening(and has happened)to her. Anjali seems to be both a very strong person as well as a fragile person…there is a dichotomy in her that I cannot quite explain. Maybe it is due to the fact that she has taken criticism for coming out and claiming a specific event will happen, and it did not. Whitley, if someone were to listed to this who did not know of you and your compassion, they might see you as a bit condescending and as one with a “know it all” attitude. That, however, is not you at all. You understood so many of the issues Anjali is facing and her history of contact fits right in with your own experiences in many ways. Yes, there are differences, naturally, but you saw the commonalities that were spoken of and understood the veracity in her story. I wish the interview had been 3-4 hours, that’s how much I really enjoyed this interview. And, I apologize for saying “enjoyed” as this was not meant for entertainment, but enlightenment. Let’s hope that Anjali continues , in a positive way, on her journey.

  25. This was one of the best interviews I have heard . The sincerity from Whitley and Anjali rang true to me. The kind way that Whitley presented the questions let Anjali open up more then I believe she expected to. It was a complete pleasure to listen to such a smooth conversation. Thank you both!

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