You’ve probably never heard of Leigh McCloskey. He is a close friend of Stash Klossowski de Rola, the alchemist who so fascinated us on Dreamland a few weeks ago. He is an artist, the creator of one of the most extraordinary artworks in the world, the Heiroglyph of the Human Soul, which is located in his home studio in his native town of Malibu, California–and, in fact, IS the studio, as the art has extended throughout the room to form one of the most powerful stories in imagery created in our era.

Leigh is also the author of the Tar0t Re-Visioned, an epic retelling of the myths hidden in the Tarot, an effort 18 years in the creation. He and Whitley have been close friends for many years, joined with Stash on a profound inner and outer journey toward greater consciousness, and in this wondrous show, Leigh tells us of his life’s work, both as a spiritual searcher and as the protector of his home, Olandar, which is a place of spiritual exploration and retreat for many people.

Listen as he tells of what it was like as the massive Woolsey Fire of 2018 bore down on Olandar, and Whitley and many others, lacking any physical means to save the house, used special energies even as Leigh and his wife Carla fought the flames that were roaring down their street in the form of a fire tornado.

This is a deep and powerful show about a man all but unknown to the public, but who has achieved great mastery. Anne Strieber, who knew a lot about what a true master is, said after meeting him, “Leigh is a hidden master.”

Meet this hidden master in this week’s Dreamland.

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  1. I remember Leigh as a young actor, years ago on TV.
    For ‘newbies’ to Unknown Country, I recommend catching up with him here and previous information about him. This is a good place to start…,
    A Most Remarkable Visitation by Leigh J. McCloskey.

    I got immediately where he was coming from, because his experiences were eerily similar to mine. These were my comments about Leigh’s remarkable visitation:
    “As soon as I saw the photo of the heron, and before I started reading the essay, I thought, “Oh, it looks like Thoth visited Leigh McCloskey!” I have had several visitations from him as well, both in the physical and metaphysically (He is at his best when he removes the mask. ) One of my favorite encounters was one day in my neighborhood park. I was walking up a path that I walked daily, and musing to myself about Thoth and his place in this reality. I was so caught up in my thoughts (‘Thoths’) that I almost walked right into a Great Blue Heron standing on the path!(He must have been caught up in his ‘thoths’ as well, because he was not aware of me until I was almost on top of him.) In seconds this big, beautiful bird spread his wings and took flight. I was so close that I felt the breeze being generated off of is flapping wings.
    I have had remarkable encounters with other birds as well, including hawks, and a very unusual relationship with a grackle that lasted for months ( A great spirit encompassed in a very ubiquitous breed of bird. She was a wonderful teacher!)
    Great story!”

    I haven’t listened to this new interview yet, but I am sure it will be more than interesting!

    1. It’s interesting you should mention a mask, as I have just been watching one of Leigh’s interviews on YouTube that I linked to below, and as part of a fascinating discussion (at around 1:10:00) regarding art, consciousness and the Tarot, he says “…It’s amazing what the psyche does when you allow it to put on a mask…”.

    2. Meaningful and magical to encounter a heron in any dimension, thank you for posting your experience.
      Birds and Trees, two vital components of this world’s beauty.

    3. Good Lord, now I’ve just learned something about Grackles. had never heard of this breed until now.

      Looks a big like a cross betwixt Crow and Magpie yet sounds like neither.

      I don’t think we have them here in Britain and I’m sure I’ve never seen one on my long walks but my curiosity is peaked.

  2. I was interested to find out, after a little digging, that McCloskey apparently had an association with Edwin Steinbrecher who wrote an interesting, though little known, book called the “inner guide meditation.” I had some curious results with the technique outlined in that book and had recently been revisiting it. Haven’t listened to the interview yet but am looking forward to it.

  3. Great Interview. I noticed that Leigh intimidates me. So this requires some self-inquiry. I think it has something to do with his spiritual depth and great artistic talent. I am a person who must “borrow” art from others for my personal space since my artistic evolution stopped around the age of 4. Of course, it is people like me who pay for artists to pursue their visions, so we serve a purpose. There is 1 artistic similarity between us. I also had the idea of decorating the spines of books on a bookcase with a flowing image, each book spine being part of a much larger picture. However, unlike Leigh, I used the art of someone else. I guess I am just frustrated that I wasn’t given (or didn’t work in a past life) to develop such artistic talent.

  4. I thought this was a great quote from Leigh: “The knowledge of the father is I think therefore I am, and the knowledge of the mother is I love therefore I am… That is the right angle of the human heart: When I think, I think I am not you. When I love, I know we are one.”

    1. Thanks William for catching these words.
      I hope you start painting!

  5. This interview did not disappoint…It validated much of what I am doing now, including discussion groups of people who’ve finally come together to discuss those deeply esoteric themes that in the past they kept to themselves, thinking they were alone. Maybe it took the alienation of our times, COVID, politics, and the increasing uncertainty of What Comes Next for us to break out of our shells, embrace those things, people, and ideas that feed our souls, including friendships and family.

    “And you cannot go on indefinitely being an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.”
    C.S. Lewis

  6. One correction for Leigh: Leigh, being gay is innate. It is a sexual orientation. It is NOT a life style! A life style implies choice, as in deciding to be a Wall Street Broker instead of a Wisconsin Dairy farmer. Sexual orientation is not a life style.

    1. Life style doesn’t imply choice any more than one’s art style, writing style or even sartorial style. These are all innate manifestations of who we are.

      1. No, not really. The term “life style” is used to minimize gay men’s experience. Evangelical Christians use this term all the time for gay men because it legitimizes their erroneous assertion that being gay is a conscious choice to sin against God’s natural order. As a gay man, I think I know my own experience and that of other gay men in the face of such organized resistance and the code words they use.

        1. I just wanted to second this comment, that the term “lifestyle” has some very negative connotations in this context and is best not used, as it is usually intended to mean that being gay is a choice.

    2. Thank you for this, Mr Christie. The fact that I am very drawn toward certain men, and yearn to find deep, loving, emotional and physical communion with a man (and not a woman) is part of the core of my being. It is not a random choice, or akin to a hobby. To me, “gay lifestyle” sounds frivolous or peripheral.

  7. If you’re interested in hearing more from Leigh, here is another fascinating interview with him…

    And here are some visuals to feast your eyes on, from ‘The Heiroglyph of the Human Soul’…

  8. One minor question: why is Whitley’s video reversed/mirrored? It has been for several episodes, but it wasn’t always so.

  9. whitley, have you ever seen into the past with your third eye? ”haunting God” as the MOTK put it? I know you saw that blue woman once.


  10. I’ve got to get these thoughts out before the night is out, otherwise I will never sleep!…

    I thought the section in the conversation where Leigh was talking about the ‘Watchers’ was fascinating. I can’t help being reminded yet again, by the cover of Passport to Magonia – the being with several masks…in essence its fundamental nature being faceless.

    Where does the mask ‘design’ come from? The alien, the devil, the angel… Is it just from our own imagination, or does it tap from a well far deeper?

    I seem to remember in one of Whitley’s books, he mentioned that his visitors seemed to him to be wearing masks… But again, was that just symbolic of a faceless Watcher?

    Almost that these Watchers are like pure potential, that can take the form of any archetypal energy that is conjured into being.

    We have talked before about that boundary in fractal systems between chaos and form, between darkness and light, where stable complexity exists… where we, life exists. Directly between those archetypal energies and their physical symbolic manifestations, is that crucial boundary…right where we are, in the crosshairs.

    Are we the only conduit for those energies to errupt into the physical? Where it seems we can be helped or plagued in equal measure.

    I wonder if those cave paintings, those creative visual divinations, were as much the beginnings of our yearning to conscious awareness, as they were the necessary, perhaps inevitable eruptions of archetypal energies into the physical?

    And those Watchers… I am pretty sure I have seen them, with and without their mask… and each time felt like I could loose myself, if I got any closer.

    1. Sherbet…The Watchers. I was reluctant to mention it earlier, but one appeared JUST LIKE IN LEIGH’S PAINTING, in my bedroom a few days ago. My partner had arisen early and had left the room. It was still dark, but The Watcher was there, darker than the already dark room. It wasn’t frightening, and I just thought, “Well, ok then. I’m aware of you”. No biggie, and it faded out.

      Regarding cave paintings, it’s important to remember that caves are very dark, and caves and ancient humans were all about altered consciousness…And connecting to the Cosmos, as some Israeli archaeologists have discovered:

      Several years ago, my family and I made the trek to The Alcove House at Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico. On the way there, I kept hearing voices in my head saying “She’s coming!” It was strange, and I wasn’t sure what was going on (or if I had gone off the deep end!). I don’t do well with heights, so my husband and son were skeptical that I would make it up the series of ladders to the alcove. I did it with no fear, but much anticipation. There is also a covered kiva in the alcove, and back then you could make your way into the inside of the kiva. The energy inside the kiva was something else! I told my family that I could feel feel them. and asked my husband to take a photo. Of course, I am surrounded by orbs in that photo! P.S I was happy to see ‘them’ again too!

  11. Whitley cut him off when he was trying to discuss the Watchers and Egypt, etc. because he needed to go to a break and then did not pick up the thread. I was on the edge of my seat.

    There was so much precognition emerging in the 90s about Trump’s political ascension decades later, even going back to a novel that I just discovered, The Last Trump, from the early 80s, which I discovered by reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy recently in which Douglas Adams uses the term the “Last Trump” in the Introduction. The Last Trump is a spy novel, I learned, and it is an alternative history in which Russia has expanded all the way through Western Europe. I’m not even kidding.

  12. Maybe Whitley did not want him to go farther into the Watchers? I need to listen to it again but does anyone know the Book of Isa where the verse that Whitley quoted is mentioned? I can’t find it

    1. Author

      I’m sorry we veered away from the watchers, and I misspoke myself, I was quoting from memory. I believe that I was thinking of Enoch.

      I have no reason not to want him to go into the watchers. If I can get him to do a video meeting with us, we can ask him, or I can have him back.

      1. That’s okay. I think you did it intentionally/unintentionally for some reason. There is A LOT going on with him on an occult level. He has a fire tornado (djinn?) asking to do his bidding! I had purchased one of his books a few months ago, the Winter Solstice, and I did not like it and returned it. The channeled language and images did not resonate as beneficial to me. His art in general is sensory overload for me. I need space. With regards to the tarot, I dislike portrayals of women who resemble the typical sexy Barbie type. It may be a characteristic of Greek humanism, but I don’t like that version of the archetype. We are not our bodies.

  13. Could be wrong, but if it was the Bible, that would be the book of Isaiah.

    1. That’s what I thought but tbh, have not looked in Isaiah yet.

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