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In July Grant Cameron provided us with one of the most fascinating Dreamlands ever recorded. It started out as a discussion of an incredible UFO event, but morphed almost immediately into one about the cutting edge of what is happening among UFO insiders, what the disclosure process really is and where it is going.

Now Grant is back, and in the first half of the show he and Whitley talk about Charlie Red Star, one of the most documented UFO events in history, and why it took place just north of the Dakotas at a time when the region’s Minuteman missile bases were undergoing a dramatic expansion.

In the second half of the show, they jump forward to the very latest disclosures about portals between the worlds, what they mean, who has them right now and where this extraordinary story is liable to lead.

Altogether amazing!

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  1. When I got out of work today,
    When I got out of work today, at the far end of the carpark, between the trees, was the bottom section of a rainbow. On the way home I was stuck in traffic but my car was positioned so I could see it again, but it had now developed into one of the brightest, most vibrant and just plain beautiful examples of a rainbow I have ever seen. It was so bright that you could see the often invisible second rainbow arching over it. I have read that the sky between these two rainbows is often darker, something to do with the way that light refracts, but as I was looking at the space in between them, it looked just as bright as the surrounding sky…so is there a point to this?…maybe…anyway, I have just finished listening to this week’s Dreamland and my mind was cast back to a couple of times where there have been interesting number coincidences in the length of Dreamland or other UC recordings, like 1:11:11, or 31:41 ( -> 3.141, pi to 4 significant figures)…so I wondered if there might be anything interesting in this week’s time…well not obviously. I just let my mind go for a bit and wondered if the time (after downloading the mp3 of 1:08:23) could be a bible reference – I am not sure where that came from to be honest…so I thought, well, the 1 could represent Genesis, so that would be Genesis Chapter 8, verse 23…but interestingly enough Chapter 8 stops at verse 22…almost as if the 23 was pointing me to the space in-between chapters. This made me think of something I had heard from Wayne Dyer about a specific type of meditation called Jappa (- the book was called ‘Getting in the Gap’) – which is all about expanding the silence between words. In his example meditations, you think of each word of the first part of the Lord’s Prayer…where you imagine the first word on the left, then the second word on the right, then move back to the space in between the words…to the silence in between. The whole point is to try and expand the length of time you are in this silence, as that is supposed to be where God resides. Anyway so letting my mind go for a bit, led to me remembering the importance of silence in meditation, or just being, if you prefer to think of it that way. My first attempts at Jappa were quite fruitful – I am not sure why I didn’t pursue it…but I will definitely give it another try.

    …and just in case you are interested, the Chapter in the Bible after this silence, is of course Genesis Chapter 9, and in the first section of this, God presents a tangible representation of his promise to Noah…the Rainbow (of course)!

    Getting In The Gap Meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer

    …as far as this interview is concerned, I found it really very interesting. I don’t know what to make of this portal stuff but I’m not quite sure I want to go down that rabbit hole quite yet…however, I thought the suggestion that the other side of this portal is reminiscent of a lucid dream, is fascinating – as the only interactions I remember with Grey beings have been in a similar state of consciousness…well maybe not lucid exactly but within a very vivid dream.

    As far as the link is concerned, it didn’t work for me either but going to the main site and downloading the mp3 did.

  2. Great interview, as
    Great interview, as always.
    Whitley, you and Grant intimated that the visitors and/or their vessels have to do with consciousness. Yet you also referred to hybrids and their DNA, which sounds quite physical. Do you have a sense of how the realms of materiality and consciousness are connected in the visitor phenomena?

    1. Reality, it appears to me, is

      Reality, it appears to me, is a continuum from extreme density to extreme lightness. So there is no real break between what we perceive as the material and non-material worlds. The reason that the visitors can appear and disappear in our world is that they can control their density. Actually, we can to, but it takes a lot of practice and, at least in my experience, it is nowhere near as “clean” as it is when they do it.

      Hybrids have apparently had some sort of work done on their DNA. The ones I have encountered, for example, could read minds but could not bear to be near other people. They were tragic figures. I say “work done on their DNA” because it’s not clear that hybridization as we might understand it is what is being done.

  3. Very interesting show! Just
    Very interesting show! Just got around in reading The Communion Letters (ten year old used paperbook from amazon). I read it with The Super Natural, I always wondered why I waited this long…reading The Communion Letters, after listening to this show I know now. Thank You Mr. Strieber, waiting for that book to be published!!

    1. I just recently read that
      I just recently read that book too. I’m glad I did.

  4. Grant Cameron is the most
    Grant Cameron is the most fascinating guest I have ever heard on this show. You could bring him back every week and only scratch the surface.
    After a lifetime interest, years of questions and very few if any real answers, we are now getting down to it, finally.

  5. This guy knows what he’s
    This guy knows what he’s talking about, The craft/objects I see don’t just “zoom” off, they always either fade out or slowly “float” away.

  6. Great show. Grant can
    Great show. Grant can definitely talk a blue streak!
    The following remark caught my attention: “You can learn all there is to know about the phenomenon in talking to about ten experiencers.” (Whitley’s remark). Seems to sum it all up quite nicely. 🙂

    Thanks, again.

  7. “everyone who is looking for
    “everyone who is looking for technology is being deceived, and they are all getting captured” – Isn’t a portal “technology”?

  8. This show is very relevant to
    This show is very relevant to my interests. Although in my own journey I have never viewed a portal as a physical machine. I’ve always imagined portals as something a person can reach on their path.

    Great show

    1. I feel the same way,
      I feel the same way, Andy1111. While an actual machine could be developed, it’s not necessary—unless you are making plans to move a large group of people who have not yet reached that ‘level’ on their own personal path…

      I contacted Grant after the previous interview and have been following much of what is going on with the Panfolfis and Dan Smith. It’s highly ‘out there’ and very open to question, and not just as to if it is all ‘real’ or not.

      Grant is the real-deal and a great researcher, and also one that asks all the right questions.

    2. I’m sure one can both use a
      I’m sure one can both use a machine and consciousness alone to open portals. I don’t know if one always has to be invited, but that may be the case with certain machines. There can be portals to anywhere one can imagine, I assume. Visitor craft may use portals to travel here, or anyplace else they wish to roam. Imagination is the key to transit.

      Regarding soul capturing devices, I believe there is always an egress one can discover through one’s consciousness. Everyone’s Soul has a unique vibrational signature, and this signature connects with everything else in greater creation. There is always an exit that can be accessed, and these exists cannot all be blocked, consciousness can assist in extrication. Doors exist in infinite abundance, and they are one’s own doors. While a soul may be captured by a larger entity for a time, the vibrational signature of a soul protects it from being completely devoured. Souls are inherently slippery, from the viewpoint of the Soul predator. Long term imprisonment is unlikely, unless the soul wants to be imprisoned. There is no prison that can contain a free Soul. Real cracks sown from one’s consciousness will always appear in the walls.

      1. Mace, a real concern might be
        Mace, a real concern might be a soul that does not realize that it has been captured, especially if it is going through a portal via a machine, thus finding access to an exit problematic, because it isn’t actively seeking one. If a soul creates its own ‘natural’ portal, it is already conscious enough to find others when or if needed.

        1. I agree with your appraisal,
          I agree with your appraisal, knowhow is definitely a factor. I would assert that the Soul’s potential to find a portal is always there, in spite of it being dormant. Seeing the trap is a first step in removing oneself from it, and machines also may not increase the exercising of one’s natural abilities. With finding portals, this is undoubtedly a case where using one’s own capacity is often preferable to using a machine, the lessons learned will be greater and more enlightening.

  9. It’s strange that these
    It’s strange that these comments don’t show up on the full site.

    I wonder how the talk about portals would tie in with William Henry’s work with Stargates?

  10. Great interview. Grant’s
    Great interview. Grant’s book is very good, too.

  11. Interesting stuff. Makes me
    Interesting stuff. Makes me wonder if Obama’s jokey reply to Kimmel a couple years back about the ‘others’, ”they won’t let us!” implying THEY are in control as Grant says not any gov’t people, has truth to it.

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