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Marla Frees has just come back from a very powerful experience at the Monroe Institute. Here, she tells Whitley Strieber–and us–the story of what happened to her, and communicates some riveting new information about the vast spiritual universe which is our true home. She had an encounter with the spirit of John Mack that is unforgettably powerful and insightful. Journey with Marla through the levels of spiritual experience that are taught at the Monroe Institute, as she describes in detail what she saw and what she felt.

This is among the very richest of all descriptions of experience at the Monroe Institute that you will ever have heard. It is rich with information, at times deeply moving, and full of insight.
What happens on the different spiritual levels? What is a soul retrieval, and why is it so important for us to understand this? Listen and learn.

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  1. This was the best yet, Marla.
    This was the best yet, Marla. Your message keeps getting finer and finer. Thank you.

  2. Whitley is a Grey in the
    Whitley is a Grey in the future.

  3. Thank you Whitley and Marla.
    Thank you Whitley and Marla. A breathtaking journey! One question – where or when does reincarnation take place given that souls are stuck or hanging around for so long? For example will John Mack eventually achieve reincarnation?

  4. Marla you just helped verify
    Marla you just helped verify an experience I had about thirty years ago ! I was meditating and saw a man in a hospital bed with about five days of stubble on his face. I said ” my beloved brother, you don’t need to be here for you have passed over, go forth and find your God ! He jumped out of bed with joy and ran down the hall ! Thank you !!!

  5. Shamans practice soul
    Shamans practice soul retrieval as part of their service routinely. I have done so myself on rare occasion. I am pleased that Marla had a pleasant experience with the Greys, but they are definitely not MY family.

  6. I have an appreciation for
    I have an appreciation for this from the armchair. I have a Monroe Hemisync CD, Hank Wesselman’s drumming/rattling, a shaman’s drumming, other meditation aids. In my truck, with headphones or cab speakers, I’ve noticed nothing!!!! My belief system/knowing level is good. Maybe I need much more time, patiently spending time with the right intention/hope. Whatever, I’m thrilled and very appreciative of the experiences of Marla and Carol and have learned much from their reports. Life is fun and very busy! Much to learn and do!

  7. Marla,
    Lovely Photo,

    Lovely Photo, Beautifal, thoughtful, spiritual, very moving.
    Potraiture is my hobby (ok one of) but still I will definately have to do a study.

  8. Whitley, your story about
    Whitley, your story about your grandmother was closer to a vision I had of my grandparents than anything I’ve ever heard. My grandmother died about a year before my grandfather, and was worried that no one would care for him as she could. (She had a great sense of humor and said “It’s Killing me trying to outlive that man!”)

    My grandfather had senile dementia for the year he outlived her. We (family) believed it was his cautious way of sticking his toe in the water before crossing over.

    About 6 months after his death, I decided to “check in” with my grandparents’ spirits. I saw him sitting in his favorite chair, watching baseball. His view was filled in with great detail, but everything outside his line of sight was totally black. The patio door was in his line of sight, and I was kind of shocked to see my grandmother on the patio tending the roses. My shock got her attention and she saw me and chuckled… and said “He hasn’t figured it out yet, so I’ll just stay here and take care of the roses ’til he does.”

  9. I have been experiencing much
    I have been experiencing much of what was discussed here for many years, and I continue to do so. The explanations as given by Marla and John Mack are not entirely new to me either, but they are just more validation.

    Shamans have been working with soul retrieval for thousands of years. Some of us, who appear as regular, every-day people, are also shamans. I’ve done soul retrieval myself, and it is quite a moving experience.

    The tall woman on the front of ‘Communion’…I am so reluctant to mention this, but I know her. As strange as it sounds, I see her in my mirror every day because I have realized for years that she is, somehow, another aspect of myself…But she is not the only one…I am aware of other aspects of myself on other levels, dimensions, timelines, what-have-you.

    Marla, now we are getting somewhere! 😉

  10. the chat with marla and carol
    the chat with marla and carol was interesting, but i have noticed that whitley has a strong need to explain all his dealing with a subject that he interveiws. alot of time is spent on him and his experiences. i get all that on his other venues where it is his thoughts to express.
    no offense meant, but let the person your interviewing talk more on the subjects so listener can digest this and get more time listening. please get to more question or answers of the guest at hand. it seems they get on and then they are off…was this the guest interviewing whitley? and his experiences??? dah
    how about going to 1 hour interviews or longer on subjects with guests. then no worries about time and a more indepth intervew. just a thought…just get into it and,,, “poof”,,, it over!!!

    1. Reply to weeble: You’re lucky
      Reply to weeble: You’re lucky to have just “noticed” Mr. Strieber’s very personal take on the function of interviewer. In fact, he and his wife are the same: put a microphone in front of them, and it’s “me, me, me,” ad nauseam. At first I found it annoying; now it’s become downright embarrassing. I start listening to an interview by either one of them, hoping that for once they will respect both the interviewee and the listeners, but no, they just have to put themselves and their very extraordinary experiences to the front, and I stop listening. I just can’t bear it any more. And they keep doing it although many subscribers have complained about this. Too bad.

  11. Having met the Streibers, I
    Having met the Streibers, I must say here that their quirkiness is endearing. I also find that when they interject personal knowledge or experience that is relevant to the subject at hand, they are affirming the interviewee in their line of thinking. This seems to me to be a very loving thing to do. I would suggest that for those of you who have an issue with them as to their interviewing technique, try to think of these moments as more of a conversation than as an interview. And we are very fortunate they choose to share their conversations with us! None of the subjects they talk about are mainstream ideas. So, anything they share with us on an experiential level seem to me to be a positive affirmation of the interviewee. I believe the intent on both their parts comes from a very loving place, and the intent is to affirm the individual, not to detract from the content of the “interview”.

  12. REPLY TO; update to comment.
    REPLY TO; update to comment. agreed i am new at this site. a novice compare to all the rest out there. i joined for the indepth intervies of guest. As michel professed, it gets a little much…you do not agree?
    it is one thing to for the host to agree, say you have had the same experience, then let it go! we got it!!! but to go on with your tails of the tape gets obviously embarrassing with the host of listeners to one whom is trying to entighten themself to others experiences! it is perplexing for me?
    chocolatemartini! you must be “sipping on a drink” through the whole show, not to get fustrated by this action after all this time, by now he has beat you down by the sounds of it. one time is endearing…more explainations by the host is boring. it does detract from the guest points. you see only affirmation to this? it would seem to michel and me (along with others, if i may i be so bold?) a simple yes, would suffice as i understand it along with the others who have commented on this action!!! then why not, STOP!
    understand this, if thitey has had all these experiences, can he go harp about it on his own time in his personal space after the interview? the show is only 30 minutes, dah!!! i will be wiling to listen or read about it then and there. humm, what a good idea!
    you would think if so many have requested this in the past, with all the enlightenment the hosts have over us…why do they not listen? as they tell all others to hear the calling? amazing…

  13. Best Dreamland interview I’ve
    Best Dreamland interview I’ve heard! I could have listened to Marla speak about her experiences for HOURS. This podcast was way too short. If time and money allow, I would love to go to the Monroe Institute…

    In regards to those putting down Whitley, get over it. It’s his show, he’s had a lot of experiences and WHY NOT share them? Is he supposed to George “Snoory” it, nod his head and proclaim, “that’s so true” every other sentence??

    I am much more interested in a conversation. A real exchange, not just a one sided information dump. That’s why Art Bell had such a devoted following. He took the time to be informed and to CONVERSE with his guests. Whitley is as close to that as I can get. I’ll take him over GN any day and Friday.

  14. The Streibers are great but I
    The Streibers are great but I have to agree their interviews are often too much about them and not enough about the info or experiences of the person they are interviewing. A good interviewer draws out the interviewee by posing insightful questions, not by talking about themselves

  15. I just recently listened to
    I just recently listened to this. And I thought, I would love to do Soul Retrieval for others. Can anyone do it and if so, how would I get started? What levels would I need to go through first?

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