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Chris Hardy is a cognitive and systems scientist who holds a doctorate in psychological anthropology. She is also an expert in a very esoteric area: the question of whether or not there is evidence of genetic engineering in human evolution. Her new book, DNA of the Gods, the Annunaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity makes as deep a case as has ever been made for the proposition that we are genetically engineered, and that Sumerian tablet contain a record of these much earlier events that can be read and understood.

Is she right, or is conventional science right, that the sudden leap from more primitive humanoid species to homo sapiens can be explained by accepted evolutionary theory? Listen as she makes a case made in the past by the late Zechariah Sitchin, but expanded on here with more recent scientific evidence.

Her blog is DNAoftheGods.

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  1. On Flight 370 if it went
    On Flight 370 if it went through a portal there would have been some unusual magnetic anomaly and you would not hear any sounds or pings from it. The only way to communicate through different dimensions is by quantum communication this why I think 370 is here. SETI knows quantum communication is the only way cosmic beings can be contacted so its somewhat disingenuous but I think SETI can be used to monitor cosmic signals within our solar system. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t researched these alien implants to see if quantum communication is involved here. These energies streaming in from space are pushing peoples stuff up to the surface to face and this is why we hear of so much violence like mass shootings in the news. I wish people would realize this and meditate more to process their stuff otherwise more such violence will continue. Not all these incidents are false flags or conspiracies. I think it was probably a suicide and the authorities don’t want to tell anybody because it could hurt their business. The pilot must have been very distraught and unhappy.

  2. Another wonderful, in-depth
    Another wonderful, in-depth interview with Linda Moulton Howe. And Whitley your theory about the plane being hijacked and fitted with an atomic bomb later is the most frightening, chilling idea because I’m sure somewhere someone would love to do another 911 to the United States. You just know that the new World Trade building is a tantalizing target and will always be at the top of the list.

  3. Roger,
    If the disappearance


    If the disappearance of Flight 370 was about suicide, it has to be one of the all-time most creative ways to off oneself. It also crossed over the line into murdering others as well, which is not unheard of in this insane world.

    Regarding the terrorist plot scenario: Once again, way too convoluted. Just buy a freakin’ airplane and do it. I’m sure that ‘arms dealers’ could come up with a way to do this that would fly under the radar (sorry about that!), plus terrorists organizations have access to plenty of moola to buy one over the counter without causing a stir.(John Travolta bought a Boeing 707 for heaven’s sake!) Not all terrorists are obvious, and some of them may be so mainstream as to go unnoticed when making out-of-the-ordinary purchases. (Look how easy it is for just about anyone in this country to purchase semi-automatic weapons). So stealing a plane in plain sight and calling attention from the whole world…?

    I have posted my own experiences and connections with Flight 370 in the last few weeks, so I won’t re-hash them. I feel this whole thing was an extremely odd accident involving an airliner in the wrong place at the ‘right time’. All the possibilities for what actually occurred are written in the web of our collective consciousness as well as the actual ‘web’ known as the inter-net. Which possibility will manifest and solve this puzzle? Or will this become another Flight 19? Both flights disappeared over water. Water also represents consciousness. Perhaps this is merely another exercise to get us to think outside of the box, and has nothing to do with reality as we know it and live it.

  4. They don’t buy their own
    They don’t buy their own airliners because they are making a statement when using a hijacked jet. They are adding insult to injury by turning the plane into a weapon against the very people who own it or the targeted country. Personally I hope this is not the case and it did crash into the ocean. But you know the passengers are no longer alive no matter what happened.

  5. Chris Hardy is a gem!
    Chris Hardy is a gem! Fabulous Subscriber’s Special!!!

  6. I really hate to think that
    I really hate to think that our two best friends in the world involved in this flight (China and Moslem Malaysia) could allow or let slip by a plot to use this jet to be hijacked and used as a weapon of mass destruction. It has been done before on 9-11 so I suppose we can only wait and hold our collective breaths (and head for the hills).

  7. Chris Hardy was wonderful.
    Chris Hardy was wonderful. The truth’s spoken in this interview supersede all other discussions. It’s where all lies start.

  8. The Chris Hardy was
    The Chris Hardy was interesting but it leaves some big holes. I agree the bodies were probably created by others but who contacted the world of the spirit for the finale we call life. Sitchin and the clay tablets once again where’s the reference to the soul science placing divine consciousness into the flesh curiously this part doesn’t get mentioned and without it all you have is clones. Why isn’t all of man’s creation recorded and reported on in the Sumerian tablets. You can’t put forth such a creation view and not end up with the finished product and in this regard nobody ever does. So is it really a valid theory? It has the same logical flaw Darwinism has its only a partial theory and your just suppose to fill the holes. Until Sitchin delivers the goods no sale its a donkey.

  9. Thank you Whitley for having
    Thank you Whitley for having Chris Hardy as your guest on Dreamland…..

    Just pondering a few thoughts and ideas.

    First, I believe humanity must look at the whole picture. Time lines are vague with GREAT cosmic YEARS blurring. Does time expressed in ancient texts refer to the current great cycle, the one before the current or even one more ancient than that? How can researchers be sure? IF ANYONE HAS AN ANSWER TO THIS, PLEASE, DO POST IT.

    The term Great Year has a variety of related meanings. It is defined by NASA as “The period of one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic, about 25,800 years […] also known as [a] Platonic Year.”[1] One complete cycle of the equinoxes here means one complete cycle of axial precession, this precession was known to Plato, who defined the “perfect year” as the return of the celestial bodies (planets) and the diurnal rotation of the fixed stars (circle of the Same) to their original positions, from his studying in Egypt for 13 years.[2] Cicero followed Plato in defining the Great Year as a combination of solar, lunar and planetary cycles [3] (61 XX) Nicholas Campion writes of “periods of History, analogous to the solar year, known as ‘Great Years’ ” [4]

    Lord Ea/Enki (and yes, I do feel he is the real deal) was the crusader for humankind. Half brother Enlil, not so much a cheer leader for the race of Adams BUT he had some valid points about our WORTH. I can see it in the world of today. We can be a violent, noisy, self centered, etc, race. YET, did Enki see something in His and Ninmah’s creation, perhaps a promise or potential for much goodness?

    Enki is brilliant but had not subdued (at least in this particular time period) his excessive lusts; while half brother Enlil could probably see the many flaws thus created in humankind. After all, we came from the same DNA as these imperfect gods.

    Someone once stated that Atlantis was around for a LONG time and surely we all had a lifetime there. (This might have been an Edgar Cayce quote).

    There are two things that come to mind and could very well be true in both cases.

    (1) According to Cayce, souls became trapped in matter and many had entered into animal forms. Ra Ta (Edgar Cayce) established two Temples.

    Now for an overview of the history of this period:

    Ra Ta was a prophet and seer who was going to teach the Egyptians about the spiritual nature of man, his dream was to purify the race of contaminations. To do this, he established the temples. The Temples of Sacrifice can be compared to today’s hospitals. Techniques such as surgery were used to remove appendages, diet was used for purification, and inspirational readings to lift the mind to higher consciousness and to redirect the mental forces away from the carnal that had gotten us into that trouble in the first place.

    (2) ENKI did his thing by genetic engineering procedures. So what sort of monster by-products did Enki and Ninhursag/Ninmah create until the perfect ADAM came about????? So, those above are a few of my thoughts on the Atlanteans/Anunnaki.
    Most of us are still trapped within the five senses.

  10. We no longer have to be
    We no longer have to be trapped within the five senses is the message. Some researchers can’t see that ufos, E.T.s or otherwoldly beings, the paranormal, and psychic ability are all different branches or aspects of consciousness studies. In the not too distant future I hope when this information is taught and disseminated in our schools and universities I believe it will all fall under the heading of consciousness studies. Thats my perspective and I think it has merit worthy of consideration.

  11. I don’t understand how Chris
    I don’t understand how Chris Hardy can try to make folks interested in her book by simply repeating what she read in Sitchin’s books. If there is far more in-depth information in her book regarding scientific facts our scientists know today about our physical DNA, then she should have mentioned that during the interview because, otherwise, anyone can just read Sitchin’s books instead. I’ve read all of his books and heard nothing new at all here. In fact, just reading his first, Genesis Revisited, would cover everything she mentioned and much more. I guess I’ll have to read the reviews on Amazon to find out if there is anything in her book that would shed any new light on a topic that has been covered quite extensively already. I glad she’s excited about her discovery of Sitchin, but she’s twenty years behind.

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