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Peter Levenda returns to Dreamland to talk about the book he co-authored with Tom DeLonge, Secret Machines,
and also to discuss the latest updates regarding the ToTheStars project. Will Tom release clear video and
convincing declassified documents about UFOs? If so, when?

Find out more this week on Dreamland!

But then go deeper into the amazing world of Sekret Machines: who are we and where did we come from?
Is there any evidence that we are a designed species living on a planet designed to support life?

The latest thinking on the hidden human past and the true nature of consciousness will change YOUR
consciousness—and when Whitley talks about how we are evolving, you will not soon forget it.

At the end of the show Anne Strieber comes in with an amazingly insightful comment about mankind,
seen from the viewpoint of someone in the nonphysical state.

Where will you find another show like this? The answer is, nowhere! This is Dreamland: truly the edge of
the world.

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  1. Great interview. RE escaping
    Great interview. RE escaping our programming as well as this solar system: this is what the Royal Art of alchemy is really about. It holds the keys to the Chevy….and to the kingdom.

  2. Often when I am listening to
    Often when I am listening to your broadcasts Whitley, I am reminded of something that has appeared in one of Dolores Cannon’s books. At the time of reading them I have been sceptical but so much of her reporting, usually in one of her “Convoluted Universe” books, has been repeated on your show. This particular one immediately reminded me of her subjects talking about memories (under hypnosis) of being “conscious machines”. Keep up the good and vital work.

  3. Whitley, pulling it all
    Whitley, pulling it all together very well. I’m still not convinced by Delonge and his approach but Peter Levenda has always delivered. Whitley’s summarisation of what is really going on really ties in with where I’ve got to in my own lessons

  4. A note or request to Peter
    A note or request to Peter Levenda PLEASE consider the idea of offering your works in audiobook form. I drive a truck for a living and therefore I don’t have the time to read as much as I would like. PLEASE think about it.

    1. Whitley said like a
      Whitley said like a goldilock planet, referring to earth

  5. imho i think the tom delonge
    imho i think the tom delonge issue is a money scam like corey goode. i hope he does not take every one else with him when he falls. He wont be interviewed by Whitley since he knows Whitley will see right through him and ask proper questions 🙂

  6. I hope they do come through
    I hope they do come through with some substantial evidence, and better proof that they’d really know how to apply research to alien craft technology using the money they’re trying to raise. Without better than we’ve gotten, I know I’m not contributing.

  7. Once again, another
    Once again, another fascinating, stimulating interview … these programs are so valuable. I will donate what I can for the website upgrade … I write for a living, so you have some idea of what sort of bank account I’m working with. But this is such a wonderful resource; your interviews/conversations are just excellent … you’re the Bill Moyers of the Unknown Country. Always looking forward to seeing what’s new, developing, and dipping into the archives. And I’ve learned to keep my notebook handy while listening, as I invariably find myself needing to write down titles of books to look up, names, further areas for my own research, etc. Onward …

  8. Peter Levenda is one of my
    Peter Levenda is one of my favorites, and his interviews always bring fascinating aspects to the table, serving up much food for thought.

    As for talk of ‘sinister forces’, nothing really new here, since we live in a reality about duality. I feel it is important to note that there have always been forces of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ in this reality. Some things never change. I remember at the first ‘Dreamland Festival’ in Nashville that the great Jim Marrs gave a ‘spell-binding’ (ha,ha) talk about the rise of the 4th Reich, and also discussed how the Nazis used knowledge of the occult in attempting to gain the edge towards victory and world domination. After he ended the talk and began taking questions, I felt it was important to note that covens all over Britain got together to raise a ‘Cone of Power’ to prevent invasion of their nation. Whether or not witches in Britain truly kept Germany at bay is subject to question, but the point is that there are forces of good out there, and we must never lose sight of that. Each of us has the potential for good, bad, and a whole lot of in-between, and shades of both.

    Regarding Tom DeLonge:

    I feel strongly that even though he’s in touch with and working with important people that have worked within the government, he is mainly a tool being manipulated by those same people as nothing more than a messenger in easing us into the idea that UFOs are ‘real’, and no different than Steven Greer, other than point of view.

    I have also tried to learn as much as possible about DeLonge’s intentions and goals. The ‘To the Stars’ project disturbs me because it appears to be all about rolling out new technologies for us to exploit; technologies of an ‘alien’ nature. I am not seeing much from him or the others about actual ‘communion’ with these alleged alien entities. Who are they, what are they? Do Tom DeLonge and these other people care?

    While DeLonge is excited about exposing and exploiting alien technologies, apparently he views these beings as ‘evil’. (So, their technologies are not suspect?). ‘To the Stars Academy’ makes it appear as if they are willing to answer questions and engage with the public. When I emailed them and addressed some basic questions, the response was along the lines of the typical thanks-for-contacting-us-have-a-nice-day. They also let me know that they could not accept investment from my state “at this time.” (No problemo…I wasn’t planning to anyway!).

    I checked out other sources about information on DeLonge, and came across this telling ‘tweet’ from Twitter, posted July 16, 2017:

    “If an alien came down right now and said “hey….” I’d probably run away screaming in a very high-pitched frequency… like spkng in tongues”
    11:45 AM – 16 Jul 2017

    …Yet he can’t wait to prove the reality of UFOs, and advance their technologies for our use. Is this just another example of our human obsession with ‘shiny things’ rather than actual interaction and communication with other beings?

    Grant Cameron addresses my same concerns in this interview:

    Bottom line? Let’s see where all of this stands a year from now…

  9. Whitley, have you
    Whitley, have you specifically talked about talking with Annie on your show?How etc.?

  10. Nice interview:)
    Nice interview:)

  11. I am very interested in

    I am very interested in trying a show with Anne. I’m a little hesitant though. I’ve never been a channel, so engaging with her has been a learning experience for me. However, we have written a book together, which will be out in a few weeks, so it’s certainly possible to communicate. The give and take of conversation, though, is another matter. I think that I’ll try and see if it works. Oddly, as I write this, I hear her saying “sure it will! We’ll introduce our book together.”

    I married one amazing woman!! What luck I had, my word!

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