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Linda Moulton Howe received a standing ovation at the Dreamland Festival on June 25 for a reason. It was one of the most extraordinary reports she has ever delivered. She discussed it again during the first hour on Coast to Coast AM on June 30, and this weekend on Dreamland we’re going to get deeply into this astonishing and important story. Do not buy into the false idea that the drones were a hoax or that they are some sort of secret military hardware. They were dismissed by many as a hoax because they didn’t fit the expectations of UFO investigators. Other people found them so frightening that they preferred to believe that they must belong to us. But photoanalysis has proved that they were no hoax, and observer reports confirm that their technology is beyond our physics even to understand.
Last Thursday night, Linda reported on the drones on Coast to Coast AM, and here she and Whitley Strieber go deeply into the meaning of that report. Hidden in the information we have now are some truly remarkable ideas about who the creators of the drones may be and what they are doing here. In addition, there was a very revealing connection between Linda’s drones presentation at the festival, and William Henry’s talk about the tree of life.

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Linda’s website,, provides the best coverage in the world of real anomalies.

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  1. Fascinating new information
    Fascinating new information about the Drones. I knew that they were fascinating, but this is mind-blowing.
    Thanks to Linda M H for this. I am very interested to hear more.
    Love and Blessings,
    Lynn Harrington

  2. Wonderful show, but why does
    Wonderful show, but why does the show just stop? Where is the rest of it?

  3. Whitley, I agree with your
    Whitley, I agree with your and Linda’s assessment that the implications of this contact are mentally overwhelming. I have followed the drone story since it was first presented on Earthfiles and this web site. However, I could not imagine its evolution. We can be certain there is more to come.

  4. I followed this story in 2007
    I followed this story in 2007 and found it intriguing, then lost interest since it seemed to be a hoax. I still think it’s fishy that the book (“Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited”) supposedly confiscated by the NSA doesn’t show hits on any search engines. Sure, the NSA may have its hooks into Google and removed those hits, but what about ? Or private online bookstores like ?

    To me the most interesting part is the “alien” writing on the drones. Hard to read in the photos but the link below has some great diagrams. Lots of it is redacted. Seems well thought out if it is a hoax…..

  5. One of my favorite
    One of my favorite Dreamland’s this year, an interesting subject. I take the info that was channeled, for lack of better word, with a grain of salt, but it’s interesting to hear none-the-less. With the technology that may be hidden from us right here on our own planet, “who knows” what the drones are really all about. I go from wanting to believe what the man said is accurate one minute, to believing it’s just a set-up from a black-ops agency for who-knows-what-reason, in spreading the idea that they’re aliens. I’m always cautious about claims being made from alleged aliens that so easily correlate with our ways/means of understanding reality. As Whitley has referenced in the past, any so-called alien race may be of such a completely different syntax, that there can’t be any real way to communicate ideas to begin with. Seems like wishful thinking to assume we can translate much of anything in this very complicated and mysterious world. The drone aliens just happen to know how to generate english on the man’s “mind board,” as I’ll call it? I dunno. But it’s fun to listen to regardless. Great show, just great. And I do hope it’s as clear and accurate as it sounds; at least then we have ideas we can work with.

  6. P.S. The meditation was among
    P.S. The meditation was among my fave’s as well, very well done. 🙂 I have been doing something similar to the “walking” meditation as described, and it was so fascinating to hear Whitley’s reference to the overwhelming compassion that a person can experience towards the world/people/animals/etc. I have always had that in me, but it seems to become more and more intense over time, to the point where I readily openly express it now on a much larger scale than I ever used to. I’d like to be able to say that I don’t go around hugging everyone…lol…but in fact that is what it often boils down to; just a genuine open expression of caring sincerely about other people’s well-being that as mentioned just seems to become more and more pronounced as a part of my personality. I’m convinced that compassion can be “the” emotion that via the hundredth monkey, can/will change the world dramatically. I figure if this is happening to me, it must be happening to others as well.

  7. Really interesting interview.
    Really interesting interview. My gut, back when I first heard of this, and read the CARET docs and saw the photos, was that it was legit. BUT it was also VERY strange and not what we thought it was. Guess I was right! Not just a drone, but a lot more going on there… Curious to see if there’s more contactees that turn up over time???

  8. Jeez, why don’t they come
    Jeez, why don’t they come clean about this stuff? I know a lot of people would be relieved and fascinated if told the truth. We can handle it!!!! The ones that can’t, well I feel for them, I really do!!!

  9. Little late to comment, I
    Little late to comment, I know : ), but this was my first Dreamland experience, and hope they continue to exist, because I know I will be there every year from now on! Linda has always held my attention with all the information she has, and her presentation was absolutely incredible. I am also an Earthfiles subscriber and keep up with her information and research – yet hearing her conviction and emotions in person during her presentation made me even more in awe of her and all the work she has done. AMAZING!

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