Kevin Day was U.S. Navy Operations Specialist and Topgun air intercept controller, and was the radar operator who initially detected and eventually intercepted the Nimitz Tic-Tac UAPs in 2004. He retired in 2008, but the Tic-Tac incident is not where his story ends, it’s where it BEGINS. Kevin is now part of the experiencer community and he has a tremendously important story to tell. Something is happening to the people of  Planet Earth. So far, this is confined to the experiencer community, but that is likely to change.

What will it be like? Listen to Kevin’s powerful and unforgettable story of how his life unfolded since the Tic-Tac incident, and why he believes something similar is going to happen to every single person on Earth.

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  1. Thanks to you two for the interview. How the experience changes people is key here, IMO. With Mr. Day going into some specifics on “how”.

    But the comment that really got my attention is at 54:50 – “It knew you, too. Believe me.”

    I’m finding this to be more and more plausible by the day.

    1. My husband had a daytime sighting about seven years ago that left him shaken. A large craft hanging motionless in the sky, partially hidden by cloud cover; my husband had the very strong sense that what he saw was only a small part of what was there. My meditation leader of the time said, echoing Whitley’s comment, said that my husband was meant to see it, that the sighting was not accidental.
      Ironically, I’m the one who’s harbored an intense interest in the phenomenon for approaching five decades, and I’ve never seen anything anomalous. My husband was not a skeptic when he had the sighting, however. But now he KNOWS something is not as we are told.

      1. My last sighting/experience was similar. What I saw shouldn’t have been possible. But I saw it, along with another witness. It was my third sighting, and I am only now entertaining the idea that my ability to see these things was facilitated on their end some how. Maybe.

      1. After trying Telepathy I started experiencing things though psychic and Precognition and mediumship are in my family. Nov 2019 I watched at 2 am in the morning an awful lot of Blue Spheres drop from the sky they dropped and followed each other other along in a line. That was just one of many sightings. Early last Summer 21 I watched a few objects Metallic type objects chase each other around the sky. They then went on to form a Triangle shape in front of me I shouted my partner to the window and they faded back. It’s a process contact I think.

  2. I suspect that the “breakdown'” is also related to the crumbling of the egoic operating system’s facade about reality and consciousness. From my ownpersonal experience, it is hard to navigate at best. The hollowness of it is super threatening when the identity it has crafted for survival is all one knows. I expect that for military people, it’s especially difficult since they are programmed to kill “the other,” which is the egoic mind’s favorite construct. It’s as if we are all players in its archaic survival game and when a moment of extreme consciousness and interconnectedness arises, it is like stepping outside the matrix. I am curious to know more about the info that the visitors to the property told him. I’m convinced they are “visitors” in the sense of the way we use the word here which means that Kevin did actually have f2f contact. Is all of that info in another interview somewhere?

    1. Wise observations. And I too think that Kevin’s visitors were unusual; possibly not human in the general sense of the word.

    2. I tried to get into this, but could not. When Whitley asked him to tell us his dreams, I bailed. Who cares about his damn dreams???? Whitley, you seemed to be trying much too hard to get something worthwhile out of this guest. Once an interview is recorded, do you have to share them? Can you just decide an interview just didn’t go very well and just can it? And, yes, I am a subscriber. So don’t blame me for your costs. You could, like most of our peers (since I am around your age) RETIRE, y’know.

      1. Author

        Dreams are windows.

        And if I retired, I would break a promise, a thing that in my life I have never done.

        1. Whitley, you are a warrior. I’ve not listened to this show but please keep on truckin’ till the day you die!

          1. Author

            Don’t be so sure that death will end it.

        2. Whitely, I’m so grateful you have the integrity and determination to keep your promise to not retire. The world needs your experience, insight, intelligence, and level-headedness now more than ever.

          I’m also a subscriber, but that is apparently where all resemblance between me and the person you’re responding to ends as far as this interview is concerned. Thank goodness he is not in charge of deciding which guests are worthwhile. IMO, this show is riveting, vitally important and ended all too quickly.

          Furthermore, IMO it makes no sense to immediately dismiss dreams as irrelevant when discussing an unknown phenomenon that profoundly affects the mind. It sounded like Kevin was immediately opening to the possibility of dream content being relevant as soon as Whitely emphasized that point. This is a prime example of why Whitley is an essential voice in this discussion.

          Fasten your seatbelt folks. The world may finally be in the early stages of awakening to the central importance of Whitley and Anne’s broader vision of the UAP/visitor phenomenon and their example of keeping all questions open when dealing with the unknown. However, we should be patient and keep in mind that individuals will naturally learn and evolve at uneven rates—especially when viewed over the short term.

        3. hi whitley-i was at dreamland 2010 in nashville-now i don’t know anything about the gentleman spouting off at you so aggressively but-he’s reminiscent of a particular few “fans” who stood out from all the other sincere and wonderful attendees we encountered-these few almost seemed to be there just to try and generate some kind of negative vibe-we weren’t the only attendees who noticed them either and they also seemed creepily watchful of certain people

          1. I too was at 3 of the early dreamlands in Nashville at the Scarlett -Barrett center. I know of what you speak Starbuck, but I will also add there were a few clingy hybrid -goth types that I must say seemed very awkward in human crowds…

        4. I for one thought the pursuit of his dreams was brilliant and essential to the conversation. Thank you for your skilled attention in all your interviews.

        5. Please Keep up the GOOD Work! I found this week very interesting. And everyone reading this, please recommend subscribing to all your receptive aquaintances

        6. I found the question regarding his dreams to be pivotal in his interview because he plainly became awakened to the further possibilities through your dialogue. As is my habit, I have spent several hours today catching up on your shows; and, it was an interesting juxtaposition to hear first, the lovely Anjali and then Mr. Day back to back- I am saving our artist for another evening.
          I am RETURN student who reached traditional social security eligibility age in 2019 and graduated with a degree in Public Administration -right into Covid- LOL the same year. I was interviewing to become a Fulbright Scholar and the universe had other plans. I would consider it a dream job to be an assistant with you! We must not give up at all. This is the time of our fullness and sweetness. I will direct some energy into your subscriptions- I have told you before that I am a Buddhist- because as scholar, a lifelong student of phenomena and religion, and as a writer- this show rocks. To whom does one apply to work with Whitley?

      2. There was nothing worthwhile about this guest? I disagree. I’m grateful for the show.

      3. This was a fine interview and if nothing else I got a real sense of the deep personal struggle that results from even the briefest of encounters. No, the man didn’t share the details of his real inner journey but I expect many of us to struggle in similar ways once the reality of the visitors becomes generally indisputable. And Whitley retire?? Why even suggest such a thing?

      4. Whit was trying to get at the fact that many experiencers ( Myself included) have apocalyptic natural cataclysm like dreams… its an interviewer’s job to press. I run a medical podcast ( 60+ shows>>> you have to ask the questions) I had a GCC dream the other night , mass migrations from droughts and heat… horrible violent border skirmishes..etc…

        I’m a subscriber too and don’t retire Whitley! We need this site- hell I’ll retire soon and move to CA to help with the site for free! Willie has shrunken male brain syndrome- tell him to go yell at kids on his lawn instead. 😂

      5. I thought Whitley did a masterful job trying to round up somebody clearly caught in a PTSD-type incident and only able to send out partially comprehensible reports from his travail. The crosstalk alone was enough to make me tune out.

        Whitley, please bring William Henry back so you can have some fun again.

      6. William, you have missed something of immense value to your personal understanding by closing your mind to the connection dreams play in Contact with Extraterrestrial/Extradimensional Beings and how THEY choose to interact with us and our Living Planet.

    3. Greg Bishop did an interview with Kevin on his Radio Misterioso podcast – it’s worth a listen and goes into depth.

  3. Hmmm, this makes me think back to a period when I had a lot of paranormal stuff happening around me in my 20’s. I was reading the transformation book when suddenly something was pulling me outside, to look at the night sky. I went out (was never afraid of UFOs) and looked up. Several lights taking 90 degree turns and fast strobing silver white light pulsations. Had so many sightings in this segment of youth, but these days I hardly ever see any while it seems that many are implying that sightings are increasing and folks that never had interest in them see them (UFOs). As for changes, yeah, it intensified my already high degree of oddballness…
    And hello from Sweden btw!

    1. One of the most significant early experiences in my life also occurred when I had an irresistable urge to go out into the night and look into the sky. Bizarrely, I had begun drawing disks literally on my desk (it was a blonde fake wood that allowed pencil drawings that could be later washed off). After drawing these, I went outside and saw the most significant ufo of my young life (at 15) just floating over our house. I always enjoy confirmation from others. Later, when I returned to the house, I felt like I needed a shower and had done something “dirty” that I could never share with my fundamentalist parents. I suggest it was a sexual orgasm on our near the ship.

  4. Sorry. Mr. Day’s answers to Whitley’s excellent, tantalizing questions were too vague or off-subject. I wanted so badly to hear about the dreams. Mr. Day seemed distracted and didn’t even know what show he was on, praising C2C. The constant radio and buzzing phone in the background drove me crazy. Huge praise to you, Whitley, for your usual unconditional interest and patience with the guest. You are so compassionate.

    And I’m a long-time subscriber! People, UK is so much more affordable than most streaming platforms. You can “binge” on UK and not turn your brain to mush. Your brain and spirit will thank you.

    Today’s Dreamland was a letdown for me, but not everyone, and 99.99% of this website is pure gold! Invest wisely … today!

  5. Sorry. Mr. Day’s answers to Whitley’s excellent, tantalizing questions were too vague or off-subject. I wanted so badly to hear about the dreams. Mr. Day seemed distracted a lot. The constant background noise and buzzing phone drove me crazy. Huge praise to you, Whitley, for your usual unconditional interest and patience with the guest. You are so compassionate. I am ashamed to say I am not always.

    But I’m a long-time subscriber! People, UK is so much more affordable than most streaming platforms. You can “binge” on UK and not turn your brain to mush. Your brain and spirit will thank you.

    Today’s Dreamland was a letdown for me, but not for everyone, and 99.99% of this website is pure gold! Invest wisely … today!

    1. Being from the UK (England), that confused me for a second! …I tend to call the site UC (Unknown Country).

      1. Sherbet: Omigosh! I just noticed my error! Thanks. Also, my comment got posted twice since last week.

  6. Author

    It’s nice to see your handle again, Graciesmom! This one was pretty challenging, for sure. But he gave as much as he could. He’d never gone beyond his technical story before, into his REAL story. It’s a hard thing to do.

  7. This interview started out with promise. Mr. Day seemed very clear-eyed about his timing and experience. I was excited because he seemed to be able to address the very current UAP revelation. Then he seemed to become increasingly distracted toward the end. I am still curious about what messages he has gotten and why he’s so sure that everyone changes due to any kind of contact. My family initiated me maybe more than taught me, at a very early age, about the watchers. I am interested in other peoples changes because I think, I’m too close to the issue to know how I might be different because of my early wakeup. I tried to look up his website but got back a “can’t find it ” message so I’m not sure if he’s down or gone. I might try to figure out how to check in to the Zoom to hear more. Thank you for bringing him on, Whitley.

  8. From the first moment I saw Kevin Day on TV, I said to my wife, “That poor man looks haunted. I don’t know if any of this is real, but it has obviously affected him”.

    1. I don’t think I caught it on the early videos, but I sure could hear it in his voice now and I wonder how much has been the added knowledge of what is going on with coof/great reset/depopulation. I’ve certainly experienced huge upheaval and change in my own life early on and I’m seeing it in others…and it’s very unsettling.

  9. Kevin seems rather upset when mentioning that it changes us and that some are very unprepared for it. I feel like I know what his meaning is, but perhaps I’m wrong. I’m thinking that it is could be cognitive dissonance from a religious upbringing. Learning something so massive when we have a strong belief in another reality is damaging to us. When we started seeing our lying governments finally admitting UFO/UAPs exist, I started to have concerns for people that I love and care about who are religious believers. I believe God is “all that is” and we are each little points of that light experiencing the physical. There may be right/wrong, good/bad here in the physical…but in the non physical, it just…is. We come to the physical for the experience of that contrast. Without bad, there can be no good. I tell people that. It’s not “factual” or proveable, but it can’t be debunked either…and it feels like truth or close to it to me and I hope it helps someone.
    And if Kevin happens to see this – Thank you for what you are doing and have done. I know it’s not easy, and it hurts and has caused you trouble in life. I’m former mil myself, so I understand the career side of this too. But my friend, you are on the side of truth…and that is always the correct side. Thank you so much.

  10. Author

    It certainly does upend your life. I felt for him when I heard him struggling with his emotions. In my own life, I will never forget the complete sense of astonishment I felt when I realized that it really had happened. They had been there. They were real. My life was turned inside out, and when, with the help of Anne, I put it back together, it was not the same life. Not even close.

  11. Thank you for having Kevin Day on…background disruptions and *all of it.* It’s real; it’s how it all goes down and how it will go down en masse as the revelations are made public. If nothing, this interview with this particular man reinforces what Day is trying to tell us (if you can hear his plain message) and what Whitley has been telling us for decades: this phenomenon will shake us to our very core, and when it happens on a grand scale, it will shake our societies and our civilization to our very core…and change us in ways that we may not like. It will certainly change us in ways that we cannot predict, nor control. If for no other reason, I appreciate the interview with this man.

    Kevin was a breath of fresh air, in my thinking. Why? Because he didn’t follow the script, and that ‘s not because he was trying not to follow a script…it’s because you heard the reality of how the phenomenon impacts a person in ways that you are not used to hearing it or experiencing it. He demonstrates an innocence and a newness that is missing from what we have come to expect in shows about this phenomenon. What has been offensive about his presentation, to some, is *the very thing you will be witnessing all around you, in your fellow citizens*, when the curtain is raised and we finally, finally, can live in darkness about it no more.

    So to me, Kevin’s message is essentially a clarion call for the case-hardened veterans of the UFO/UAP talk show circuitry: stop expecting it to be well controlled and clean and tidy, because it isn’t, and it won’t be, especially when the unawakened people all around you wake up in a state of panic.

    Thank you Whitley; thank you Kevin. This show was invaluable, and it’s surprising to me that some of your routine listeners have missed the point of his message.

    1. Crow Girl, thanks for your thought-provoking take on this unusual interview. I did miss the point of the chaotic, distracted, and highly disorganized answers from the guest. The Visitor Experience is exalting at best and devastating and shattering at worst. It’s a messy business. Whitley is still sorting it out after a lifetime, as am I. My fault is wanting to be immediately rewarded with clear, concise answers. There really aren’t any! And the guest was clearly rattled at points.

      Thanks for setting me straight

      1. Hello to you, Graciesmom! I appreciate you coming back to me and letting me know that my view on Kevin’s presentation was helpful to you. I did so love the fact that he wasn’t “typical”, and what that represents about the reality of the social experience of this phenomenon. I think you’re right; he’s still sorting it all out. And that is where we’re all going to be, en masse, sooner or later. Hopefully we can all hold one another’s hands through it all. My own experiences are different from yours, far different from Whitley’s, and I’m not sure I’ve really sorted anything out. I just know that I can’t let this subject matter go.

        It’s not a fault that you want clear, concise answers, as I see it. Strictly speaking, it’s probably more fair to say simply that wanting that is a strong desire which, when morphed into an expectation, shuts down the ability to be open to something outside of the usual, the ordinary. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the wildish and off-the-track responses and takes on this experience are what gives us some long awaited explanations, though, because those who are less savvy, less educated about it, less prepared for it, less *slick*, are going to be able to see with different filters…hopefully, fewer of them.

        I have to confess that I, too, shut out knowledge or information sometimes when it isn’t presented in a format that I can accommodate. Probably most of us have some kind of blind spot. The show with Mark Stavish hit me badly for various reasons. Maybe I can get myself braced to listen to him and set aside the issues I have with the apparent misogyny of the Masonic tradition. I imagine that I might have missed something useful due to my rejection of that about him. So, we all have our work cut out for us to be better listeners, don’t we?!

        Thank you again, and blessings to you.

  12. I grew up in an IRISH neighborhood where these entities (brownies) were believed. For us as children, they were simply a part of life for some of us. With that being said, I am wondering if Kevin had an encounter at his family mining claim out in the wilderness in Oregon with two of the elemental-entities? Wouldn’t they want to be in close proximity to a pristine wilderness and minerals or as Kevin said in the subscriber part of the interview mineral wealth? When my younger brother was  just a boy he saw what he describes as a rusty colored coffee can (probably the underside of it) flying several feet up close to our back yard then over the house. He was way to young to understand a UFO and described it the best way he could.  

     “The two men from the government wanting to train forces out in the wilderness where the mining site is located.”

    “They found you later giving you guidance and encouragement.”


    Brownies? Yes, brownies! This had to be a shock to those listening to this instruction. In fact, they weren’t sure if they understood him correctly, so they followed up with another reading the next day, asking: “What is meant by the term ‘brownies’ in the last answer of the Check Reading?” The sleeping Cayce replied, “The manner in which those of the elementals-entities who have not entered into materiality-have manifested and do at times manifest themselves to the entity. Apparently this man was being approached by brownies but was not listening to them! Cayce went on to explain,

    “Brownies, pixies, fairies, gnomes are not elementals, but elements that are as definite entities as man materialized, see?”

    Edgar Cayce reading 1265-3

    NOTE: I know how disruptive and shattering a divorce can affect a person. In time life in most cases settles back down but in the moment it can make us feel unbalanced.

    The Origins of the Faeries: Encoded in our Cultures – Part I | Ancient Origins (

  13. One of the critical issues I had growing up was being raised very catholic with its provincial teachings that only humans are important to God and in stark contrast initiated by my family that there are other people in the universe that exist and are interacting with us. As most of you know, it’s difficult resolving religious and celestial knowledge with an adult mind let alone with that of a child’s mind. if that’s Mr. Day’s struggle, I have sympathy. I also feel that he’s possibly undergone more “changes” than he may be able to share. He’s retired military and might have a gag he’s still working under. I felt like he was trying to offer a warning between the lines.

  14. Author

    I was taught the same. God turns out to be somewhat larger of heart than they imagined, it would seem.

          1. no words ~ 🌹

      1. This was a great exchange of songs between you two, but I had to say thanks for this one in particular. It’s been SOOOOO many years (decades) since I heard the Lady in Black! Great memories for me and poignant message for today. Thank you Crow Girl!

  15. That bit about the hundred or so Radar blips that were tracked over the period of ten days, fascinated me… they all flew to the Guadalupe island off the cost of Mexico but instead of descending, they all gradually faded off Radar over about fifteen seconds.

    So what are we talking about there? Perhaps some kind of transition into fourth dimensional space. But if so, why at just that spot? Unless there is some kind of mid-air portal, that facilitates it? It would be interesting to find out if there is something special about that spot, geographically speaking… or positionally, with respect to a planetary grid node.

    1. Hmm, ever feel like the Universe is watching you?

      After I entered the above comment about a portal, I started watching a YouTube video from someone I subscribe to, and after a few minutes it twigged that he was playing a game called ‘Portal (Reloaded)’, with a new type of time portal added! What are the chances of that?!

  16. Kevin did seem uneasy and since there was no video, his uneasiness seemed even more clear. Things were going on around him that pointed to that as well. He mentioned the changes that could also affect animals and the dog seemed to be genuinely alarmed. At one point, toward the end, the dog yelped and was then quiet, which was concerning to me.
    Whitley, I think you did a good job at navigating through Kevin’s distress. As usual, for me, it’s you that I come to see or hear. So often, you outshine your guests by a mile but you seem not to realize it.

  17. After 30 years you know the difference between a dream, A dream with the visitors, and a vision. I would very much love to hear Kevin’s dreams. Its a big insight to where he is on his journey.

  18. Whether I receive a “snack” or a “feast” from the podcast, I’m always fed spiritual inspiration from Whitley and his guest. Thanks to Kevin for sharing an intimate ongoing happening in his life and Whitley I trust that you will try to give us sustenance even when you “cross over” to the other side?? Which I hope is not for a long time!

  19. I want to share how thankful I am to have had early childhood religious exposure experience which put me in touch with “The Mystical”. As I have evolved in knowledge, maturity and tolerance I’m branching out with an open mind into many possibilities and realities. It all began with a fascination by the “Great Mystery” and a life long search for truth! Gradually, as we can tolerate it, I believe the revelations will come.

  20. Hi Whitley – I’ve been following your work since the late 80s, and have been a subscriber to UC for as long as I can recall. I remember with great fondness waiting for you and Linda to come on the radio on Sunday nights when it was “Dreamland 2000” oh so long ago 🙂

    Would you please look at Patreon or a similar platform for support? You will likely continue to have a very tough time getting subscribers, because the market dynamics have changed. It’s just not how people are consuming media these days.

    Whoever you hire to assist with production – as you mentioned you need – should be able to take this on.

    1. I agree. You should try patreon. There might be people willing to support there instead of here. There might even be some willing and able to contribute to both.

  21. Kevin and Anjali seem to both have received initiatory experiences before they were prepared, and now they deal with the aftermath of having their world dismantled under scrutiny of the public eye, which would mostly rather sling shit than learn truth. Monkey people!
    They both have my sympathies and prayers as they stand broken before a disgruntled and mockingly doubtful audience.
    They are moving forward though and will rebuild their Understanding of the world in a manner closer to the Real, the Good. Anjali already speaks like an enlightened teacher.
    Seems to me you also had that happen Whitley, except now you’re on the other side of it as a teacher.

    We see in Kevin and Anjali and Whitely’s story early on The Blasted Tower, Key 16, in action. Humanity is getting ready to know en mass what the Blasted Tower means.

    Dreams can be the first hints at how a proper foundation for Understanding is constructed.
    I hope Kevin, and others here too, will come to this realization.
    In kindness…

    1. I was thinking about the Tower today as symbolizing the egoic operating system dissolving or falling away.

    1. I like near the end when you ask him what the message is, and a bird, I guess, honks in a way that sounds like a laugh of derision. Seems synchronistic.

  22. Ditto on all of the above comments!!

    MOST IMPORTANTLY, please people step up to the plate and contribute to Unknown Country! Whitley has been keeping the homefires burning as a one man band while ageing out as a senior citizen!
    Let’s give him a hand by opening our hearts in the spirit of generosity.

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