Greg Bishop and Whitley Strieber have been friends for years and they know each other’s work so very well and it shows brilliantly in this terrific, fun and enlightening interview. Greg has some very deep ideas about UFOs and aliens and the ability to communicate them brilliantly! And then there is the story of Gru, the character from the Despicable Me franchise. What does Gru have to do with the proceedings–well, let’s put it this way: stuff like this only happens on Dreamland! A great deep think full of fun and laughter and wisdom and…something Gru…


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  1. This was a cool show, with interesting points of view and the kinds of open discussion that I enjoy.

  2. I am now reading “brain trust”, a book on prion diseases published 20 years ago by biologist Colm Kelleher (of “hunt for the skinwalker” fame). In the book, Kelleher gives some convincing circumstiantial evidence that there is a covert government program monitoring the cattle population, looking quite possibly for prion diseases. In a recent interview on youtube, he explains that there are apparently (to his expert eyes) 2 distinct monitoring programs, with distinct modus operandi. A government program and an “alien program”??

    1. Monitoring for prion diseases is pretty much the only reasonable explanation I’ve ever heard for cattle mutilations, and I thank you and the episode for bringing that up. However, if someone is looking specifically for that sort of disease, they should be removing central nervous system tissue, not the anus or genitals.

      1. Author

        My problem with the prion disease explanation has always been exactly that: they’re looking at the wrong tissues. But if you want to get stem cells, those are exactly the right tissues.

        And why would you want to get stem cells, specifically? not to study anything, but to make something.

  3. “Maybe we’re dealing with something that acts like a mirror when we get too close”… that reminds me of the end bits of the movie ‘Annihilation’ (2018).

    Like a prism…from a distance it refracts, bends and splits light into its constituent parts. But close up it can act just like a mirror, by reflecting light from one of its sides.

    Maybe this phenomenon is the consciousness equivalent of a prism. No wonder we don’t know what the heck we’re looking at.

  4. Talking about mirrors…one of the most weird and vivid dreams I ever had, involved in part, me walking through a faux haunted house, like you see at a funfair…there was a mirror on a top just to the side and when I looked into it, I saw my reflection as a Grey…but this being was exuding the most sickening feelings of seething hatred and anger I have ever experienced. It shocked me quite deeply. All sorts of things went through my mind at the time but thinking about it now, rather than it meaning I am actually one of them (and based on some of the discussions in this interview, who knows) but I wonder, maybe that is how they see me? I’m guessing, if so, that perhaps I have a long way to go, to reflect something that doesn’t scare me / them.

  5. What a terrific show. I listened twice while driving to and from visiting my dear Mum today.

    The show encouraged mindfulness, humour and joy in being. Thank you for this perfect timing.

    Sitting here in this quiet little village in the South of England, (a foreigner amongst Englishmen!! Shock horror!! lol), I noticed that the birds outside had started ‘talking’ again.

    I should explain. At certain times of the year, usually when the air is vibrant with the Sun’s radiance, both early, middle and late seasons, you may suddenly realise that you can understand the birds. I don’t think it’s actually the birds, no, rather that the conscious environment around us is utilising birdsong as a transport for consciousness, a bridge, using cadence and tonality. It is beautiful. Such clarity of consciousness.

    Christian mystics have spoken of this through history. I have no idea if other religions (other than Shamanistic systems) have discussed it. No, I’m not Christian per se, just listening..

    I was thinking earlier about how expensive everything is these days (and getting worse) and I’m mindful of avoiding wasting anything, especially chances. If I fear times ahead then I will pray to the Goddess and to the awakened World around me to guide me toward the best decisions. I want my mind to stay vibrant, creative and free; absent of entropy and fear.

    I talk openly about this approach at work and, yes, there are occasional funny looks but, as has happened so many times before, ones that may have dismissed my outlook, oh, so often, gravitated to me and people like me when they needed help and I/We were & are glad to help. It can’t be any other way.

    Blessed Be!


    1. The Language of the Birds…

      ” In Abrahamic and European mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of the birds is postulated as a mystical, perfect divine language, Adamic language, Enochian, angelic language or a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated. ”

      William Henry wrote a great book about too:

      Keep listening for the birds…

    2. Hi Van Hausenburg.
      I was really interested about what you said about birdsong.
      Have you ever listened to the Kate Bush album ” Aerial ” ? She has used birdsong in a very profound and beautiful way in the tracks . The music really struck a chord in my heart and I could feel a truth become clear . I felt that birdsong is intertwined with all the earth’s harmony and wellbeing .
      Birdsong lifts the spirits and it’s essential .
      Peace and goodwill from East Yorkshire.

      1. Hi Frances, in fact I haven’t listened to this album but I certainly shall, thank you.

        1. Just make make sure it’s the remastered version as per Sherbet’s comments .

      2. I bought that album for my Dad when it came out but it ended up being one of my absolute favourites. Disk 2 I love and the way each track blends into the next…just perfect.

        I also noticed she has released a remastered version of the album (2018), with the voice of Rolf Harris scrubbed out…erm, yeah… probably for the best! Listening to those original few tracks is probably like a mild version of trying to watch a re-run of ‘Jim’ll Fix It’, without cringing.

        1. You’re right Sherbet , that would definately make the skin crawl .

    3. Von…

      FYI: William Henry wrote a book along while back titled: “The language of the birds”

      I am fascinated by birds. I have 4 different types of feeders with 4 different types of food at my large office widows. Here in the Mid-Atlantic ( East Coast USA) the humming birds have just arrived and soon the Baltimore Orioles and Catbirds ( Central America) will be by May 1st… the great neo-tropical migration has begun!

    1. Aw , thanks for sharing this beautiful song from Macca , Paul and Linda convey perfectly how that perfect moment is NOW. When Paul went to India in his youth , he and the other Beatles ( especially George , who I adore ) has a profound awakening in their souls . They expanded their minds for sure .
      I,d forgotten this song and vaguely remember seeing the video to ” This one ” when I was about 17.
      I need to look up and listen to the Album ” Flowers in the dirt ” , thankyou for reminding me of it Van Hausenberg

  6. Whitley, regarding the character Gru. As you know, certain entities seem to be in every aspect of our lives if they so choose? Might this be trickster activity? If I remember correctly, you had a pair of glasses that went missing, then, re-appeared at some later date. I THINK THIS WAS YOU AND NOT A GUEST BEING INTERVIEWED AT THE TIME. Anyway, I would like to know what was on your mind the moment you saw GRU?

    THEN, I stumbled onto one meaning for GRU…….

    What is a Gated Recurrent Unit?
    A gated recurrent unit (GRU) is a gating mechanism in recurrent …..”neural networks (RNN)”….. similar to a long short-term memory (LSTM) unit but without an output gate. GRU’s try to solve the vanishing gradient problem that can come with standard recurrent neural networks. A GRU can be considered a variation of the long short-term memory (LSTM) unit because both have a similar design and produce equal results in some cases. GRU’s are able to solve the vanishing gradient problem by using an update gate and a reset gate. The update gate controls information that flows into memory, and the reset gate controls the information that flows out of memory. The update gate and reset gate are two vectors that decide which information will get passed on to the output. They can be trained to keep information from the past or remove information that is irrelevant to the prediction.
    Why is this Useful?
    A GRU is a very useful mechanism for fixing the vanishing gradient problem in recurrent neural networks. The vanishing gradient problem occurs in machine learning when the gradient becomes vanishingly small, which prevents the weight from changing its value. They also have better performance than LSTM when dealing with smaller datasets.
    Applications of a Gated Recurrent Unit
    Polyphonic music modeling
    Speech signal modeling
    Handwriting recognition

    1. Funny you should talk about your book Super Storm.
      The storm switch has been flipped in your reporting this week.
      Your article on fresh water being dumped into the oceans and stopping the currents is the switch I wished I had never scene.?

  7. Whitley I want you to know that I pulled your book (The Coming Global Superstorm) from my shelf last night and have plowed through to the first chapter, just shaking my head. You and Art got it right. Amazing insights and what’s truly incredible is that you were absolutely right and it’s all happening NOW. By the way your new book, Them, arrived on my doorstep today.. now what do I do? I will have to choose and this makes me count myself lucky to be one of your followers. I don’t always agree with your guests and have to work at suspending disbelief for a while so I can take in what I’m hearing, evaluate, discard what makes sense and hang onto what resonates. Good show. I’m looking forward to upcoming shows. Q: ‘Has time been accelerating lately because I’m getting the sense that it is?”
    Meanwhile, many thanks for what you do…

    … listening from Ontario, Canada

  8. Whitley, I think it’s wonderful honor that you are on this tarot’s Fool card, because the Fool starts everything off! Your own experiences have been seminal to this whole movement of awareness! You have trusted your own process immensely, perhaps more than most people. It’s a beautifully designed image, for all the reasons you mentioned, and also that you’re holding a huge KEY! Bravo!!!!!!

  9. Probably too obvious… GRU is a Soviet/Russian foreign military intelligence agency. It outlasted its rival, the KGB, and is still operative today. Some think it has been involved in international hacking operations. The mention of it made me instantly think of the intrusions into Whitley’s property and digital properties.

    I re-read “Superstorm” after listening to Whitley’s comments last week…during a week of 80 degree weather followed by subfreezing temps and snow as well watching the news of what is happening on the coasts. I know it’s Spring here in the Midwest, but, geeze!! Wondering how to super insulate the house.

  10. Very enjoyable show! Smooth, easy going, and thought provoking.
    Thanks so much!

  11. I’m surprised no one mentioned this… in Gru’s first movie, Despicable Me, Gru’s big plot is… to steal the moon! Maybe we should be watching the moon…

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