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Trish and Rob MacGregor tell some fascinating stories from their new book, the Synchronicity Highway, including a startling synchronicity involving Edward Snowden, and a mind-bending prophecy of the Titanic disaster that appeared in 1898.

Did you know that 899 people who had booked passage on the Titanic refused to go because of dreams and premonitions? And why were the planes that went down on 911 nearly empty, on routes that were normally full?

This extremely unusual show also covers such mysteries as the connection between close encounters and encounters with the dead.

Trish and Rob’s latest book is the Syncrhonicity Highway. Read their exciting daily blog at Synchrosecrets.

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  1. It’s no surprise that
    It’s no surprise that disdains anything related to the paranormal or alternative knowledge; so does Wikipedia. Interestingly, “Richard Parker” was also the name used by the author Jann Martel for the “tiger” that survives the shipwreck with Pi in his novel “The Life of Pi.”

  2. I was listening to your
    I was listening to your comments about premonitions and 9/11. For about 1 month prior to the incident people were calling into Art Bell describing dreams about explosions and buildings. It was consistent enough that it caught my attention. These were reported to Art during open lines. At that time I was listening on AM radio so I do not have a copy of these calls. I have been surprised that this has never been brought up on Coasttocoast.

  3. I have decided to post this
    I have decided to post this experience; as it happened and in truth as I am to understand it through my own conscious AND dreaming mind. (This experience was followed by a dream). This happened one half hour before our GROUP MEDITATION on Thursday night. I am posting it here and in the group meditation section.

    Tonight was my night to host our little dream group. After they all left and I straightened up a bit, I stepped outside onto my deck. My neighbor moved out of her house yesterday so I was curious to see if there were any lights on in the back of the house which would indicate that the new neighbors were there. (It was between 10:33 and 10:35 PM). I look up and passing over my house there is a bright round orange orb/light/sphere. This night is cloudy so perhaps the object was distorted? BUT as crazy as this might sound, it looked like it had something attached to the backside of it (as I viewed it going past my line of vision). The something looks like an orange transparent sack/bubble; like the UFO/ORB was pulling or dragging it. I ran inside the house to call friends but decided it was too late THEN went back outside only to see another one passing over my house. This time I did call a friend on the cordless phone. She went outside but was not able to see it. The first one to pass over my house looked like something was attached but the second one did not. Both are a glowing orange. The first one was so bright I thought it was going to crash and that the appendage was actually on fire. Apparently I was wrong since I watched it move out of view. Both were silent and moved at the same speed as an airplane. I would say they were airplanes distorted by cloud coverage BUT they were such a bright burning orange, completely silent and with orange being the only visible color… There might have been one before I stepped outside but missed it. When this happened back in September there were three of them. TONIGHT their direction went from WEST to EAST (both of them).


    DREAM: I am with a SMALL ASIAN woman inside what looks like a department store. Sitting on top of this clear glass display case and on a stand is an e-reader. (It looks similar to a Nook or Kindle). The big difference is that it opens like a book, (two sided) displays in 3-D and instead of words it projects images.

    There are items of clothing on the pages being displayed. She points to these items but her eyes never leave this device. She is speaking and I am trying to understand her but am not familiar with her language or dialect. There are two items she keeps pointing at but it is not clear if this clothing is a uniform or a dress, it could be either?????

    I want to help but do not know how. Does she want to try on clothing? How do I/we go about getting what she is wanting? A sales lady standing behind the glass counter (actually standing over the glass case displaying gem stones/crystals) is trying to calm the Asian woman down. By now she is screeching and pointing frantically to the reader type object with the images of clothing. Can no one in this store communicate with this woman?

    I am frustrated, the Asian woman is frustrated and as much as I want to help I do not know how. Maybe we are just too different and communication is not possible.

    Now I have been taken to a small dressing room. There is a woman from India here with me. (Have no idea who she is) BUT we are talking about a mutual friend (…) (My friend is from India and the age fifty nine and a half comes up as we speak. This is not (…) current age. Where is (…) and why are we discussing her? (My friend (…) is also a small woman).

  4. For about the last year or
    For about the last year or so I have been experiencing what seem like ‘rumblings’ in bed also. I’m awake and they seem to start after a short period of dozing but before I’ve fallen asleep. My bedroom is on the ground level and the floor is concrete so it’s not an external vibration. In fact I realize it is totally internal in my body.

    They seem to be about 4-5Hz. So I would say the frequency is higher than an oscillation but lower than a vibration.

  5. Some years ago my mother, who
    Some years ago my mother, who lived in Oregon, experienced a variety of paranormal phenomena in her home. One which troubled and mystified her was waking up to a feeling of vibrations passing through her and her bed and ending with the phone in the front room giving one quick ring. Her doorbell would also sometimes ring a half ring instead of the two tones it normally had and there was never anyone there. When visiting one time, I experienced a doorbell episode at which time my lighted makeup mirror came on by itself and there was a high pitched sound from something in the house. No “logical” explanation was available.

  6. If I lie down for a short nap
    If I lie down for a short nap (maybe 20 minutes), which takes me to the edge of dreaming but not into a proper sleep, when I come around, my body often feels like it is vibrating – I was just trying to figure out the frequency, which I reckon is about 8Hz – I used to think it was my imagination but a couple of months ago I put my hand to my solar plexus and I could definitely feel it physically vibrating there…it always fades away after a few minutes.

    This only started to happen after I learned to do relaxation passes over my body – which to my mind had been more of a meditation exercise than a relaxation, as it takes concentrated effort to do it properly…relaxed body, focused mind.

    After several passes, I felt I had got to the right point when I felt like my legs had melted together and I started to feel a vibration, which turned into a feeling of rotation…in at least two directions at once, clockwise and anticlockwise along the length of my body!

    It is also at this point that my dreams started to become a lot more vivid with a few of them being lucid….it was like the more focus I developed in the meditation, the more I was able to translate that into my dreamworld…or should that be dreamland?!

  7. It may be that these doorways

    It may be that these doorways lead to fields, or energy niches. Once one is positioned in a niche, it may seem that one’s existence within it is exclusively the truth. When one happens upon a new niche, the question becomes, “is the niche the true nature of reality (undetected as of yet) or is it merely another niche, previously undiscovered”? It may be that these niches are simply layered upon one another, doorways lead to individual niches, ad infinitum. The danger of being myopic is intrinsic to existence in a niche if one is mired there. Energy densities of varying types may account for the structure of niches. Niches are essentially pocket universes in themselves.

    I don’t believe that recent ideas about wormholes or warp field technologies are the answer; I don’t have confidence in current Science on this topic. The fabric of space-time is merely another niche, and it is fairly basic. That is, it is a fairly localized “brane”. Above this brane lies a quantum slipstream that extends into other less localized and aligned niches of energy. These are as of yet undiscovered by Science as we know it. Science has concentrated on the focal nature of the space-time brane, and all the energy forms that reside there, neglecting the subtle anti-alignment properties of the pneumatic quantum slipstream realm. What is needed is a looser interpretation of reality, which aknowledges those niches and fields that constitute expanded notions of time and energy. The information humans deal with is also far too localized; connected to the space-time brane by repetition and focus.

    It may be possible to bring a craft or one’s body into alignment with subtle niche fields. Then they could travel at faster than light speeds, evading the bog that is the space-time fabric. The doorways that lead to these energy niches can be accessed, but they are not the final truth. They are simply paths.

    Belief systems may form a niche, hewn from one’s own preferences. Whether one decides to wait for deliverance or take action remains that difference between staying mired or advancement.

    It has been said on Dreamland that humans are like “rocks” according to other entities that have visited here. I concur with this appraisal. Humans are focused upon the very fabric of space-time on a diurnal basis, what we eat and what we do are the primary factors that are responsible for this condition. Only the mind departs regularly from this close proximity to this fabric. More gaseous forms of consciousness comprise the majority of reality beyond the borders of our Universe. We can decide to fundamentally remain focused on our existence here, and become imprisoned by it by choice, or we can direct our attention into the stratosphere of consciousness, into the pocket niches that lie beyond the doorways. The keys that open the doors are a part of us.

    I am not surprised that a quantum entanglement/coincidence occurred on this show. The further one’s mind expands, the greater the opportunity for a coincidence to occur once a focal moment finally transpires. Some of the attributes of the departure niche/superposition are also preserved once they hit the space-time brane. Anne, with her recent bout of intense right brained activity, most probably served as the instrument of focus in this case, since right brained activity is closely linked to the fabric of space-time. Energy from the future was sent into the present, as the coincidence culminated. Events aligned in a coincidental manner.

    The equation for quantum entanglement is: Superposition+ Focal Point. This takes the energy from the outside of the space-time brane inward, to achieve a fusion with the space-time fabric. The transmission aspect of the energy in Superposition is preserved, enabling instant communication across space. Duration of the coherence of the entanglement depends on the degree of connection of the energy/object to the space-time fabric.

    If the fabric of space-time can be warped or manipulated, it must be done from bringing energy from the outside to the space-time brane. Maintaining one’s position in the space-time fabric accomplishes virtually nothing. That’s my main point–one must depart from the space-time brane then return to it in order to generate results. Distortions of the space-time brane would be ephemeral, but helpful in the short term.

  8. One of my pervading thoughts
    One of my pervading thoughts has been that to simply be present with them and/or their activities is going to have a radical effect on our own perceptions of reality… time and space, etc. We’re potentially affected by other environments, in this way, as well. In a normal sense of give and take.

    How this affects us collectively might be further defined by the nature of our individual experiences, how well we are able to to focus, and on different levels, from different angles.

    For example, the core of my own experience seems to center around lights, religious connotations and seemingly “supernatural” spiritual activity. This is going to further refine my connections within the circuit.

    In turn, others’ perceptions are also altered by being in contact with us. Matter itself, perhaps. This is maybe why people tend to bug out when in our presence. We bring people into a kind of twilight zone.

    Though our perceptions seem abstract or even distorted, they are mathematically sound, in many cases. More so, perhaps, than the typical worldview, and our particular angle might take priority in a group setting. It can be totally unnerving for the unenlightened. I mean the visitors are lurking everywhere, you know? People sense something is up, but can’t quite put a finger on it.

    We may be used to the twilight zone, but they’re not, and we bring them closer to it.

    And, I think it’s important we start fine tuning our understanding of what has happened, is happening, to us. To simply be aware, that we might be being attuned, is enough for starters.

    We need to be able to abstract. Converge. Maintain the experience, regulate its output on the world around us. Synchronize.

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