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Lifelong close encounter witness Steve Neill joins Whitley for one of the deepest discussions of close encounter you are ever going to hear. Steve and Whitley have been friends for 25 years and both of them are experiencing an intensification of their close encounters right now.

Listen as Steve tells us the enthralling story of his life, beginning with an experience when he was just six years old, and continuing with many multiple witness sightings and close encounters throughout his life. He will also describe contacts with the dead that are strikingly similar to what Whitley and so many others experience.

His new book But Something is There explores these experiences, as does the movie he has completed under the same name.

In the second half of the show, he will talk about his participation in one of the biggest mass-abduction experiences known, the Coronado Incident, and also tell how he made one of the only known videos of a UFO taken through a telescope.

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Watch the Camarillo UFO video here.

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  1. What a great trailer. Can’t
    What a great trailer. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. The link for subscribers does
    The link for subscribers does not play.

  3. The link is not working
    The link is not working again…. who is stopping it?

  4. The link is empty please fix
    The link is empty please fix

  5. Looking forward to “Patient
    Looking forward to “Patient 17” as well….I’m wondering if Whitley is mentioned in the film.

  6. The links are being sabotaged

    The links are being sabotaged on the server end at our audio server. We will continually monitor and reset them, but until their tech support figures out what is happening and corrects the problem, it’s going to keep happening.

    Somebody stole hundreds of our shows recently and put them up on YouTube with all identifying information removed. They had to have been uploaded from the server. They cannot have been taken from the site.

    Somebody is gunning for me. That’s what happens on Planet Earth when you tell the truth.

  7. Oh…you know I gotta watch
    Oh…you know I gotta watch that show!

  8. Someone does not want a
    Someone does not want a unification of consciousness to birth. This bridge is already underway and it will continue. Good is out there.

  9. The trailer is a great
    The trailer is a great drawing in … and the title “Something Is There” is really apropos for much of today. Gonna read…

    From what i gather, Whitley, you are not alone. Maybe speaking out more, but for sure, not alone.

    Truth is looking more and more like a commodity… in lots of ways… Maybe equilibrium is lost when one doesn’t know what to believe/ what is true. Then it is easy to manipulate behavior, a little bit at a time… until one is so far down the rabbit hole that there doesn’t seem to be any more “light.” That is why what you are doing matters so much, Whitley and Anne!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind
      Thanks so much for your kind comment.

  10. Excellent, thanks for your
    Excellent, thanks for your hard work. It is appreciated!

  11. Thank you Whitley for
    Thank you Whitley for everything you do! I am so grateful for this site!

  12. Folks, I have to tell you

    Folks, I have to tell you that I’m getting pretty tired. The constant, malicious little hacks on the site are wearing me down, and so is a lot else. The attack on the Key–so unfair, so full of really clever lies–hurt to the quick. Then somebody stole 500 Dreamlands off the audio server, took all reference to me out of them and posted them on YouTube as their own podcasts!

    And that was all just this week! (YouTube, to their credit, took the stolen material down very promptly.)

    1. Best wishes to you
      Best wishes to you Whitley!
      I’m positive that the best possible outcome for you will arise!

  13. Great Interview! Movie
    Great Interview! Movie trailer looks great!
    Movies are wonderful, but can never convey the experience as vividly as through the spoken descriptions. When I listen to experiencers give testimony it’s as if there is a great deal more information being transferred then what is spoken. In radio jargon, I would say it’s much like side bands which can carry information alongside the main transmission frequency.

  14. I’m so sorry, Whitley, for
    I’m so sorry, Whitley, for all you’ve been through. I feel, too, that all will ultimately be well for you.

  15. Whitley, thank you so much
    Whitley, thank you so much for persevering in restoring all these broken links that keep happening. This site means so much to us. And this Dreamland is extraordinary.

    I hope your tech people get this sorted soon. Until they do, non illegitimi carborundum!

    A suggestion: Sometimes if we can consciously shift our way of processing things that happen to us, we can alleviate some of our stress and take back our power. Affirmations are one of the tools I use for this. They sound simplistic, even stupid. I still have to force myself to look in the mirror and say them. But they work. Here’s one for you: “I am not a victim. I am a victor.”

    You and Anne touch and inspire so many people. Heartfelt thanks.

  16. Best of luck for all those
    Best of luck for all those concerned in protecting the website.

  17. Is there anything we can do
    Is there anything we can do to help? Just say the word.

  18. Well, my five cents. And
    Well, my five cents. And yeah, why did the website stuff up when I tried to save my comment about 15 hours ago? Webmaster best check that one.

    The references to implants “activating” on sight of an artist’s impression of a “visitor”. Didn’t make sense to me at all.

    Government and civilian agencies, external to, across nations and states within, regularly tag and implant animals for various purposes. I reckon a few of the readers may have heard the sound of their cat being microchiped at at some point. Unpleasant. “Like mate- could you have broken my leg instead”. People don’t do this given local government rules, they do this as they would hate the thought of losing track of their family member. Perhaps as the local pound won’t know who to call if the cat turns up there. Then we know what happens to that cat.

    Animals are monitored with electronic devices for many purposes. Namely an understanding of migration, numbers and interactions ( by inference), population dynamics and environmental niche/ range. For the purposes largely of science, conservation and pest management.

    Why would a human ever design a monitoring device, to fit to animals, to recognise humans(?). Perhaps some criminal/ illegal wildlife harvesting thing?

    We have all heard quite a bit about Whitley’s ear implant. How it got there.
    Right, then moving forward with those loose associations, why would have space aliens from Antarctica ( or wherever the hell) design and implant enmasse devices that recognise themselves(?) That then activate, given sight of the implantee of a bit of paper with a picture on it.

    Sounds a bit more like what most people that have read this, are likely to have thought. Human monitoring of (whatever’s or whatevers’) interaction with known contactees. How that may pose a threat to them. In terms of what Dolan and Farrell have written about.

  19. I listened to the whole Steve
    I listened to the whole Steve Neill interview (download) and The Experience (streaming), but didn’t hear any instructions on the contest for a signed copy of The Super Natural. I have the hard cover, and it’s a great book. Any other way to get the information?

    My sympathies and best wishes for overcoming the nasty little hackers. How can people be so pathetic?

  20. Thank you Steve and Whitley.
    Thank you Steve and Whitley. This was great.

    1. Thank you so much be sure to
      Thank you so much be sure to listen tomorrow about the finished show and more.

  21. The announcement occurs at

    The announcement occurs at approximately 7:45 into the stream. In the chaos of the last few days, the files containing it were not set for download. The two files that are downloadable now both contain it at that same location.

    I wish we could email you, but part of the degrading of the site by hackers has resulted in our being unable to generate an email list of current subscribers. This will be resolved when we finish fixing the site, but not presently.

    Please don’t post the information here or anywhere else publicly or we will get a flood of nonsubscribers trying to get freebies and have to look each one up to see if they qualify.

    Bottom line: I hope you win, but also buy a copy of Super Natural. It is a terrific new vision of the close encounter experience and maybe the most accurate one ever done.

  22. Just a thought about the
    Just a thought about the close encounter/abduction experience. I watch Corey Goode on Gaia. You may or may not agree with what he says, but there is something he mentions about 22 biological and spiritual experiments that are ongoing on the human species by ETs that appears relevant. I’ve also heard that an entity from the particular species performing the experiment will incarnate on this planet and volunteer to be the guinea pig so to speak. This might help to explain a few things regarding the experience that you talk about.

    One, the ETs monitor their “experiments”, so only certain people would be subject to the encounters and are abducted over and over while others aren’t touched. Two, Steve mentioned feeling really connected to the Mantid being. It would make sense, to me, that perhaps he is an entity from their species incarnated into human form to take part in the experiment and that is why he felt such a connection.

    Another thought about why only certain people would see the spacecraft when they arrive is that the ETs performing the experiments may be bound by some sort of law that requires them to not interfere with the development of “non-experimental” beings. Therefore, they must “cloak” themselves to certain earthbound beings. Of course, as the energetic changes take place on this planet and the push for disclosure heightens, they seem to be more lax on this particular issue.

    Sounds really weird and off the wall, but it is something to consider.

  23. Very interesting interview. I
    Very interesting interview. I am also a combination of Scotch-Irish and american indian.
    I have the street lamp turning off experiences as well. Sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes a bank of lights. As far as I know I do not have an implant. I had an experience as a teenager that I thought was a spiritual experience, but now I am wondering if it was an encounter with the visitors. I was immobilized during the time it occurred which makes me think it was more likely a close encounter.

  24. Whitley and Steve Neill, nice
    Whitley and Steve Neill, nice interview and wish there was a part two…..

    Hacker(s)? (((JINX))) Back at ya!

  25. My credit card was hacked
    My credit card was hacked over the weekend. I think they obtained my credit card info off
    This site.. What a real pain in the ass! Now I have to get a new card and resubscribe to my accounts. This really sucks

  26. Thank you all for listening
    Thank you all for listening and be sure to tune in tomorrow to Dreamland as Whitley and I discuss the experiences and talk about the finished show and it’s future.

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