Scottish UFO researcher Malcolm Robinson has been at it for 40 years. His patient, careful work has documented many a UFO sighting and encounter, and here he tells us about his amazing life, which includes searching Loch Ness in a submarine and discovering unknown sonar returns to careful study of the Falkland Hill UFO Incident, a case involving many people and–incredibly–also many grays.

What are the grays? What are we? How can we explain things like the taking of sexual material? Add to that a riveting description of a profoundly convincing multiple-witness UFO contact event, that included a triangle UFO coming to the ground and much more, and you have a priceless journey deep into the wonder of UFOs, visitors and the high strangeness of just being human!

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  1. Whitley, this was a wonderful show! Please have Malcolm back again.

  2. It’s been a joy to follow Malcolm’s research for many years. I have never had answered one burning question in Mr Taylor’s case; that is, “What about the dog?” The Irish setter, Lara, is mentioned only in the beginning & after he regained consciousness there has not been any mention of her.
    In any case, Malcolm is so knowledgeable & it is such a joy to hear his research laid out for us. His books are highly recommended and wonderfully informative good reads. Many Thanks!

  3. dreamland at it’s finest! loved you since coast but-what you’re doing here is truly special and engaging-thank’s so much for all you do whitley-your perseverance and integrity are so appreciated !!

  4. Me too, ever since the 7 years i lived in Manchester, England, in the 80s i have loved the Scottish accents. More Scots would be good. Some Asian or African Experiencers would be Amazing! By the way, when you had the Australian guy on he had a fuzzy not very clear photo of a grey that you thought was probably the real deal, so photography might be possible. If it’s Them you’re in contact with when you meditate can’t you just ask Them these questions or do they never send back answers? Jonathon St. Julian, the Share Tanzania You Tuber met some non physical beings in a meditation, and talk to them but i’m not sure they were Greys … they might have been interdimensional parasites… i think he thinks they were what Christians call demons… but i dunno… the incident in Scotland sounds like one Australian case where greys were taking or placing insects or plants perhaps after having genetically modified them.

  5. I can barely hear the sound on today’s Podcast. Anyone else having that problem?

  6. What an excellent interview! I so enjoy the ideas, speculations and thoughts exchanged. An idea, what if in a future scenario, some portion of humanity successfully uploads their consciousness, ideas, memories & thoughts into the digital world, but, finds that their souls did not follow them in the process. How would they again enter into the biological, living universe?

  7. The Falkland Hill incident was a fascinating case that I had no knowledge of previously. Some of the more interesting cases of the phenomenon have not happened in the USA, and I’ve tried to learn more about these obscure cases, because they are important, and also contribute much in the way of cultural perspectives.

    So…when Malcolm discussed the event near Falkland Hill, especially about the bubbles and their inhabitants, the word ‘bairn’ came to mind. ‘Bairn’ is word used by the Scots meaning ‘child’.

    Also, to put an interesting spin on this show, just yesterday morning my older son sent me a cool photo of himself in a kilt! He has two, both versions of my family’s clan tartan, and the photo was taken yesterday morning when he was on his way to a festival. As you can tell, he takes his Scots ancestry seriously, since he inherited a lot from his dad and from me (Both sides of my family from totally different parts of the country, both in the USA for a very long time, and both Scots and English,with a smidgen of Welsh). I had my DNA done last year, and I was surprised how after so many generations in the U.S. how both sides had remained ethnically Scots and English. I expected surprises in my DNA—but not that.

    To get more of a feel for the area around Falkland Hill, I explored websites about it, with photos of the ‘Hill’, in particular. In addition, scenes from ‘Outlander’ have been filmed there and in the town. For those unfamiliar with ‘Outlander’ it is a series about a time-traveling British woman after WWII who visits some standing stones in Scotland and is transported back to 1740’s Scotland.

    I will soon be ordering Malcolm’s book to get more detail of the incident. Here is Malcolm telling the story, with visuals, on his YouTube channel:

    Yesterday was a fun day!

  8. Can you have your editor boost the game so the audio is hitting between -12 and -6 decibels? I have my volume cranked up to max in my car, and I’m still struggling to make out what you two are saying. As always, the best content around, I always look forward to your weekly podcast.

  9. What an incredible show! Was so interesting because I also did not know of this case. It just adds more unknowns to the list. So frustrating to be in the dark!
    Malcom and Whitley were so great and easy listening.
    Thank you both!

  10. This is a wonderful guest!
    I know I’ve heard about the jagged teeth recently. I believe it might have been Dolly Safran who said that about the teeth.

  11. I grew up in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in Canada and the biggest lake of all Lake Okanagan has a longstanding history, first of all with the FIrst Nations people, and later with the newcomers, of the presence of a Loch Ness type creature.
    Actually the video after this one clarifies that the video was taken in Skaha Lake which is further south and only 25 miles from where I grew up. It is a smaller lake, but still very large and deep.

  12. What a great show! Thank you both so much 🙏🙏🙏

    Is there more information about the „tulpa“ phenomenon (min ~ 16:00) and the Canadian Group „Sora“(?) that was able to make something appear only by thinking of it?

    If this is an inherent ability of us, then this would be an important factor within the whole UAP-scenario…

  13. Awesome show!! Malcolm is one of the good ones!! He’ll be happy to know that I just ordered the book too!! Thanks to both you!

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