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Famed UFO researcher and scholar Richard Dolan joins Whitley for a wide ranging discussion about things like the Roswell materials, UFO disclosure, and the breakaway civilization that utilizes advanced technologies and is held secret from the rest of us.

Where is it, for example? Might you know somebody involved in it without even realizing this? And do they have any sort of a presence off-planet, for example on the moon or Mars? Given his deep and detailed research into these questions, Richard offers unique and authoritative opinions.

In the second half of the show, there is a surprising discussion about a TV series of Whitley’s Majestic that was in production when it was pushed aside by Steven Spielberg’s Taken. Why? What was Majestic going to reveal?

Don’t miss this fascinating journey into the unknown with a very grounded expert!

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Get UFOs and Disclosure in the Trump Era here.

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    :Link isn’t working.

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    So sorry to report play isn’t working.

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    Playback is stopping at 9:06.

  5. I got download and playback.
    I got download and playback. Nothing new here. Dolan just dropped a few points with me. Any man who IDs himself as having something to contribute regarding geopolitics who does not understand what a thug Putin is…and the dangers of Trump getting cozy with him to increase his own personal wealth…has gone further down the “progressive” badger hole than most people I know, and I know a lot of far left nut cases. Whitley did his best to muscle him back on point; thanks Whitley. But regarding breakaway? Nothing new to hear; nothing there at all.

    1. I don’t disagree that Trump
      I don’t disagree that Trump is a mobster and con man, but I also am sure the Clintons are so connected to old money and old money world control that they are completely untrustworthy. The thing that amazes me is that the republican part let Trump run on their ticket in the first place. As for the Putin being a thug, they are all thugs, even our congress and senators, either thugs or puppets working for thugs. And we do need to get along with Russia as much as we need to get along with europe. There has always been a program to keep us worried about the “red menace” and it is just that, a mind control program. They have the same program about us.

  6. For those of you having
    For those of you having difficulty getting the player to work: I rebooted my Apple products and resigned in, and got it to play. Good luck! Technology is wonderful when it works!

  7. This is an interesting and
    This is an interesting and informative discussion, but I wish I had heard more from Dolan and less from Whitley. Whitley, I am really annoyed by how often you interrupt your guests, especially when they are about to say something.

  8. I’m so sick of people in the
    I’m so sick of people in the UFO and paranormal communities saying positive things about Trump. It will be a black mark on this field. As it will be on anyone who makes political allegiance with him.

    And the notion that the media is/was against him is patently absurd. They promoted him like no other political figure in living memory, giving him truly unprecedented coverage.

    1. Yes, I agree with that if it
      Yes, I agree with that if it wasn’t for all the attention Trump got he would not have won. There is something sinister behind that in my opinion. It was not an accident it was total mind control and perhaps now that we have woken up we can unplug and start thinking for ourselves. Clean house politically with a vengeance. No two party system, take the Party on and prove it is all a hoax and we never have a choice between the better of two evils (which never exists anyway). Vote third party and when there is none, vote OUT the incumbent regardless of what you think of the opponent. It is the only way to break this sick system. There is no Us and Them, unless you consider real people and the liars that tell us we are supposed to hate and fear someone. It is all so obvious that any emotional response comes from manipulation. Take back your mind and your emotions. Tune out all media for a time them be vigilant when you plug back in.

  9. Day two and the free section
    Day two and the free section nor the subscribers section is working.

  10. Finally a guest who tells it
    Finally a guest who tells it like it is, the mainstream media has brainwashed so many people. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, people have gone stark raving mad.

  11. Great interview. Richard is
    Great interview. Richard is one of the most cerebral guests on this subject. I love the fact that he doesn’t need to over-inflate stuff in order to make himself stand out. This subject is so out there that it’s important to bring stuff ‘down to earth’ (pun intended).

    I see trump as crazy enough to pull this off. Whether he’ll do it or not is another matter. A disruptor to the deep state can’t be that bad. I don’t buy Hillary or Podesta’s gimmicky play for the UFO vote for one second. Sometimes truth slips between the cracks. Can’t deny that 2016 vote and this administration is creating cracks in the deep state. Maybe… maybe…

  12. Worst guest in years!
    But it

    Worst guest in years!

    But it was worth it to hear Whitley’s revelation about the cancellation of the “Majestic” series and the creation “Steven Spielberg’s Taken”.

  13. I like this since it too is
    I like this since it too is centered around the 1975 dates…….

    METI and the Arecibo Message 1974


    I would also like to include this article since the dates (years) seem to dovetail this AMAZING Charlie Red Star event.

    Why Do Ufologists Largely Ignore the Most Scientific Field Study of UFOs Ever Conducted?

    by: Dr. Greg Little

  14. Third day of when I log in as
    Third day of when I log in as a subscriber the interview will not play. Yet, if I don’t log in the free section of the interview will play.

  15. The thing that annoyed me the
    The thing that annoyed me the most about the show Taken was the someone sent out a request for experiences from anyone who had them of UFO’s and E.T.’s, then said they would create a tv show based on a composite of the information. It was obvious that they did not do that though they did get a lot of emails with experiences. And the time frame from when they asked for the experiences and when the show came out was quite short so I am guessing they already had the story planned. It was a publicity stunt, or maybe a way to identify experiencers.

    I have been suspicious of the networks, even cable networks for decades. Based on the mainstream stories – drama, romance, and so called comedy – it is obvious that there is a pogram against thinking people and mind control of the non-thinking people. It is called programming for a reason.

  16. Great interview!
    Great interview!

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    Once again, the site’s back end has been sabotaged. There is somebody with access either to UC or to our streaming service, or both, who is trying to destroy Unknowncountry via the death of a thousand cuts. As has happened before on numerous occasions, the show was uploaded, checked and found to be working properly. Now it’s not. This is not a file error. It is an intentional act of sabotage. But who is doing it just beats me. Access to the back end of the site is extremely restricted.

    As all of your data is stored elsewhere, it cannot be compromised. And there appears to be a hesitancy, or perhaps inability, to take the site down altogether. Just these constant little acts of sabotage. There are so many people out there with hidden agendas, ranging from state players to lone-wolf trolls, there is just no way to tell who might be responsible.

    Also, as our security people cannot find any point of entry that coincides with this act of sabotage, it could be that some jackass at our streaming service provider has taken it on him or herself to punish Whitley Strieber. This happens all the time, and over the years, more and more. Any frustrated little bully can say, ‘oh, Whitley Strieber, that jerk, I have every right to kick him in the teeth!’

    Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!

  18. The streams are now working.

    The streams are now working. What was done, if you’re interested, is that a tiny space was put into the file name at the streaming service that prevented it from being properly recognized when a call went from our servers to run the stream. Therefore, nothing happened.

    This is the second time this has happened. As the change was made on the streaming server and I am the only one at this end with access to it, I can only conclude that the sabotage was committed at the streaming service end, and I will be taking appropriate steps to try to prevent it in the future.

  19. Thank you Whitley and Anne
    Thank you Whitley and Anne for the wonderful discussion and soul instructions. I believe all this to be true it is the most important gift we have, made strong with love and joy as the two of you have shared with us today. Anne is always a joy to listen to and it is so good to hear the joy in Whitley’s voice. Looking so forward to your book together. Best Blessings for a speedy recovery on your knee replacement.
    Love you both.

  20. Here where I live, we have a
    Here where I live, we have a lot of wildlife, and the law tells us to leave them alone – except for coyotes. If you don’t actively run coyotes off, they take it as approval.

    If you don’t actively condemn a self-professed molesting, race-baiting, hatemongering, Nazi- & Klan-loving semi-literate toxic narcissist, he’ll take that as approval.

    I expected more from you, Whitley.

    1. Estrella, I have realized

      Estrella, I have realized that my comments about Trump are too fair. I don’t want to be fair to this man. He is a disaster for the United States. I don’t think that the Russians put him in because he is “their boy.” I think they put him in because he is, as Kim Jung Un has said, “a dotard.”

      They are also behind a lot of the climate change denial going on. Notice that it is centered in the most vulnerable area of the US, the south. The reason is that their propagandists don’t want vulnerable Americans to do anything to protect themselves. Between them Harvey and Irma hurt us at last as badly as a small nuclear weapon. And no, there was no scalar warfare involved. Just nature and skillful propaganda, and how well it works!

  21. What was wrong at our

    What was wrong at our streaming server, we believe, is that a script was placed on it that changed the filename very subtly about 10 minutes after it was posted. Then, if we corrected it, 10 minutes later it did it again. Whenever it did this the stream would stop.

    I don’t know if this was done by a random hacker, an employ of the streaming service or, like the degradation of our store and advertising sections on the site, was state-sponsored. (That was carried out from Pakistan, presumably by Pakistani intelligence, but as whose behest I don’t know. They would have no motive themselves. They are very tight with US and British intelligence, chiefly military intelligence.

    For this to have been an intelligence operation does not mean it was an official one. With there now being essentially no supervision of the intelligence community in this weak administration, there will be plenty of freelance crap going down. Could be something as simple as some kid with the power to do this who just doesn’t like me–from that all the way to a top level program, who knows? Could also have something directly to do with the visitors. They are past masters with computers, as I have learned from personal experience.

  22. I do not come here for
    I do not come here for political viewpoints. Kindly defer.

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