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Is this the beginning of the end of the world? Lynne McTaggart will blow your mind with her uplifting, scary and amazingly clear answer to that question.
Her new book the Bond is about filling the emptiness between us with a whole new kind of living meaning and relationship. Based on solid science, the Bond reveals that we are much closer to one another than we think, and as our world undergoes increasingly rapid change, we can use her findings to create a whole new kind of human community.

Lynne’s website is The program based on her new book The Bond can be found at this link.

Footnote: This show was recorded just as the last sequence of solar storms was starting. Lynne McTaggart warned that this would cause selling on the stock market. Literally as the storm hit, the market fell apart. Fortunately, it is beginning to recover.

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  1. can agree with most all
    can agree with most all stated here. but not sure if; some of this is not promoting socialist system—say like china? it is all messy as stated. our capitalizm works, if you do not try to support all others who do not. when you do your influence meditation you do it with the same like minded peos. try it with person who do not act as you, see how you can make things happen this way…or would these peos quickly sway your intentions the other way? what an experiment that would make? who would prevail this way? could they influence the change with negitivity present?
    wish the change in this world would get here as all say. all in all the subject makes me think. might you think that the extinction event is not dying off per say, but a change to the way we do things. again can agree a change is needed. but life is not fair…but again you have to include about the poor peos agenda. how do the poor peos relate to a person who is struggling working? to keep there ends met? they seem to be doing just fine, as hard hard working peos just try to make ends meet from going under.
    interesting on the change example, but do not see the poor peos doing this. can see the act by working peos with others of the same mind concept. (WORKING peos is the key) have not seen the poor do this, see, hear the poor asking us working peos for more help! GIVE IT A BREAK. though still, like the show.
    for subcribers; thought it was a good report, good listening. in ways can relate to this.

  2. Re: Lynne Mc Taggert
    I found

    Re: Lynne Mc Taggert

    I found this interesting but I have a big problem with the word ‘Fair’. Isn’t there a better way to express it, maybe a phrase instead of a word, like ‘equal opportunity and responsibility’? I don’t think Lynne is using the word properly. I think I get what she means but using that word has always caused trouble in my experience as it is not clear to the definition.

    Mostly it just reminds me of my kids coming home from 2cnd grade and using it to express that they think they need more than they have because some kid at school has it. Or they think the sibling is getting the ‘easy’ chore and they get the hard one when in fact everyone always took turns. I did not teach them this concept, it came from bad teachers. My response was always “What does that really mean? There is nothing fair in this world.” I suppose Lynne would say I am contributing to the ‘problems’ but I don’t think so.

    There has to be some way that people become responsible for themselves, their actions, their thoughts etc. Using the word fair gives lazy people a way out of that, just like religion does.

    Now, if she is talking about the attitude that money is power then I agree with her in the same way I think money should not be considered a way of getting out of responsibility. If a rich man kills someone his punishment should be similar to a poor man who kills someone and that isn’t the case the capitalist countries. The thing is, We All have ways of making capitalism work in a more socially conscious way by making sure we do not spend money carelessly, supporting industries that are destroying our well being. Yes it is a lot of work to do the research to determine where you buy your goods and what you buy but it is the only way we are going to change it. You can’t do it all in the ethers, there has to be some physical action to back it up. You also can’t expect ‘the government’ to do it which is how we got to the place we are now.

  3. I just thought I would add
    I just thought I would add this to the collective Hope Bank

    “If we attend continually and promptly to the little
    that we can do,

    We shall ere long be surprized to find how little
    remains that we cannot do”

    Samuel Butler

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