John Ramirez is a 25-year CIA officer now retired. On October 1 of last year, he gave Dreamlanders detailed information about how to file Freedom of Information Act requests that actually work, and talked about how the intelligence community handles UFO information (or doesn’t.) Since that first appearance, he has given many interviews, so what does he have left to say?

When Whitley asks the questions, A LOT!

John begins with an amazing report on Russian efforts to draw a UFO into landing, and exactly what they accomplished in this process, and the technology that they used to do it. Then he explains how the Airborne Object Identification Management Synchronizing Group will work and whether or not it will provide new public information.

And then there follows an INCREDIBLE discussion between John and Whitley about things like UFO propulsion and what appear to be speculations not only about how they are powered but how they are controlled. Or are they “speculations” very much in quotes? Neither man says.

And if that wasn’t enough, THEN we go on into John’s own close encounter experiences.

Your reviewer has listened twice already. And what are my weekend plans? Watch the Super Bowl (hopefully) and LISTEN AGAIN!!

(The illustration is a Soviet-era high energy Duga radar array, similar to the radars referred to in the interview.)

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  1. I am so glad that things have happened the way that they have this week! Last week’s Zoom was just what was needed to jump-start an entirely new direction of thought and conversation with John. It wasn’t planned, but then again, maybe it was…
    Mitakuye oyasin!


  2. Well that was an extraordinary interview.

    Quite a few threads coming together in my mind…like, becoming one with a craft, when I could see through the bottom, as if the craft itself were my eyeball. I just started wondering if the craft is already conscious, when you blend with it, or does it act like a consciousness mannequin?… I never felt anything else other than me in that craft though.

    Also interesting were the descriptions of antigravity. From what I have learned, it is formed from a spinning seperation of charges…which makes me wonder about spinning ones own light body and what that represents. My process is many relaxation passes, finally with full body focus, I start to loose sense of the boundaries of my body and that sense naturally wants to spin. The first time I continued that spinning to its conclusion, I saw a faceless ‘watcher’ right up close. I wonder if the spinning light body of a conscious being and a conscious craft’s antigravity field, are somehow one and the same thing?

  3. Whitley: I have followed you for years including reading your books. But I am done waiting for you and your guest to simply tell the truth.
    You and your guest clearly know the off world folks are real, have been in contact with us for 70 years or more, have provided our and others military and civilian company’s with advanced tech in exchange for abduction ability’s. I have been abducted and have the scars to prove it. Along with that I have seen craft up close and personal. Why the dance. Now is the time to tell it all. Forget the studies and academics most would sell there souls for a grant.
    And have. Witness the COVID lie and the butchering of 900K Americans for 30k a head from the government. Ordinary people need to control all this not the rat’s that will sell you out for money.
    Screw the clearance need. Is your guest actually going to clear everybody in the world who have been abducted and is starting to remember. Give me a break.

    1. I understand your frustration. I am an experiencer who has been involved with a different agenda than the ones Whitley has. It is frustrating for the stuff we have seen and dealt with to be dismissed as “theory.”
      However unless people have experienced it; no one believes it. I keep this stuff from family members to avoid the further trauma of not being believed.
      We just have to keep fighting. Peace to you.

    2. You crusade for truth in your post but then end it with a right wing conspiracy theory about covid. Eye roll.

      1. 23,000 dead from the vaccine and hundreds of thousands injured according to the governments own data that even the right doesn’t acknowledge. That’s not a conspiracy theory when it’s provable fact. Do the research and expand your mind please!

        1. I would like to see that statistical analysis of the data. Can you please provide a link to that research?

          1. I’d second that, but what is the point? There’s no proof for the obvious reasons: it’s propaganda.

      2. It’s very interesting that you believe in the existence of aliens, but not that the government could be poisoning people. I would think experiencers would have open minds. Maybe people shouldn’t be shouting conspiracy theory at other experiencers.

        1. Indeed. Big pharma has a poor track record when it comes to pushing drugs that do more harm than good. Some elements of the government are more than willing to do vile things to the citizenry – the Tuskeegee study, and various experiments on servicemen are just some of the more famous examples.

          1. Yes, unmitigated greed explains a lot.

    1. I will listen to the podcast with you and John Ramirez again. It resonated with me as mostly truth. I can understand the symbiotic relationship between a craft and a living being being developed. Aren’t we on that road already with “smart houses, smart tv’s and smart cars”?? What about the 1968 movie, “2001, a Space Odyssey” with Hal controlling the craft? Where will we be a millenium from now??

  4. Author

    We have to somehow get past the “us vs them” approach to people in the government who have had contact. They are also “us,” and possess valuable information that they are trying to share. Let’s try to make that happen rather than closing the door on a developing opportunity.

    Right now, only people who are retired can share their experiences. But if that works, then those still on active duty may also begin to come forward.

    The visitors have been actively engaged with many people who live behind the classification wall at present. And please remember this: from the beginning it is the visitors who have orchestrated the secrecy. They have done this by skillfully engineering their emergence in such a way that the US government had no choice but to keep it secret. To understand why they have done this, and why it was the right choice, please read about cultural colonization in my book A New World.

    Just as they organized the secrecy, they are now organizing the next phase of contact. I am doing my best to facilitate this, and so are people like John.

    1. Very well and patiently explained, Whitley. I don’t have any conscious memories of visitors, but my mother did.

    2. I do appreciate your moderated replies to questions like that above. It’s hard for some of us to keep patient, and so I sort of stand behind you, Whitley. You know, “You go first, Whit.”

    3. Regarding ‘soft’ disclosure… to be honest I would class it more in the realms of ‘wet cardboard’…you’re never going to get anywhere, trying to push it any faster. There is genuinely more to be gained from kicking a snail for going slowly – no one is going to change its nature by getting frustrated with it. I almost think the intelligence community – those who agree with any kind of disclosure, that is – are using the ‘Childhood’s End’ model of disclosure…drip-feed it into society, at a glacial pace, then waiting for the next generation to grow up with the information. At least then, the powers that be don’t have to worry about blowback from upsetting the status quo.

      Also with the level of belief in conspiracy theories at the momement, what makes anyone think that full Disclosure would be treated any more seriously than a false-flag exercise?

      There is also the genuine issue of trust. Governments across the world lie to their people all the time, often about extremely serious matters – and the people tend to know that…history has proven it many times. So why would a body, known for its willingness to bend, even snap, the truth whenever it suits, ever be expected to tell the truth about something as monumental as the subject encompassing Disclosure?

      They will only start telling the truth, when they are forced into it. It is like expecting them to jump off a cliff without being pushed. Faced with a Grizzly bear and no .44 Magnum…well that cliff might seem more appealing…but until then, it is just not going to happen.

    4. Very good points. Some people have a tendency to automatically think anyone who has government, military and/or intelligence backgrounds are involved in disinformation campaigns. While I don’t doubt that some could possibly be, in general these people are just working an office job like anyone else. Often the real disinformation assets are the people who don’t put their intelligence bonafides out there for all to see.

  5. Outstanding discussion Whitley! Thank you. Generous food for thought as well as truths!

  6. This was a great episode as usual, however when Whitley dismissed sacrificing babies as conspiracy theory; that took me back. I am an experiencer and unfortunately my experience has been with beings with a pure evil agenda. For people like me, being ridiculed or having our own experiences dismissed as ridiculous is another trauma to endure. I understand that my experiences may seem far fetched to someone; however they are real and I am not alone.
    There are infinite beings and agendas and the one Whitley experienced is only one.
    My first experience was at age 4 or 5 and now at 51 I am still fighting. Please have some empathy for experiencers who have not had neutral encounters and are very aware of a dark agenda.
    Thank you for reading.

    1. Author

      I was referring to QAnon claims, not to witness experiences. And never imagine for a moment that I am not aware of the dark side. Anne and I lived the worst of it, as I have discussed both in my books and in interviews.

      1. Thank you for clarifying. I have lived with visits from the R and A my whole life and i have learned the difference between conspiracy theory and realty is time.

  7. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL AND WONDERFUL interview. Thank you John Ramirez and Whitley. I want to post a few comments. 

    A dream I had a few years ago gave me the age I will pass out of this world and it took me to the date of 2026. The how and where of it I do not know.

    Lord ENKI. Sometimes when I think of Lord Enki I also think of ‘Feral Cats.’ Once you feed them, then in good conscience, they are your cats to feed from that point on. Hopefully ENKI still feels that obligation knowing he has changed us genetically and still cares about us. (((Obligation=An act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment))).
    Does his brother feel the same way? Probably not.

    “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.” Published 1970. I read this book several years ago and felt at that time the Russians were years ahead of the UNITED STATES.

    “Your reviewer has listened twice already. And what are my weekend plans? Watch the Super Bowl (hopefully) and LISTEN AGAIN!!” WHITLEY, have a great Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully you will be enjoying it with friends…….

  8. An amazing interview, although my stomach lurched for a moment when the guest appeared to be referencing Ed Dames as a credible source. YIKES!!!

  9. I too am amazed when a person claims to want truth, then launches into a lie. Believing lies is a choice. Change the channel.

    1. I’m not sure anyone in this community is really in a position to call out or lecture others on “believing lies” or railing against “conspiracy culture”.
      Anyone from the outside looking in will see little difference between someone talking about “ascended light beings bringing humanity up to a higher vibration”, “Grey Aliens kidnapping people in the night to extract their sexual fluids” or whatever the QAnon stuff is that people here find so outrageous. Once again, this sort of critique seems more about political differences than genuine discernment.

  10. Regarding the discussion of timelines/dates (2026) – Rosalind McKnight (a colleague of Robert Monroe) wrote in her book “Cosmic Journeys” that the early 21st century would experience a phase of devastating planetary change. (This was told to her by what may be described as Visitors.) According to the account this was a necessary event in order to increase the consciousness of humans and the planet itself. She stated that part of the devastation was brought about by a change in the magnetics of the earth/polar shifting caused by a black hole or 2.

    Also, it provided a timeline of abductions, peaking in the 80s, the purpose of which was to help raise human consciousness. (I don’t remember if she mentioned DNA.) Ultimately, at the point where humanity is facing extinction, the visitors would return to assist with the next phase of consciousness evolution.

    Anyway, if you’d like to read it this account is in a chapter toward the end of the book. The chapter title is something like “from the year 3000.” I found it interesting as her experiences and book occurred in the 70s. I don’t know how much info on abduction as related to higher consciousness was in the public mainstream at the time.

    1. I picked up the Kindle version of Rosiland McKnight’s book. Thank you Jiles! I’ve skimmed it and found so many things that piqued my interest. I’m not to the earth changes section yet but there are so many facets to explore in her writing. Definitely a book that was leading the way back in the 70’s and still has value in my opinion. I look forward to a deeper dive in the coming days.

    2. Rosalind was one of Monroe’s original cadre of explorers and has an interesting (though perhaps a bit Pollyana) account of her time at the Monroe Institute. For those interested I would recommend downloading the Explorer sessions from them – at one point they were available as fre downloads. Some of her sessions are in that collection as Explorer “ROMC” (Tom Campbell, author of “My Big Toe”, is also in a few)

  11. John Ramirez is an interesting guy but I find myself a bit at odds about what to think of him. On the one hand he brings his apparent knowledge about specific things that may help civilian investigators and gives off an air of credibility. And yet he brings up things that I think are a bit questionable like Drunvalo Melchizedek, Ed Dames and so forth. He seems very tied into new agey type stuff – didn’t he mention something about quantum healing meditation? I don’t have any strong leanings one way or the other just yet – I’d be interested in hearing more about his personal experiences.

  12. At times I wonder about the recent comments in our free form discussions. Sure smells like Russian Trolls or implant infiltrators to me.

    Its important to keep the question open and discuss intelligently and NOT buy into the conspiracies this is what colors our work by those who look at it from the outside. And thus my suspicion of infiltrators who present the “woo-woo” in order to make our community look “koo koo”.

    1. James, at this point don’t you think automatically branding any kind of dissenting opinion as the work of “the Russians” is its own conspiracy theory? I think that’s a potentially dangerous and limiting way to go about online discussions – it will lead people to reject anything that doesn’t come out of the bubble that strokes their own ego.

    2. Agree. It’s ironic that the ones who are the first to scream that everyone else must “wake up” are often the ones who have bought into some nonsense. Sadly social media has made it practically effortless to influence people on a global scale in an instant. Given a few years, well here we are–divided more than ever, totally polarized. I wonder who benefits from that? Certainly not us (America) or humanity in general.

      I remember when my friends and I, as young adults, in the late 80s were into David Ickes and Nexxus magazine and others where the sources, and the early internet. Sometimes you had to buy a VHS to get your info. We read Sitchen and talked about the origins of humanity and the Nephilim constantly. With the first Gulf War, it was all about the Neocons, who were obviously lizards because you know, Mesopotamia. We ran around after the first Matrix movie telling people to “wake up.” At some point I realized that even if the leadership of the world was a baby-eating, blood-drinking cabal of shape-shifting reptoids, I still had to work and do the things that I needed to do to live my life either way. I stepped out of it and focused on getting my degree and practical concerns for a number of years. Imagine my shock and confusion when, in the early 2000s, Glenn Beck took reworked versions of those same concepts and monetized them, spawning perhaps thousands of bloggers and even Christian networks who were all of a sudden discovering these conspiracies and they were Conservatives (not the fringe-dwelling weirdos that my friends and I were). Meanwhile Putin’s KGB long game is playing out assisted greatly by social media. That’s the real conspiracy in my book, but then I personally remember the Cold War quite well and know the history of the rise of nationalism in the late 19th and early 20th and the economic situation in Germany post WW1 that made it ripe for fascism. What makes it ripe for fascism in the US is harder to figure except that there is quite a bit of fear and insecurity and that seems to be the fertile ground, the mental toxin if you will, that allows the seeds to take root. That fear is too easy to manipulate, especially with social media. I would expect that high strange, highly negative/dark experiences also understandably lend themselves to a very fearful perspective. Let us now forget how hard we are all trying to know and experience Truth. We’re all in this together. We are bringing consciousness to this world, but if it is fear, it is not consciousness, so we’ve got to get past that. Not easy because our egoic mind is literally wired around fear and survival; but we are so much more than that! We have to remember this.

    3. I too am suspicious of the Q Anon flavor that I am seeing here, now. Why? Because Q Anon has been around for some time, but now that the message board has gone silent, the koo koo factor is looking for a new home. It would be more than sad to see this forum degenerate to such as that.

  13. Author

    I would like to know of any specific posts that seem to be promoting bizarre conspiracies.

  14. I wonder if the the way that the secrecy in our society has bloomed by inches into Q-Anon is by design, and yet another part of the test that the visitors have put before us. Whitley has spoken often about keeping things ‘in question,’ and about how living with the question pushes our minds to expand and evolve. He’s also spoken about how the visitors have indicated that we as a species will start to go mad as the pressures of coming changes ramp up over the next decade. Given that the visitors are ultimately the arbiters of the whole secrecy question, I wonder if learning how to live with the questions presented to us by truth seekers and disinformation agents is also a part of that test? Does living with the question extend also to us living in a world where truth and lies never quite resolve into solid answers, one way or the other? Maybe learning how to discern facts in a sea of mis- and dis-information is an essential part of our evolution? Because let’s face it… the morass of “conspiracy theory” is only going to get cloudier instead of clearer moving forward.

    1. But how do we learn to discern those facts from dis/mis-information within the context of the ‘paranormal’ community where there are precious few ‘knowns’ from which to base one’s conclusions? Are the supposed ‘kooks’ really all that different from the ‘rational’ members of the community? To me it seems that at least some of the discernment is just based on ‘feelings’ and not facts because there simply aren’t enough verifiable facts that we can rely on…

    2. I always found it so interesting that the most recognizable Q for me, was a trickster Being that tested humanity on Star Trek.

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