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The legendary Dr. Robert Schoch has made a dramatic discovery about the sun’s role in the sudden, cataclysmic upheavals that characterize the life of planet earth. Here, he describes what happened to Earth the last time a solar superstorm took place, and what will happen when this takes place again, as it certainly will.

10,000 years ago, there was a fantastic upheaval on our planet. Dr. Schoch explains what happened and why it happened, and then he goes into detail about what it will be like when it happens again.

He has also made a deep study of the civilization that existed before this disaster took place, and he describes the kind of technology it took to build things like the Great Pyramid and Gobekli Tepe.

Dr. Schoch is the discoverer of the true age of the Sphinx and a leading researcher not only into the mysteries of mankind’s lost past, but also into how the catastrophe changed the human mind.

This is a vision of the lost past unlike any you will have heard before. Don’t miss it!

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  1. I’ve got this book and it’s a
    I’ve got this book and it’s a very good read.

  2. the Voynich Manuscript was
    the Voynich Manuscript was translated several years ago by a present day acknowledged Mystic and was presented as a three part (three month) course by said Mystic.

  3. Oh BTW,
    Has the theory that

    Oh BTW,
    Has the theory that the Blocks used in the Pyramid construction were actually poured in place been totally discredited?

    ( I seem to remember a story about a human hair that was found inside after a block was sawed in half)

  4. I will endorse Dr. Schoch. I
    I will endorse Dr. Schoch. I was told directly by the visitors that our sun is very unique because it can alter and change the planetary DNA of a planetary body if the right conditions and circumstances occur. This is a missing key that is necessary to help partially understand our origins and subsequent evolution to disregard it is pure folly. These statements by the visitors seem to lend great credence to the suns role of shaping and changing human evolution and consciousness.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree
    I wholeheartedly agree roger.

    And I thank the Visitors for their insight. I would go as far as to say the Sun may be a living being, (certainly the Earth too).

    With the stellar population of stars like our own type in the galaxy at probably greater than a billion. I should think astronomers would be seeing one of the yellow dwarfs chuffing off it’s atmosphere about once a year. So we should have data if these stellar events happen regularly.

  6. Are there any astronomers in
    Are there any astronomers in the house?

    I would like to see some evidence that yellow dwarf stars periodically explode as Dr. Schoch describes.
    As advanced as the science of astronomy is, there should be a lot of data available describing how often these occur (if they do). As well as how much energy is released and what percentage of yellow dwarfs have been observed to do this?

  7. Hopefully, my comments aren’t
    Hopefully, my comments aren’t out-of-synch with this Dreamland episode. There is so much thought provoking information being discussed here I need to comment before I’ve been able to listen to the whole show.

    There may be a way to prevent this coming catastrophe.

    If as Whitley states, a small comet (~60 ft. diam.) colliding last year into the Sun caused a large CME on the star’s surface. then humans may already possess the ability to influence this cycle.

    Please hear me out because shortly I am going to use the N-word 😉 The stockpiles of nuclear weapons humanity has, if properly used could adjust these energetic outflows of radiation. Possibly H-bombs could be impacted on the Sun, maybe at the solar poles, as pin-pricks to vent this excess energy into Deep Space or moderate this periodic oscillation theorized.

    Much study is needed but it may be feasible…

  8. Here’s a neat project for
    Here’s a neat project for some Astrophysics grad student.

    Let’s suppose that any average star of the Sun’s type is subject to these massive outbursts. Then any advanced civilization –in order to survive– must develop techniques to cultivate their primary star.

    These efforts by an advanced alien civilization would therefore be observable to our telescopes. If we observe a star that exhibits certain moderating characteristics that would indicate an advance alien civilization is managing their own sun’s behavior.
    Bingo, we could learn a great deal from them at a distance!

  9. Just throwing this out there:
    Just throwing this out there: What if the Sun is being controlled, right now, with technology? For years, SOHO images have shown some very interesting features showing up around the sun. They are often described as nothing more than “artifacts”. But what if some of them are not artifacts? What if some of them are evidence of someone or something keeping the sun as controlled and in balance as possible?

  10. Hopefully what you say is
    Hopefully what you say is true, Cosmic L.
    That makes sense.
    Even if we turn out to be someone’s Junior High School project, I think they would try and keep it going for as long as possible.

  11. The comment that Gobekli Tepe
    The comment that Gobekli Tepe died is very interesting because what died was a connection to a higher consciousness and that’s why Gobekli Tepe was covered and preserved in stone for the return of a time that would allow this higher consciousness to be accessed and look now it being rediscovered. Were the Maya correct about a fundamental shift in consciousness occurring now? Gobekli Tepe must have been a site where science works with or accesses higher consciousness or brings it into being. If I wanted to preserve historical data records for posterity I wouldn’t use crystals because they could be destroyed instead I’d place the information in holograms and store them in a energetic field where they would be safe for future generations until the correct time came to find them. Our ancestors knew consciousness was going to fall drastically so they covered over Gobekli Tepe in stone to preserve it hoping it would be rediscovered at the appropriate time when the return of the proper consciousness would occur that would allow us to reactivate this site. The big mystery is what is the real purpose of this site. I guess we will find out in time.

  12. Again Whitley, you have
    Again Whitley, you have gifted us with two WONDERFUL interviews. I wish the interview with Dr. Robert Schoch could have gone on for a few more hours. HE IS THE BEST!!!!!

    I thought the comments posted by the subscribers were excellent this week (all of them). What a privilege to be in the company of so many deep thinkers.

    I want to post something that came to mind as I was listening to both you and Dr. Robert Schoch.

    What if ONE of the purposes of Gobekli Tepe was set up as a hatchery or a soul nursery? We live on an emotional planet and a perfect environment for returning souls to be tested. What I call GOD gives them a short life span so as to find out where each soul is in its own personal development. When the soul has passed the test of time and has finally made it to the Christ Consciousness state of awareness THEN that particular soul is ready for the next higher state of evolution. (In the cosmic sense). The soul moves on, only to return as enlightened ones to help those still stuck here on earth. The planet Earth in its own cyclic or living self, pretty much destroys everything on this planet now and then. We then start over in the very LONG process of giving returning souls the opportunity to evolve spiritually. ONLY A THOUGHT!

  13. Christ was connected to the
    Christ was connected to the star people but it wasn’t a loose or distant association like many would have you think. I believe one of his most crucial if not most important missions was to reconnect humanity to the cosmos and our cosmic friends and to lay the foundation for this eventuality which will occur in the future at some unspecified time. This has been kept quietly hidden but will eventually be known. This is a side to the E.T. presence that many disclosure advocates never consider but I bet its true.

  14. In my book Solar Flares I
    In my book Solar Flares I discuss the lifespan of stars like our sun extensively. They can be seen across the galaxy flaring dramatically at times, but our star must be more stable that the ones that regularly superflare, or there would be no life on Earth. However, there is ample evidence from our geologic record that some cosmic upheavals entering from the outside do periodically affect us.

    In Solar Flares, I outline the evidence that a smaller version of the superflare that we see being emitted by some yellow dwarfs did take place at the end of the ice age, and that similar upheavals may be responsible for the long cycle of ice ages and interglacials that we have been in on Earth for around 3 million years.

    Dr. Schoch goes into this in even greater detail in his book. Both books are extensively sourced in the scientific literature.

  15. Since SOHO was launched
    Since SOHO was launched almost 20 years ago I have been monitoring it on a fairly regular basis and watched the August 20 2013 comet Whitley mentioned in the podcast. It was preceded by a much smaller comet the day before and because it was much more visible I made a recording of the SOHO gif movie and posted it on YouTube “What Happened When Comet Hit Sun 082013” You can also see the preceding video I posted three days earlier “Solar Flare, CME, Comet, Whats Next?”

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