This week on Dreamland, we cover the REAL deep state and the UFO coverup as never before. The idea of the deep state has been discredited by extreme and unbelievable claims–almost as if an effort is underway to hide it behind a screen of absurdity. But a long-term effort to study the UFO/Close Encounter phenomenon in secret DOES exist, and there is overwhelming evidence that a very substantial hidden infrastructure really is in place, and that it is concealed behind a wall of secrecy.

Kevin Randle has been studying the UFO coverup for many years, and is without question one of the world’s leading experts on the subject. In this interview, he goes deeper than he ever has before. You will come away better informed about the why of the coverup and what might be released over the next few years than ever before.

Don’t miss this probing exploration of a subject that has been thoroughly obscured behind a tissue of lies. Get ready to meet the REAL deep state!

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  1. Hi Whitley, I am very engrossed in your book ‘Jesus, a New Vision’. I have sent copies to friends and family members however most of them haven’t read it. I’m fascinated by some of the reactions of those that believe what they have been fed by various religious orders throughout their lives. They have no idea that they have a spiritual side that is not tied to any organized religion or belief.

    Thank you for the book. It has changed my life.

  2. If those truly in charge have a vested interest in keeping their current level of control, then the UFO community continually pushing for Disclose may as well be flogging a dead horse, as far as I’m concerned. If it did happen, although I wish it weren’t true, I suspect your average member of the public would either go into denial and just get on with their lives, or they’d ‘pop’ like Neo, after being dragged out of the Matrix and welcomed to the ‘Desert of the Real’. Unless there is a group consensus at the top (and I mean right at the top, above the President and maybe even stratosphericly higher than that) to pull the pin, I am pretty confident it won’t be, ever… And I suspected they, whoever ‘they’ are, are pretty damned serious about that.

    My mind keeps going to an X-files episode, or part of a movie, I can’t remember which, where Moulder pulls back the curtains to a shocking scene of an Earth landscape, consumed with flames above which UFOs are flying around.

    Does it really have to get that bad, before the mud is hosed off the public’s eyes? Fear is the mind-killer, yes… But control is the Soul-killer.

    I can understand the intense frustration but I can’t help feeling that our energies could be better spent elsewhere, rather than continually refreshing the imprint of that Disclosure brick wall on our foreheads.

    I just wonder whether the high numbers of those reporting interactions with the Visitors might be ‘their’ way of employing the ‘Hundredth Monkey Effect’, thereby making the Political / Military Industrial Complex and their meniacal efforts to maintain secrecy, completely redundant. Regardless, I sincerely hope for a sea-change in mass consciousness regarding our place and abilities within this Universe… I just hope we don’t all have to start burning before it happens.

    1. Sherbet UFO – Your post is similar to my thoughts of the last few years. The government will never tell, at least that’s how it seems. Therefore the experience is being delivered directly to the “end user”. Leaving out the deception and cruelty of the middle man.

      How many more things that belie a conventional explanation do I need to see in order to be convinced that my existence transcends a paradigm dictated by a government? None. None more.

    2. Sherbet,
      I no longer subscribe to the disclosure business either. Begging for it from governments ,military, and world leaders is just is another way of giving our power over to them.
      “I sincerely hope for a sea-change in mass consciousness regarding our place and abilities within this Universe”.
      Me too.

      1. There’ll be no disclosure,rather the lesson of the Watchers will unfold, as if we have done it ourselves.


    3. The answer to that could possibly be in J. Edwin Carter’s “downloaded” novel LIVING IS FOREVER about what’s left of humanity trying to pull itself back together after a poll shift causes major global catastrophes, killing at least 1/4 of humanity in one go. According to his story it’s only after that that the non-humans reveal themselves openly.

      1. Author

        I think that something like this happened about 10,000 years ago. Starting 12,000 years ago, there was a huge disruption on Earth. This was the period that Mammoths and so many other animals went extinct, the Clovis people of North America along with them.

        Then, about 10,000 years ago, we get these strange artifacts appearing in Jalisco, Mexico. Some of them have been carbon dated, so it looks as if they are authentic. They depict alien-human interaction coming after the cataclysm.

        1. His book is set in our future though. Maybe history will repeat itself again…

  3. Author

    I could not agree more. Even if they disclosed everything, I suspect that what we would find is a base level of confusion and misunderstanding that we have all already moved far beyond.

  4. what do you think happened to hitler’s soul, Whitley?

    Do you think he is still around? I know you wrote two books about him


    1. Author

      The fate of souls is hidden from us. Anne did say, when I asked her what happened to the evil, “nothing.” My best guess is that this didn’t mean that their situation was just ignored, but rather that they didn’t gain any benefit from their lives. Perhaps it also means that they simply disappear, like an unbalanced equation erased from a chalkboard.

      1. I had a dear friend, raised in Poland as a small child under the Nazi regime. Her mother and aunt were part of the resistance and she shared some harrowing experiences with all those that would listen before she passed, always afraid of history repeating itself. I once asked her where she believed Hitler was after he died. She was sophisticated and learned, her answer was as nuanced and breathtaking as I expected and yet when she said it I felt my knees buckle a bit under the weight of her answer.
        She believed that Hitler is painting the portrait of every person he ever killed or harmed. Her name is Diane K. a brilliant soul. She said that painting, the one thing he truly loved, is how he would spend his eternity and come to understand the depth of evil and despair he had created.

        1. Author

          After my last post about this, I recalled that I had seen Hitler in another body> (I knew that this had been Hitler, somehow.) He was once again a military man, but aware of his past and in hidden agony about it.

          1. We are multi dimensional beings. Dreams and out of body states prove that. I would think both of your impressions, concurrently, could be possible.

          2. Someday I would like to discuss this, Whitley. Several years ago, something happened to me, physically, while on this site. There was an online discussion about AH. That’s all I am willing to say. There may be different aspects of ‘being’, even among souls. For instance, even a ghost from a past time in an old house may be connected to a living human person sitting across from you in a restaurant. If you are familiar with the binary soul doctrine, it can be a guide on how this works. Suffice to say that the ‘personality’ that was AH could be ‘hanging around’, another aspect could be the living military man that you describe, and yet a third could be doing penance by painting portraits of his victims from that previous life.

        2. Hi SZ,
          Have you seen G.W. Bush’s portraits of US soldiers who fought in Afganistan/Iraq. I thought it was a remarkable and surprising gesture. Needless to say Tony Blair’s response to the war was to write a book about himself and announce that he’d be donating the profits to a veterans charity (reflecting the glory back onto himself). For a seemingly inteligent man I thought this was shockingly blinkered, but G.W. Bush sitting in front of those pictures and studying those faces intently for hours on end, trying to do the best job he could to represent them well, and no doubt thinking about their lives, was humbling.

          1. Michael,
            I found a wonderful article in Smithsonian Magazine about President Bush and his paintings. I had no idea he had taken on this project. Portraits of Courage indeed, and I agree, his art, and awareness of the sacrifices made by those men and women in his charge, showed immense humility and tenderness. He captured their essence and I believe him when he says “I think about them on #VeteransDay and every day”.
            It’s exactly why Diane K. felt painting was the task Hitler would be burdened with. She had a lifetime to process his inhumanity and the suffering she saw. There would be no cruelty in her vision of his soulless suffering but instead a process of education, remorse, and perhaps reconciliation with the essential spark within.
            She reviled him but saw first hand where dehumanizing another could take us. For her, Hitler the artist became a comforting perception. United with Whitley’s vision of Hitler the soldier, we may be getting a glimpse of what our soul is truly capable of as we grow in consciousness and maturity.
            Thank you again Michael!

        3. Thank you SZ for your original story, I’ll remember that. 🙂

  5. Whitley – you mentioned we may need another planet to get to given the state of our planet at this time. Honestly – the idea of humans off to another planet to wage wars and destroy the environment and take over and destroy so called “inferior” cultures….it would be more of the same. We have no right to another planet!
    We have no right to go anywhere until we change into decent beings. Maybe the beings are here to make sure we cant get off this planet.

    1. The other question is whether our souls are somehow liked to this planet/Sun alone. Is colonization of other planets/solar systems possible at a spiritual level? Someone interviewed here or on Earthfiles (or L.M.H. herself) said it wasn’t but i don’t know…

      1. I could have it wrong, but I seem to remember Whitley saying Anne referred to the Earth as an “Engine of Consciousness”…with the suggestion that without the Earth, souls could not recycle…but I don’t know whether that was specific to our Earth, or whether any habitable planet could have a similarly important role.

  6. Author

    She did say something along those lines. But there was nothing to suggest that it’s the only one.

  7. yes – they may be just as bad –which means we should avoid seeking and finding more of the same old story.

    Let’s not go look for new worlds till we are a better species. I don’t consider myself negative but a look at human history tells the tale and it never changes – In fact if this world is in terrible trouble, and I do think it is, then maybe the outcome will be that we will finally learn the lessons of humility, kindness, compassion, acceptance of others, as the only way that we can indeed survive and flourish as an species who then will have the right to continue on another planet.

  8. Just saying I completely loved the movie “The Hunger”. I never knew it was Whitley! How cool. He’s also right about Catherine Deneuve.

    1. Thanks! For everything! And congrats on New World being published in German! How many languages is it being translated into? Hope they translate all your other new books too!

  9. Author

    Just German. I’d love other languages too, but so far no takers.

  10. It seems likely that there were species that had evolved highly advanced forms of spiritually technological power in the distant past – and perhaps those species are still living in, on or around the planet in some way to this day. Some of them may be forms of life which combine aspects of spirituality and paranormal phenomena as well as technology in ways we cannot to begin to conceive of due to our lack of understanding the nature of reality in the way they do. Perhaps they even became immortal in some way or grew into forms of life which exist in other dimensions simultaneously. Its very clear that extremely ancient megalithic sites were created with means that were so highly advanced we still cannot understand their methods to this day. In terms of close encounters, sites like skinwalker ranch may be the kind of rare opportunity or gateway that is open to us at our discretion as a species, when we are ready. Here I am referring to the problem of intelligence in non-human forms, perhaps even without symbolic language like words and so forth – something like encountering a dog that is 100x more intelligent than Einstein – or at any rate, animalistic (yet civilized?) in a way that is not human. I dont think the human species is ready to embrace this kind of “brotherhood” when most cannot even embrace different variations of beings within their own species.

  11. On the TV quiz show Jeopardy this week, one of their clues revealed that German was the first language that the US Declaration of Independence was translated into from English, in the 18th century. Perhaps one day there could be a German translation of the Tarcher Penguin edition of The Key.

  12. I love George Carlin, yet he would frustrate me every time he said things deriding space exploration. “Fix the shit down here first, before gahalavanting out there!”.
    My position was getting out there will help fix down here.
    Now its just about getting away from here?
    MOTK said we can’t survive long anywhere else but here.

    1. I was about to say something similar, that “getting out there will help fix down here.” While the Billionaires In Space may not show the rest of us an immediate benefit, the research that’s been done to get them there and the new technologies developed are very likely to be useful in a big way. Even if these particular technologies will never get us very far off the planet.

      I’m especially intrigued by the discussion of the Roswell craft having no visible means of propulsion, at least none that our personnel can understand. I think we need to get used to the idea, most of all, that physical mechanisms are far from all that exists.

      And I’m concerned that if we do expand beyond this planet, we will simply take all our idiocies and prejudices and violence with us. The series “The Expanse” gives that kind of view of the future, and I’m afraid it’s all too realistic.

      I looked up “MOTK” and all I could find was Mysteries of the Kingdom. Surely you don’t mean that somebody’s interpretation of the Bible is relevant to the question of survival beyond this planet?

      1. Very sorry, I realized belatedly, after seeing a comment on a different episode, that MOTK was the Master of the Key! My brain was not working very well earlier!

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