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Dreamland was delayed due to file damage that has been repaired. We regret the inconvenience. Think Men in Black are a movie joke? Think again. What Nick Redfern has discovered is, frankly, terrifying. The MIB phenomenon is real and its growing, not getting less. But what does it mean and WHO ARE THEY? Nick is one of the best paranormal researchers around, and this show is evidence of his expertise. Did you know that MIBs appear not only in connection with UFO events? Did you know that there is evidence that they might be an ominous portent of our own future? And yet, some of them seem to be government agents, other more like some sort of bizarre alien presence.

One thing is all but certain: they are very real, and Nick has done an extraordinary job of uncovering some of their deepest secrets!

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  1. From my own personal
    From my own personal experience, I know of the Man in Black that appears in the waking dream state. Art Bell once asked all his listeners that had seen a Man in Black to draw their recollection and scan it to send in as an email attachment. He received a couple of hundred which he posted on his website. Many were eerily similar to the one that appeared in my waking dream. I could not escape it, because sleep paralysis had me frozen, and it only disappeared when I could finally get my vocal cords to make a sound. I literally screamed it away and awoke with a start. I had been working the night shift for several months and arrived early at the job site so tried to nap for an hour before punching in. It was during one of these brief periods of sleep that it came, hovering on the edge of perception. Its presences was chilling and making it leave seemed to be an utmost imperative. A good likeness of that Man in Black was portrayed by Christopher LLoyd in Roger Rabbit: long black coat, wide brimmed black hat, the only difference being the one that I saw had its face completely in the shadow so no definition, but I don’t recall the eyes (red, bug-eyed or otherwise), though I just may be mentally blanking on that feature.

    On the other hand, I live on Maury Island in the middle of Puget Sound between Tacoma and Seattle. That is where, a few days prior to Capt Kenneth Arnold’s famous 1947 Mt Rainier UFO sighting, the Maury Island incident occurred ushering in the modern era of Men in Black of which there have been many movies made.

    I have not yet listened to Marie D Jones or Whitley tell of their experiences, but I have it downloaded and will put it on my MP3 player, so I can listen to it after the sun goes down.

  2. So interesting to hear this,
    So interesting to hear this, specially about the robotic voice.
    When I had my experience, it was in a lucid dream. It began when I saw myself on what appeared to be the outside of a ship. Then I saw myself inside and there were many layers to it. Years later when I saw the movie The matrix, when he first goes into the ship, it seemed very similar. The being had a robotic voice and menancingly asked me ” Do you know believe ?” meaning UFOs. It was incredibly scary. When i woke up i was frozen for many minutes, could not move.

  3. As a lead up to my children’s
    As a lead up to my children’s Men in Black story: I grew up just 20 minutes south of Whitley’s cabin in upstate NY, in Warwick. I had several close encounters of the 2nd and 3rd kind as well as missing time while living in that location (as did my whole family), but I had put these memories in a back corner of my memory, and forgotten them. I moved to AZ in 1979, and while pregnant with my 1st child in 1983 I became obssessed with UFO’s and alien contact, reading everything I could get my hands on. Then, when I saw Whitley’s book Communion I knew whathat my memories were actually real. My first child passed away in 1991 at which time the number 11:11 appeared to me thousands of times, including one morning every digital readout in home was flashing 11:11…needless to say this freaked me out. In 1992 and 1995 I had 2 more children, both of whom appear to be quite psychic. We have since lead a life of high strangeness! Apparitions, synchronicities, rapping noises, banging noises, smells, voices….finally a strange little man in a bowler hat, the Monopoly man, as my children called him. We wrere living in a 2 story house. At the top of the stairs, on the walkway between my my bedroom and my children’s rooms would appear, walking between the rooms, an old women with wild grey hair, in a night giown, with a medium sized dog following along beside her. Occasionally I would see the dog start down the stairs and then vanish. This went on for about 6 months, without my mentioning it to anyone, when one spring afternoon, my daughter called me at work screamimg because her and her friend had seen an old woman with grey hair and a dog at the top of the stairs. She looked right at them and started to walk straight out from the top stair and vanished. My son then told me he had been seeing her ever since we moved in, I then confessesd my visions as well. All the while the tap, tap, tap noises and the rustling on the roof we had heard for years, followed us to continue at this house. Finally several weeks after the three of us discussing the old lady my son called me at work, again they had seen an “apparition”? A small man in a pinstriped suit, quite round with a bowler hat. He looked at my children down in the living room below and tottled off down the hall into my bedroom. He appeared one other time, only to step out off the top step as if to walk forward and just vanished. Would this be considered a man in black. My children felt that he wasn’t very nice and began calling him the Monopoly man, because he resembled the man in the game. I won’t even get into our new encounter with “the smoking man” as we call the fellow we see at our current home.

  4. Okay, this is frigg’n wierd.
    Okay, this is frigg’n wierd. This morning, on my way to work, I was listening to the ‘whitley’s room’ mp3 where Whitley discussed his friend seeing two visitors in the bookstore. Then in the Nick Redfern interview, Nick brought up the two visitors in the bookstore.

    Later, during my lunch break, I was listening to the ‘whitley’s room’ mp3 where he discussed the microwave broadcast death threat against him, followed by the man in the car driving away. Then I got back and listened to the Marie D Jones interview, and Whitley starts discussing the microwave broadcast death threat, followed by the man in the car driving away.

    Synchronicity? Coincidence? What ever it is, it’s intriguing. XD

  5. What I know about men in
    What I know about men in black is that they were very real in the 1950s, and my father was one of them. He was in military intelligence, and was assigned at one point to intimidate UFO witnesses on military bases and to seize any documentation regarding their account. He and his partner had to wear black suits, white shirts, black ties, and had to have a white handkerchief in their jacket pockets. He told me that there were only 8 MIBs at the time (he did not call them MIBs, BTW). I have changed my name here because I don’t want my father to be harassed, as he is still alive and suffering from mild dementia. He told me many things a few years ago that disturbed me greatly, and I found out that he was privy to information regarding UFOs. He has essentially lost the ability to remember anything more about this subject. My father’s partner was murdered in the early 50s, and that murder was never solved.

  6. One of the aspects of this
    One of the aspects of this Phenomena that I find compelling is the reports that they are driving old cars, oddly this makes a lot of sense if they are from the future and are time/ interdimensional travelers. Contemporary and presumably future vehicles are very complicated with way to much that can go wrong and be difficult to fix. So if you are traveling into the past and having to live of the land (so to speak) you would take the simplest possible equipment, that you knew you would either be able to have repaired in the target period or be able to repair yourself with what is at hand, (Much like a lot of farmers and rural people still do.) Possibly these vehicles also have their time traveling equipment contained in them and are required to be of a certain size and robustness to survive the stresses of the actual passage through time (presumably through some kind of wormhole!) Possibly it is not the kind of experience you want to try in a mostly plastic vehicle from 2011 and you want a bit more metal around you to create a Farady cage effect! The whole thing gives me this this rather bleak view of a environmentaly, and geneticaly diminished future with these pale characters scrabbling in the ruins of our museums in order to cobble together fusions of our surviving machines and their technologies so that they can visit their wasteful and ignorant ancestors or possibly precursors.

  7. A good interview, and the
    A good interview, and the Maria interview is good as well. It’s not hard to find out lots of stuff about people if you know how to interact with the timelines. The timelines lead out into quantum interconnections between people and events that can be read. While the people no doubt saw what Maria was reading at the time, they were most likely less able to see what she was reading at a random time an unspecified amount of time in the past. Yet her activism was a major point, which shows up. There are a few groups called ‘Men in Black’, one side wanting to help humanity, the other side wanting to hinder it for their own goals. The Master of the Key is a positive Men in Black.

  8. Whitley;
    Re: MIB and the

    Re: MIB and the Black Eyed Childen
    I hope you get a chance to read this – I realize that this is an older show –
    I had an absolutely terrifying thought – could there be a link between the MIB and the black eyed children? The black eyed children upset me so much that I can’t listen to the whole show. It just really bothers me – Is the behavior not somewhat the same? The stories on the Men in Black seem curiously similar.

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