Grant Cameron joins Whitley for a surprising discussion about people who remember flying UFOs. And before you dismiss this out of hand, please know that one of them is an Air Force officer who flew F-16, and another flew 737s for an airline. But the discussion goes far beyond the simple idea that people might sit down in a UFO and be taught to fly it. What is happening is far, far different from conventional assumptions about what is involved in piloting aircraft.

In the third half hour, the discussion veers into whether or not the U.S. and other powers may actually have intact UFOs, and how they might be experimenting with flying them.

Whitley and Grant, both with their long experience in the field, work together like two musicians playing a very surprising duet in this wonderful and information filled edition of Dreamland.

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      My fault. I had a knee replacement surgery last week and fell behind. Should be posted now.

      1. Whitley, I hope you are feeling better. Recovery from knee replacement surgery can be painful.

      2. Whitley!! I was wondering if everything was okay! Definitely missed you but good health is key!! I hope your knee is healing nicely and you’re feeling alright❣️ I know Anne is definitely looking after you as well!! So glad to have you back 👽✨🤩

      3. Whitley, as someone who recently had meniscus surgery on my right knee you have my empathy! Good luck with the physical therapy. It gets easier after the initial few visits. Best wishes, Mark

  1. Whitley, sure you realize now but we have Preston rather than Grant.

    A Speedy Recovery to You, We’re so fortunate you upload no matter what gets in the way! Many Thanks .

  2. Same here don’t see a YouTube link. And when you click on the audio only it’s Preston.

  3. Author

    It’s all fixed now. A complicated series of errors would happen when I’m laid up. Nobody’s fault. Anyway, it’s a great show!! And thanks for the good wishes. On the plus side, the healing is about a month ahead of schedule and I have never from the first day had to take more than a couple of Tylenol. 18 days out, and I’m entirely off painkillers. Knee surgery has advanced dramatically. If you need it, be sure to find a doctor who does MAKO robotic surgery. It is really superior.

  4. For whatever reason, it appears that the subscriber podcasts aren’t working. I can’t get them to download or to play.

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      The webmaster is off, but I just tried them and they downloaded. Maybe clear your browser history and try again.

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    I am astonished! A suggestion of mine actually worked. I’m so glad.

  6. Welcome home Whitley. Knee or hip surgery are difficult but if you do the physio therapy as directed, you will heal faster and without complications. People who don’t put in the ‘work’ often suffer and end up having another surgery to correct the situation. I’m not surprised you’re healing so rapidly and without prolonged meds. Strength of mind, no doubt. I’m so looking forward to tonight’s show.

  7. The more I listen to these encounter-related shows the more my study of soul anatomy seems to reflect the experience being related.

    Do we possess two physical forms? The Ancient Egyptians had two separate words for the physical body, one implying the corpse and the other flesh.

    I think this is the “double” that early Egyptology sensed in the writings, not the ka, and it is one of these that seems to find its way aboard ufos.

    1. Author

      interesting comment. Can you elaborate a little bit on how you see these two bodies?

      1. Both are terrestrial and earth related, but one can enter the Duat / other realms without entirely becoming / utilizing the other bodies such as ka and khaibit.
        I imagine this is what you refer to as second body from your Gurdjieff training. Didn’t someone from that discipline manifest his second body (what I think the ancients called aufu) in front of you mysteriously once and told you to figure it out when you asked him how he did it?
        When we see poltergeist-like phenomena I think it is just as likely we are seeing the effects by people in their aufu as those of the dead.

  8. Absolute dynamite. Good Lord.

    This show, the background topic of projecting kundalini and empowerment, is also linked to last week’s show on sexual energy though it is very subtle.

    10/10. Bravo.


  9. Thank you for the great show! The idea that the greys can bend the physical world to their will using consciousness is quite intriguing. One puzzling aspect though is the objects they create are not mere props on a theatre stage: they actually work, even from a purely physical point of view. For instance, if you believe the book by colonel Corso, the U.S. government was able to improve human technology by retroengineering the Roswell craft. Where do the greys get this physical knowledge and know-how?

  10. Grant is always fascinating to listen to…the audio equivalent of drinking from a firehose…but we’ll worth taking a deep breath and waking-up for.

    I had the chance to fly a UFO a long while back, which I have detailed in several comments over the years. I have to add, that like many of the other accounts, I remember it as a dream…a stupidly vivid one…but a dream nonetheless. The only things that didn’t correlate with what Grant was saying, was that in mine, there were no hand controls…I flew it with my mind, yes, but whilst sat on the floor. And there was no one else in the craft, other than a chilled-out-looking young boy, also sat on the floor behind me. The five ‘others’ (who were the ones that were telepathically asking me to fly it), were stood motionless outside in the garden, in a line, dressed in brown hooded capes.
    Yeah…not the kind of experience you forget.

    1. Author

      wow. Not the kind of experience you forget reading about either! It’s just fascinating. Isn’t it, the way this flutters at the edge between dream and reality – and yet when it all comes home to roost, it turns out, I think, that this is just as real as every day life. A whole lot of different factors go into what happens to our perception when we’re in these situations. I have often wondered whether or not it’s something they’re doing or something that simply happening to us. Anyway, thanks for a fascinating comment.

      1. You’re very welcome.

        A couple of extra things about the experience, in case you hadn’t read it before…the craft was disk shaped, gun metal, about 15 feet across and I had to bend down to get into a hatch that was open on the side, which is where to boy was sat, just inside. The entrance looked dark and shadowy from the outside but when I got in, it was bright and clear as midday and I had plenty of room above my head… so bigger on the inside. There were a spread of control panels in front of me and a large window, slightly to the left, that allowed me to see outside, like the hull was made of transparent metal – there was no window visible from the outside. An odd thing I noticed was that around the inside edge of the craft, above the console, were large strange letters that looked like a slightly more pictographic form of the Greek alphabet. I definitely remember seeing something like the Greek ‘Theta’ character but I had no sense of their meaning. They also had a multicoloured aspect to them, like one of those silver hologram stickers you might see on a bank card…only several feet long.
        When I sat on the floor, I was asked to fly upwards, which I did. I have no idea how I knew how to fly it. I kind of became the ship… it felt, unusual and exciting but natural at the same time. When the ship was moving, I remember being able to ‘see’ out of the bottom of the ship in my minds eye, like the ship itself was one of my eyeballs. Anyway, I flew straight up, then down, then skimmed over the roof of our house. I can tell you, I was a bit wobbly!…but loving every second. However, I am not too sure the ‘others’ watching me were too impressed, as the dream abruptly ended!

        1. With regards to whether it is something ‘they’ are doing or not… it seems that we probably have the natural ability to inhabit that world, whatever it is but we often might need an extra something to get there. Perhaps like a child being taught how to swim…they most times won’t get into the water without being asked, coaxed, or even pulled in.

          But whatever that world is, it seems to be akin to the lucid dream state, where paranormal abilities are just a normal state of being. For example, the first time I met that group of ‘others’, in that reality, they gave me a dousing rod to play with, of all things! And I could really feel the energy flowing through it…it felt increadible. But in waking reality, I genuinely don’t think I would have felt anything.

          But what that world is, I can only guess. One time, I was pulled into that world to see a Free Energy machine, underneath a white marble building. The weirdest thing of all, was that the courtyard outside was thronging with the dead, just going about their business. And I got a few funny looks, like I shouldn’t be there…so how this whole combination of alien-looking creatures, the dead and paranormal abilities all fits together, I really don’t know…I am just left sratching my head.

        2. Sherbet, Greek alphabet…

          Several years ago Linda Moulton Howe did a report that began during the research she was doing on ‘dragonfly drones’. One witness to the ‘drones’ claimed that he had checked out a library book confiscated by NSA and Homeland Security called ‘Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited’ by Fredrico Ionnides. I am no longer subscribed to Earthfiles, so I don’t remember all of the details, but there was some kind of reference to a being named ‘Oltissis’, and this had something to do with writing found on the drones, which appeared similar to Ancient Greek. (People began trying to find the book, or references to it, to no avail. And the Greek mythology most of us know has no references to ‘Oltissis’)

          I was able to find a reference to what I am talking about here, along with photos of the objects from an alleged CARET document (Commercial Applications Research for Extraterrestrial Technology).

          Does any of this resonate with you?

          1. Thank you for the information Cosmic. I know the Caret documents well and have read them several times over the years. I find them endlessly fascinating and along with the first hand accounts of the drones, I tend to think they were not a hoax. When looking at the full graphics in the documents, their form does not really ring many bells…however the linear text on the artifact with suspended arch pieces, that generates a gravity suspensor field, does start to look more familiar. The strip I remember seeing was in the same form, i.e. a long strip of letters with no spaces. I just wonder whether what I saw was the same type of concept…a self-activating combination of substrate and control lettering, designed holistically for a specific purpose. What that purpose may have been, I can only guess… Perhaps simply to generate a highly vivid UFO pilot initiation simulation?!

            Regarding ‘Oltissis’, yes I have heard LMH mention that a few times and do find it extremely interesting… what a shame the leads go cold on that book.

            Fun fact: Did you know there was a direct reference / depiction of a drone in one of the last ‘Sarah Connor Chronicles’ TV episodes? The following is a clip but there where also pictures they found pinnen up on a board, that looked straight out of one of the Earthfiles reports.


  11. I’m so jealous… 🙂

    Not of the knee surgery, but rather the flying things, bit.

  12. Thank you Whitley. As always you have opened up new worlds for me. Also, get well. I have had a hip replacement, a knee replacement must be as bad or worse.

  13. It was great seeing Grant, and he’s been missed. Looking forward to the Zoom next week!

  14. I have not watched this latest interview but do plan to in the next few days. I DID HOWEVER HAVE AN EXTRAORDINARY DREAM LAST NIGHT THAT I WANT TO POST…..

    Early morning March 5th, 2023:

    I am sitting at a long table; it is occupied by several men. It feels like I am interacting with a hologram of these men and located inside a library, all Grey in color except for their long white beards. There is a clear glass jar on the table, and I am asked to pull out Scrabble like wood blocks/tiles from inside the glass jar. The blocks are really old/worn, faded letters and some have only symbols. I am told to choose several of the blocks. To my surprise the first block shows the letter (I) (i), then when I lay them out, a sentence takes form. Each block is then separated from the sentence to be looked at carefully by an old man at the end of the table sitting next to me. I do not recollect the sentence, only that it can be interpreted in more than one way???

    The old man sitting next to me is trying to identify a block that is so faded/worn that it is very difficult to do. Now I pick up a block from the sentence and hand it to him for interpretation. He is hesitant, he hands it back to me and tells me he wants my opinion. I look at it again and say, “There is a word, ‘Aries’ as well as a male face.” He replies, “Yes, that is correct. Your planet was predestined at that time.” Then I ask, “Does that mean our free will was taken away and our life here fixed?” Here again I am left with the questions. I wake up from the dream.

    Note: Aries was spelled differently but I knew it was the same, perhaps an old spelling? I feel what he is saying is, predestined is really about the condition/attitude and mental condition of humankind.

    Age of Aries: 2160 to 0 BC
    Aries rules warfare, overcoming challenges, competition, anger, aggression, and independence.

  15. Carollee…The older spelling of ‘Aries’ was ‘Ares.’ The Roman version of the god Ares (Greek) is ‘Mars’.

    “I feel what he is saying is, predestined is really about the condition/attitude and mental condition of humankind.”

    In addition, in astrology Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, as well as the pioneer and trailblazer of the Zodiac, so maybe take a look at the positive aspects of Aries as well to help get a clearer picture of the dream?

    Also, it sounds like you visited The Great Library. Yes, that one.🙂

    1. COSMICLIBRARIAN…..I had a reply to you but it got lost on the subscriber comment page, a glitch, perhaps because of the website I added. So here it is minus the website.

      Thank you for this Cosmic. I always appreciate your input. I have been looking at the different AGES and what was going on. I see that MARDUK was in place during the age of Aries, he was also known for magic and am wondering if it was his face I saw on the wood block/tile? Do you have any knowledge regarding Marduk?

      1. Interesting…Marduk was an ancient god of Mesopotamia, son of ‘Enki’, and involved with creation…and the Annunaki.

        You’re in pretty deep on this one…! I tried to find a good rendering of his appearance to the Babylonians, and the best one appears to be on Wikipedia, of all places.

        If you go there, look at the main image to the right.(The top has a green (for GO) bar with the name ‘Marduk’. The reason I picked this image of many that I found on Wikipedia and other sources is that the image is rich with symbolism (including a water- dragon>bloodline, and wayyyy too much to discuss here! ) Even the face of Marduk is highly unusual and reminds me of Picasso’s works (head on, or profile?).

        Have fun!

        And I just encountered difficulty and weirdness posting this…yikes.

        1. Thank you for this. He appears to be robed in rotating wheels or gears?

  16. This really was my kind of show. I found myself fascinated – and dare I say, motivated. I definitely recognized some of the things Grant spoke of. Free-Kee!

  17. Great show, so interesting and so much deeper than just pilots! Glad you’re healing well Mr. Strieber!

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