Peter Levenda returns to Dreamland to talk about the book he co-authored with Tom DeLonge, Secret Machines,
and also to discuss the latest updates regarding the ToTheStars project. Will Tom release clear video and
convincing declassified documents about UFOs? If so, when?

Find out more this week on Dreamland!

But then go deeper into the amazing world of Sekret Machines: who are we and where did we come from?
Is there any evidence that we are a designed species living on a planet designed to support life?
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Whitley’s analysis of the 10/11/2017 To the Stars Academy presentation, and as usual the insights are just fantastic. Whitley comes to this as a sort of semi-insider himself, but one who lays his cards right out on the table. What is the To the Stars Academy about? What do they hope to accomplish? Who are they and why should we consider them experts?

All good questions, and he addresses all of them. But he goes far beyond that, into a mind-boggling discussion of research on exotic materials that he was privy to himself, and that Jacques Vallee presented last year at Contact in the Desert? But how does this tie into the goals of the To the Stars Academy?

Listen and find out.
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