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Every January, John Hogue offers Dreamlanders his predictions for the coming year. The next summer, we revisit some of those predictions and he offers us new ones for the coming year. Some of his predictions for 2011 that he gave us in January have been startlingly accurate, and his latest ones are just as intense. In January, he warned that 2011 would be the year of the discovery that we have serious food problems on earth, and this is proving to be absolutely true.

There are few people active in prophecy who offer the depth of insight that comes from John Hogue. Don’t miss his great website, where his new book, Predictions for 2012, is due to be published shortly!

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  1. Years 1998-99 were pivotal
    Years 1998-99 were pivotal years, indeed. The first signs of the ice caps melting were in 1998. It was clear in 1997 that something was happening at the Antarctic with the proto-Mayan calendar model I use. Then the floodwaters started in 1998-99. The Mayan Codex from Chichen Itza (Dresden Codex) indicated the great cleansing would start in 1991, with the July 11 solar eclipse. The UFO wave that swept Mexico began during that eclipse. The Codex indicated the Masters of the Stars (The Ancestors) would return in 1991, and that’s exactly what they did. Almost all other interpretations of the Long Count’s ending are essentially neo-Christian renditions. The dominant culture is still so inbred into Christian concepts that even “self-proclaimed” largely espouse neo-Christianty.

  2. None of the four men
    None of the four men mentioned is Mabus…

  3. All of the dire 2012
    All of the dire 2012 prophesies out there bring to mind the question posed by Alan Watts: “Is life serious?” Orthodox Christians tell us that life is very serious because if you don’t believe Jesus died for your sins and don’t do x, y, or z, you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity. The mystical and perennial philosophy traditions essentially tell us that life is not “serious” because we’re all going to make it, we’re all parts of god masquerading as separate selves, and after numerous lives, we will all return to the godhead. The master of the key (tmok) conveys a “theosophy” somewhere between these two positions. On the one hand, according to tmok, we have numerous incarnations, but humanity is coming to a closure point within this century where we will “make it or not make it.” Tmok seems to suggest that not all humans are going to make it, some of us are simply going to be re-assimilated into some form of undifferentiated consciousness or energy. Others are going to “make it” and ascend to a higher level of consciousness. “No child left behind” seems to be ruled out by tmok which would make his view of life somewhat “serious.” Your thoughts?

  4. john; i hate when you and
    john; i hate when you and others use the reference to peos in somalia and similar countries across the world with the straving kids. they have no reason to have 3,5,8,10 children to support in one family, they know this happens every several years and the country is in political termoil. do you not think they should use forced brith control there…(stop having kids they can not afford)…curtail the problem as they should be doing. it never ends, food given is taken by the ruling party and the ones giving it asw i see on tv and is reported on the news.
    john; like our own problems here, how do you keep giving and supporting peos that do not contribute to the good of society.(At least in some way for the goods they receive) it is good to refer to the USA as soon going to have the same problems.peos better wake up. make us keep waiting for all these problems to happen while we support 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations on welfair, who do nothing to help society, yet the government keeps on supporting this action and refuses to do anything about it.
    john; washington dc is always polorized because the elections never change anything. the good one are bought off or corrupted by power. i find john to be very vauge in outcomes, we know change is needed and has to be a bit harsh on all of us to do this, but none wish to do this while we have a chance.(let government wait till all breaks down and get to use marshal law on us, will you be happy then?) humanity is always in crisis john or you could not sell books. the problems is not defining ourselves, the problems is the government refuses to hear us or change to the needs of new ways. i have no problem changing for the better, but it is getting worse, thanks to government and it corrupt policies. aruging and bickerinng is happening cause nothing is getting done in congress! the debt ceiling is only the beginning of trouble. enforce the laws we have on the books now (they refuse to). the crazy peos will shut down the country as the flash mob movement is showing and causing problems lately, (nothing is being done about it) but the democrazies refuse to abide by the laws that govern us consersavtives. they let the problem peos exist with the law breakers free to do the same again. you can not keep giving, without getting something in return to balance the cost. history repeats because government refuses to do as the majority of peos demand the laws be enforced, so congress wishes not to step on the minorities right for votes and to overrule the majority? ( what sense is this?) that is why they are minority, they do not go along with the rest of us in the majority, this creates the problems for a stable society as we know it. (this kind of conduct teaches the youth nothing of responsibility to its own rules of society, you get what you reap!)
    john; let the middle east kill each other off, i do not care any longer. they are all goofy over there! all they wish to do is fight among themselves as they have us here doing to defend them over there (enough already, just say good bye to all them, till they wish to live in the real world and get along)
    john; my future prophecy is for the USA to become a bit more Isolationist.
    i feel john has said nothing new that i can not see for myself in my own crystal ball!!!
    subcriber section did not impress me. all is after the fact as we can see. we “who have the intellect to think” know this! all is: iffy?

  5. Hi…when you say that the
    Hi…when you say that the conversation will continue at the end of the discussion…for those who are subscribers…where does it continue?
    The program ended with Whitely and John and then Henry came on …how do I get to where these conversations are continued? Thanks

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