In Jen Carmody’s first appearance on Dreamland, she explores all kinds of topics from being activated by a UFO sighting when she was a kid to learning how to use the Akashic Records using the Linda Moulton Howe Technique. She and Whitley touch on everything from past life experiences to the darkest levels of occult child exploitation to the true mission of Jesus to the hidden meaning of the infamous book The Adam and Eve Story that was classified by the CIA.

This is pure brain-busting excitement and fabulous information in every single breathless minute!

You can reach Jen on Tik-Tok at #JK_Ultra, on her YouTube Channel JK_Ultra and on her Instagram account @jennifercee

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  1. Another great Dreamland.. it was an interesting guest with new topics.
    1. Never knew about 2060 events
    2. Never knew about the hypnotism method.

    Anyone have anymore information?

  2. There is definitely an attempt to not present to the public serious catastrophic collapses of the past. Even the great flood, which is science, still has many in denial. Some might find this interesting in reference to the Adam and Eve book:

  3. The 2060 remote viewer is Stephan Schwartz. I’d love to hear Whitley interview him.

    Dolores Cannon developed QHHT regression. Look for her Metaphysical Hour videos.

    Great show!!

  4. I’ve just logged in to hear this one and it sounds really exciting… all the subjects that interest me. Yay!

  5. Terrific interview. I would very much like to hear more from Jenn and I would like to have more info from her u-tube channel! Very interesting!

  6. Some questions about the declassified “adam and eve” book: anybody knows the history of the book? Was it actually published and distributed/sold to the public before being “classified”? Was it perhaps a report ordered by the CIA?

    1. Thankyou , this just resonates as an ancient truth to me .
      I feel like these events are built into the core memory of every human soul.
      We just gradually forget once we return after each cycle .

  7. Author

    if you look at the link on it, you’ll see, it’s only partly declassified to this day. To my knowledge to classified part is not available anywhere.

    1. Probably…That’s also why I used the word “alleged”. If there is one thing I’m sure of, it’s that I’m not sure of anything regarding these matters.

    2. What a fascinating interview! I want to hear more from Jen. Whitley, I just read your latest book “Them” and could hardly put it down. Will read again. Thanks for all your hard work that advances our understanding.

    3. Whitley / Cosmic,

      According to the notes on that CIA 1965 document, a sanitised copy was approved for release in 2013, however, there is another version circulating online, from 20 years earlier, apparently an uncensored First Edition, published by Bengal Tiger Press in 1993. It is comprised of two books in one. The first is entitled “The Adam and Eve Story” and is 127 pages long. The second part is entitled “Aftermath of the Adam and Eve Story”, which is an additional 85 pages. It is available in various formats, including PDF.

      Just in case, I will not provide a direct link to download the book but if you do wish to find it, there is an link in the second comment down in this Good Reads page…

      The first comment on the above Good Reads page is well worth a read, which suggests that the original was not a book, as such, but more of a 30 page pamphlet. The contents of which have been greatly expanded in the published book many years later.

      As to whether the 2013 publication by Bengal Tiger Press is truly uncensored, I can only guess. I’m going to start reading it myself though, to see what all the fuss is about!

      1. Author

        I have not been able to tell if the Bengal Tiger Press edition includes the redacted material or not. To find out, you’d need to go through the book in detail, and see if it contains any additional material.

  8. OK, I have found on quora a credible explanation for the appearance of the book in CIA documents.
    The book would not have been classified or censored, but was simply there as background check
    because they had plans to hire the author for some secret work. Which leaves open the question, what kind of work ??

  9. This quora post is by David Montaigne,
    “Historian, author on controversial topics like pole shiftsAuthor has 330 answers and 303.2K answer views”
    “The CIA did not censor or classify the book. They did edit out blank left hand pages at the ends of chapters of the 57 page version (from 1965) but there was nothing on pages 2, 8, 18, 20, 30, 36, 46, 48, or 52.

    The only reason the CIA had such a classified file was not for the book about pole shifts – they included Chan Thomas’ recent book in their background check when they were considering hiring him for secret government work. The only things remaining classified on the CIA file when The Adam and Eve Story portion was declassified are part of the interviews and background checks. I’ve commented on this partial declassification in some of my magazine articles and books and intend to go into much more detail in an upcoming book about Chan Thomas.
    The Adam and Eve Story about pole shifts is just the tip of the iceberg on him.”

  10. What a great show.

    I’ll be honest, when I initially saw the term ‘tik toker’ I was dubious but wouldn’t you know it, Miss Carmody is on fire with ideas.

    As a result of this interview and Mr Strieber’s comments on ‘The Adam and Eve story’ (which I was unaware of.. I always just assumed Eve divorced Adam, took the house and the kids and Adam ended up smoking meth in a wheely bin with dinosaurs fighting outside, 0,0 ).

    Anyway, I stumbled across this nice little wrap-up of the wrap-up of civilisation:

    Ja, I understand ‘the Day after tomorrow’ is effectively almost the same scenario but I had no idea the CIA classified discussion on this previously.

    Thoroughly enjoyable show and, as Brit, I can confirm that the Simpsons skit about Brits having bad teeth is nearer the truth than most Brits prefer to admit. How on Earth do you Yanks have such great teeth? We go to the dentist too for goodness sake..

    Ah well, back to chewing on my stick of bitumen and superglue. Granted, an acquired taste, just like Earl Grey..


    1. “The Day After Tomorrow” film is based on Whitley and Art Bell’s book, The Coming Global Superstorm. Similar scenario and/or poll shift also fortold in Mary Summer Rain’s Phoenix Rising and Daybreak, and in J. Edwin Carter’s Living is Forever.

    2. I will now never forget the image of Adam smoking meth in a wheely bin with dinosaurs fighting outside! Brilliant!

  11. This was a fantastic show, so interesting! Every topic was better than the next! Please have Jen on again. Thank you both!

  12. Great interview. I especially liked the part about the Akashic Records. It seems to me that she also read “A New Science of Heaven” by Robert Temple. It is about (suppressed) plasma physics and the existence of large plasma dust clouds that might be ancient and highly intelligent. Maybe they are projecting us into existence and our “soul” is a little piece of the plasma cloud.

  13. I think she hit the nail on the head as far as the nature of the Christ spirit/ Holy Spirit. It first returned as the Comforter in the person of Mohammad, then a thousand years later, in 1844 CE, in the person of the persian merchant, now known as the Báb (Gate), whose life story followed a similar path to that of Jesus (see the documentary on Youtube for free, The Gate: ), and then again in 1863 CE, in the person of Bahá’u’lláh (Glory of the Source), Who came, as They all did, as a Thief in the night, unacknowledged till They were already gone again, and in the station of the “Father”. Thus the Christ has already returned 3 times.

  14. Excellent interview. But it seems the only reason for all existence is to alleviate the Creator’s boredom. I am not impressed with the game that has been created. Stop the world, I want to get off.

    1. I agree, and I would like not to be entertaining the Creator quite so much. The game has taken some unpleasant turns for me lately.

  15. Entertaining interview…with great energy!

    I remember when it was said in the news feeds that the Earth’s core had “stopped rotating”. At the time, it did not feel right to me, and I didn’t take it seriously. The core of our planet, like a lot of things in nature, goes through cycles…

    While there is a multitude of concerns about our planet, (climate change/catastrophe, extinctions, etc.), the Earth’s core may be the least of our worries.

    9-11…I was also given messages at he time about the significance of the event. My messages came from those that died that day, including the terrorists. I was told that all that died that day that had made soul agreements with the intent of trying to ‘wake up’ as many as possible. I remember it so vividly because it was devastating for me hearing all those voices in my head (the innocent, and the terrorists) at the same time and I collapsed in a puddle of tears. I never expected that.

    By Rumi…
    Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
    There is a field. I’ll meet you there.
    When the soul lies down in that grass,
    The world is too full to talk about.
    Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
    Doesn’t make any sense.

    I have felt for a long time that the “field” referenced in the poem by Rumi, is The Akashic Field. Jen Carmody and I could have a fun conversation, I’m sure!

    1. Thanks for the fact check!

      The Rumi poem is one of his best.
      I can’t help but remember how my comedic guru, Swami Beyondananda, riffed on it with something like:
      “Out beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing
      there is a field.
      Go long and I’ll pass to you.”

      In either case, we are reminded that our ideas are only ideas and reality is not our ideas.

  16. Akashic Records

    Hmmmm I often wonder about this. If Someone reads my say life # 4 in 2003, will Life #4 be teh same story if read by another in 2023?

    Do the lives stay the same? If its truely a record of past lives. Then if several ‘readers’ read them… would they all say the same thing.

    example: James I see you as a Native American Healer.. looks like 1880ish?

    Will a different reader see the same past life?

    So far NONE have repeated the same life.

    As much As I’d like this to be true- I question it.

    Just like looking in the future… the future is always in the ethers and changing…. its never the same for every reader.

    Pretty convenient if you ask me… as usual this stuff is like a buffet.. you take what you believe…

    1. I do not see “past lives”. For years I have seen everything happening in the “now” ( and long before ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ came out—and I enjoyed that movie so much!). I have actually interacted with my other’ selves’ and changed some things, especially in regards to self-healing—which reverberates into all other lives of ‘me’ (and vice versa). I would never attempt a ‘past life’ (or future life) reading for someone else, although I am familiar with those close to me in this life and who they are in relation to my other lives. I realize that explaining this to others is really challenging. Really challenging. Of course, what I do in this life also affects others on that timeline, directly or indirectly (once again, vice versa too.).

      Buddhism teaches the Law of Impermanence, which applies to— everything, and all is change, and also teaches that refusing to accept change leads to suffering. I am no Buddhist, but I feel that this “law” is correct, and the root of so much of this reality’s problems. Accepting change is something I struggle with everyday. Every. Day.

      1. Excellent points!
        I’m very interested to hear of your experiences with interacting with your other selves. Wow.

  17. Whenever I have read anything about Isaac Newton, his fervent religious belief has been emphasized, so I’m puzzled by the contention that anyone has tried to push that aside or hide it.

    I might imagine that many scientists would find this aspect of Newton a little difficult to handle, but there was certainly nothing unusual about a man of his time being deeply religious. Although apparently his views on the Christian religion were not in accord with the current orthodoxy.

    1. Darwin was deeply religious too. He spoke openly of his beliefs, and loved and adored his 10 children. He and Newton are buried in Westminster Abbey.

      These aspects of Darwin’s life were spoken of openly during my studies in biology, and they held great import in regard to who the man was. Not just as a scientist, but as a husband and father.

      1. Amazing interview! Whitley I LOVED HEARING YOU LAUGH SO MUCH!!! She has a great mind, hope she writes a book. When I was about 10 I had a daylight experience. Like hers helped set the scene for the future with helping others.

  18. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview.. not a dull moment and so much learned and answered.
    I hope your time Lilydale was brilliant. You’ve piqued my interest in having a reading there.

    Thanks again, Whitley..

  19. Author

    Lily Dale is an incredibly beautiful and special place

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